LR: “Ice Queen”

By Manwhore
January 25, 2012

This is an interesting lay report because this girl represents the quintessential BITCH. She’s got the kind of face that’s beautiful, yet pisses most other girls off! And though she is an empathetic person, she doesn’t have time or simply doesn’t pay attention to people that don’t interest her. It took a LOT of game to honestly “gain” her attention, but once I did it ended up being one of the most intense and beautiful relationships of my life. So if you want to know how to fuck a bitch, here it is.. 😉

Here’s the story

Me and a buddy were out and an old female friend of his approaches him. I’d seen this girl earlier- I’d been stunned when I saw her.. the most beautiful girl I’d seen in a while. She walked like a little goddess, completely unconcerned, yet regarding everything she saw as possible entertainment. She didn’t give me a single glance. 🙁

So apparently he’s “not into her” (which ended up being bullshit lol), which was great, but we’d just gotten to the bar, completely unacclimated, and here.. standing in front of me is the girl.. the one you only see once or twice a month. Ya I got NOTHING to say lol


Somehow her and I are talking, I’m standoff-ish; purely because I’m not exactly comfortable lol.  I bet her 5 bucks she can’t get a guy to tie her shoe for her. She goes and finds a guy to do it, and feels so bad about it she doesn’t want the money. Obviously I force it on her, so she goes and buys that same guy a beer with it. So she’s got social morals too.. aww, I’m like, maybe gonna fall in love here.

Anyways me being an asshole, I totally disqualify the whole thing, shitting on the guy verbally for actually tying her shoe.. and back turn her. She’s just kinda left standing there looking slightly at a loss, with my money in her hand. She’s totally hooked..

So me and my buddy go to leave for Louisville (I lived in KY at this time), which is an hour away.. and she totally just invites herself. Wow. We go to my car and she’s cold so I give her my beanie to wear and I can tell she thinks that’s real sweet. I think being an asshole, and then doing something nice from that frame, is very tight game. Anyways she won’t stop talking in the car, she’s almost batty with it, she’s not the ditzy blond type.. she just likes to amuse herself and talk about absolutely whatever pops into her head.  I get annoyed and ask her if she ever stops talking. She says no and continues on. My iceberg of a heart melts just a little more.

Anyways we stop by my really good friend’s place, who’s a girl, and hang out for a bit. This chick still hasn’t stopped talking. My friend who is always very social is totally put in her head by this gorgeous little she-demon.

So we go to the club and I ignore her, gaming other girlies and hanging out. She meets some deaf people and has them teach her sign language. Wtf.

This girl is completely internally validated. Like no one I’ve seen for a while. They all get drunk as fuck and we go to leave. She falls down outside and bangs her knee up pretty good. I realize for all her seemingly invincible persona.. she is actually quite a fragile little thing. I want her to be my baby : b

My buddy passes out on the car ride home and I’m having one on one time with her in the backseat. We start getting a little frisky verbally.. and then a tire pops and we’re stranded on the side of the road. I get out and put on the spare.. she tries to help, I tell her to go back in the car ‘cuz it’s so cold outside but she just stands out there with me. The spare is flat also. This is good shit. So we call a taxi and head back to my place. My buddy is completely drunk passed out and isn’t even conscious when he gets in the taxi. So we’re at my place.. I put some pillows on the floor with a blanket and put on a movie to watch with her and snuggle. My buddy gains consciousness long enough to lay down next to her and puts the blanket over both of them. Sheeeeeeit..

He tries groping her a little bit and she moves away. I feel like punching my buddy and throwing him out of my apartment. But I don’t lol. I have her number, and I’m not going to make this an issue. Anyways we all pass out and the next morning everybody goes home. She’s forgotten her wallet at the bar the night before- they found it and are holding it for her. She asks me if I can drive her to go get it. I say no.  I’m not going to become her bitch lol.

Anyways we start corresponding over text- get naughty with each other. It ends with one of the most classic text messages I’ve ever received..

Well call me up later this week if you want to hang out.. otherwise I’ll just assume you’re gay

What game. Push/pull, qualifying me, dominating, all while still making herself out to be the prize. I am so into this one.

Anyways she comes over and we hang out. Like usual I can’t seem to give her my full attention for long. I do my thing around my house, sweeping my porch ‘n shit, slightly ignoring her while I do other stuff, coming back to chat her up a bit on my couch, leaving to go post on RSDnation lol, coming back.. this takes place over maybe an hour.  She drops another bomb.  Tells me if I want to have sex with her, I’ll need to start paying more attention to her and stop being an asshole.

!! Holy shit haa

Ok. I can listen. She is forcing me to get to know her, my thick-headed skull finally gets the message.

She’s one of those girls who has sex completely for her own reasons. Nothing to do with validation, strictly because she wants to. Since she’s so open with herself about it, she’ll be the same way with you, and will let you know how it can go down. I start talking to her about what I was thinking when I first met her and what I thought about her. I’m absolutely open and genuine. I’m somewhat vulnerable. She could choose to be reject it- (which is the point, as a male I need to lead the way towards vulnerability) but no, she starts getting a little closer to me, and I can tell her little female signals are starting to fire off in her head.

So.. I tell her if she wants to hang out longer, she’ll have to take her pants off, haha. Ya right in the middle of NOTHING haha. She looks at me like I’m totally nuts. But I just stand there matter-of-factly.. I tell her I’ll take mine off too. So she agrees, and she just sits there in her panties looking slightly shy. She is so adorable. I start taking pictures of her. She fights it at first but then gets all into it, doing “modeling” poses for the camera. Haha

Anyways I take her into my room. Lay her on my bed, slide her little panties off her and proceed to kiss her all over her little body. Before ravishing the hell out of her.  Something about her and the relationship we’d developed made me outdo myself in the bedroom.

We make love for the next four months.. in the shower, on the stairs, in her butt, tied to a metal bed railing, in the car while driving, strapped down and tied up..

My buddy obviously knows about this, and sends me an email “Hey I was just listening to that song “Jesse’s girl”, ask Johnny about it.” There is no way I’ll let any kind of negative spin get attached to this. I write back… “Oh yeah dude.. in fact right now she’s tied down on my bed waiting for me

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She was.

I learned a LOT from her.  She showed me to not ever assume anything with a girl about attraction, or that she owed me anything for being in her life.  I could not be lazy and had to always take care of her emotionally.  It really showed me that just being a dick was not enough.  I had to become more and more a fully-rounded male to maintain and keep a relationship with her.

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