LR: “Girls are love toys”

By Manwhore
January 3, 2012

So I’m hangin’ in northern LA area with my buddy SDC, at his girlfriend’s house. She has no idea the kind of lifestyle he leads down in San Diego. So I’m supposed to be chill, not do anything crazy in front of her and obviously not him either.

We decide to drive 45 minutes to Santa Barbara to go “dancing” as old people apparently call it. I was going to drive while SDC and his girlfriend drank. Instead SDC kept disappearing while we were trying to go.

So I got pissed, told him I wasn’t going to drive his ass, grabbed his tequila, took a shot and a glass of wine- and glared at him kindergarten style.

His girlfriend drives

On the way there we get lost and stop off for directions. SDC calls his girlfriend another name. Fuck. I buy a tilt

We walk inside the club and.. all the girls are screaming to be penetrated and made into little sluts. They are little slut robots waiting for the correct program.

KY is nothing like this. Maybe it’s why my game got so developed. KY is southern prudes who enjoy being hard to get more than anything else- I’m sure it is just a cultural thing. I walked into this Santa Barbara place and all the girls are clearly communicating that they are looking to be made into toys for my dick. Gawdamn


I am in a candy store. I see a three-set and just open them hard. They all start talking excitedly and spread their slut feathers. They’re all cute but there’s no way I’m already settling in for the night. I tell them I’ll be back. One girlie tries to make out with me. I casually look away and start talking about something else. I look back at her- she tries to make out with me again. She doesn’t seem the type- I think her programming just tells her it is time now. I pull her face to the side and give her a kiss on her cheek.

A three-set is walking towards me, the girl in front is a hot asian girl. I open her with regular ‘Hey I’m a cool social guy’ stuff and she looks at me unresponsively. I grab her and say something else. She looks at me unresponsively. I tell her she’s cute and to use her feminine charms to get me a glass of water. I turn her and face her towards the bar. This is something she understands. She wants to be my slave. That is her role as a female as she sees it. I follow this girl nonchalantly as she tries to get me water. At first she looked back at me a bit- one or two glances back- I keep my face slightly hard and look at her casually/expectantly. She sees what she wants to see- I think she wants to be my obedient love-slave. She asks different bartenders how to get water until she’s finally pointed in the right direction. I get there first.. grab a cup. I think about this for a sec, set it back down. Look at her expectantly and lean back. She looks at me, I look at her. She grabs the cup and the water and pours it for me. I drink it while she watches.

I should have kept having her do things.. this was so ridiculous. I should have told her to get on her knees in front of me and to make me cum. Honestly I wasn’t ready, wasn’t in the mood, the logistics weren’t right to have a kimono-clad maidservant follow me around fulfilling my every male desire. I kinda dismiss her and she walks off

I see a hot slutty three-set. The ringleader is sitting down on stool- bored obviously, wearing tiny little turquoise boy shorts. Her cute friend is wearing some kind of dress, and their other friend isn’t cute and so doesn’t matter.

I come in with something about how I also have blue boxer briefs but that I’m wearing grey ones right now. They go huh? And I plow like a dumb ox. I’m in between her legs, I slap her thighs in reference to her shorts and then show them mine. They get excited and start jibber-jabbering about how I’m not wearing blue boxers. No shit. That’s what I said. I’m stuck so far in between the one girl’s spread legs I’m practically inside her. Her friend tells me to give her a lapdance. I start giving her a lap dance. This consists of me pulling her in by her little body while I grind up inside her legs. Her legs are out and up- she’s basically ready. I place my hands up between her legs, moving her body that way and massaging her cooter with one hand. This is so luscious it is retarded. I want to be alone with her. I look at her friend while I’m doing this and ask her if she’s wearing matching boy shorts underneath her dress. She says no. I say show me. She lifts up her dress, and then the little slip underneath and shows me her cute little pink lacy panties. I am rubbing my dick between a girl’s luscious thighs and massaging her little crotch while having her friend lift up her dress and reveal her body to me. This is good stuff I like it.

The girl who lifted up her dress revealing herself to me is clearly turned on and wants more. I am enjoying writing this out- it is hot. She tells me she wants me to give them both lapdances. So I smush them together and start grinding on them both. The second girl takes her water bottle over my head and slowly pours water down my chest. The third girl looks interested, but she is not attractive and so is not permitted.

I pull away tell them I have to find my friends. It’s retarded because there is nothing left to do.. if I could have I would have shown them all my dick and let them play with it. But I can’t do this in a club. The entire night I never ever had a thought about pulling to a bathroom. I have got to get this into my head so it’s automatic.

I find SDC and him and I have a beer. I look at him and his girlfriend. He is a mad beast chained to a tree. It is almost funny

I get a text from Mayhem saying he’s at the door.

I walk a bit and meet two other girls. We talk a little bit and they’re excited. I tell the one I need to find my buddy. I pick her up over my shoulder and start carrying her towards the door. I figure if I’m gonna go meet my buddy I might as well give him a woman too. He’s not there, I set her down. She’s screamed when it happened but she was having fun. She’s all happy as I set her down and looks at me expectantly for what’s going to happen next. Nothing. I walk away towards the door.

I’m standing at the door, turn around and there’s a dude standing there. He looks at me smiling and I know obviously this is Mayhem. He goes “Jack!” and I say “Brian!” Mayhem is a sexy bitch. His natural aloofness and slowed responses are well-calibrated. I don’t think he needs “game”. He needs to qualify the fuck out of girls as soon as he walks up. Have fun with his buddy- do everything for his own amusement and act slightly out of social norms. Act like he doesn’t care about what happens with the girls. This is all he would need to do. The girls would work to isolate themselves with him. The end

We talk about trying to find SDC and so start walking. I see two cute girls and stand there lookin’ to talk, but I whip out my phone for a text I get instead. They get “creeped out” and insist I go away. I don’t care. I keep checking my texts.. they call a bouncer over who tells me to check my texts elsewhere. That’s totally dumb and I just kinda disregard him. The girls walk away.

Mayhem is sitting there watching- nice- and we continue on to find SDC. “Walking” through a club is gay. Social momentum tones down and this is not how you meet people. We go out on the patio, I poke a girl with my phone pointer and then do it again. It’s fun but she’s going somewhere and I don’t think I committed to it enough to hook her.

I can’t find SDC and we’re just standing around. I see two cute girls sitting at a table. I come in talking about something I cannot remember. I basically just multi-thread the fuck out of them. We’re talking about garfield, I talk about the guy’s shirt in front of us, he tries to talk to us but is approval-seeking with bad bl and takes off. I tell one of the girls how nice her legs are. Her dress is pulled up as she’s sitting down and she has luscious thighs. Her friend agrees and says she has beautiful legs also. I pull them both in into me, their heads resting under my neck, and we examine her legs. I can tell the other one has a thing for her friend and sees me as competition but I just claw her in and she’s happy with it. I tell them to go get me a water. They say ok and walk to the bar to get me a water, I start to follow but then three even hotter girls sit down at the table we were at. Ok. So I start talking to them but they’re boring as fuck. I tell them why are they in such a poopy state. They don’t know. I take off

I go back inside and talk to two chicks at the bathroom. They’re very comfy talking to me, they are soft and seem to just want to be told what to do. These girls are also just ready to go. I bring up an after-party and they’re totally interested. I let them know I’ll get the address and take off.

I walk back outside and Mayhem is talking to one of the girls I’d been with earlier. I steal her from him and get her number. No, j/k, actually she turns to walk away- she’s going home, and turns right into me, I watched the crazy happy emotional state wash back over her. She’s leaving and so I get her number. She wants to kiss me. What in the fuck is going on at this place. I don’t kiss girls at the club dammit

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I get a text from SDC saying he’s upstairs in the 21+ area. I leave the boys and go up. I get two huge long islands for us. It fucks me up, hehe. I talk to some chicks upstairs, get two phone numbers. The second one was with girls that were serious cockblocks and she was forced into anti-slut mode. I run serious rapport-building- (serious for me) asked her what she’d do for a day- if she could do anything she wanted (with some “serious” arm movements) she talked about being naked on a deserted island with a man. I cold read off this and explained to her how she saw romance and men. I get her number and she almost couldn’t accept that I was interested in her. She’d seen me earlier downstairs- maybe this had something to do with it. She was totally cute what the fuck.

I go back downstairs and see my little boy shorts girl standing at the entrance looking like she might want to go. She’s talking to a bouncer. I come up behind her and she knows I’m there against her. I have an invisible chain leash holding me back from pulling anything that night. I try to get Mayhem’s address so I can hold an after-party at his house and just not actually show up lol. Girls were screaming to be isolated. Every time I brought up the idea of an after-party the girls were piqued.

He never gets the text, what the fuck

We all leave and we kinda hold a debrief outside. That long island is still kickin’ my ass. But it’s wearing nice loafers so it’s ok.

We were supposed to drive back the next day.. instead SDC feels like shit and we decide to leave the next morning

Follow-up game commences..

I have four phone numbers from that day.. one from the pool, 3 from the club.

I call up the day time pool number. Leave a message.

Call up the girl who I talked about running naked on a deserted island with.. it rings and rings and I think I’d gotten a house number when all of a sudden it switches to her cell phone voicemail.. I don’t leave a message

I send the two others a text..

Q burned down! What are we gonna do..” (Q is the name of the club we were at)

One goes to a landline.. I think it was a fake. The girl was into me but she was showing off in front of her friend and when I told her I was calling it on the spot she actually grabbed her friend and ran away. What a dumb ass

First pull on the line.. (Girl I stole from Mayhem )

What? And who is this?

If I tell you you gotta promise not to get me busted. ‘sides I’d tell them you helped me

Haha i promise!

‘k good. White hat, black shirt, sexi. Do you remember

SDC and I go see Michael Clayton.. I get a call from deserted island girl during the movie- pick it up, she asks who it is, I tell her and then say I’ll call her back.

First girl doesn’t respond for hours. This was a test to see if I’d pursue? Then she finally responds..

Wait you never told me who you are!?

My friends call me Jonathan..but you can call me mister. How was your night- I think you left kind of early

My night was really fun. Ya i left at like 1 but didn’t go to bed tell like 4. I drank more with my friends when we got home πŸ™‚ so what are you up to tonight?

Shit you should have invited us! What a meanie. I’m not sure what we’re doing. I might break plans and just chill. What about you

Well im in la for work tell saturday πŸ™ but we should definitely do something when i get back like go down town or something. Or come party at my place.” (maneater)

Yeah I’m in LA area. You travel for work? That’s fun. Make sure you pick me up a souvenir from every place you go to” (running compliance/investment)

Haha i will. If you wanna do something when i get back give me a call

Blah blah. Later on I seed a bounce to her place and then leave her hanging.. I’ve got a fresher fish to fry..

I can’t find my audio recorder and forget to call the one girl back. She calls me back hours later it’s about 8 pm. One of the first things she asks is who was supposed to call who back..

Umm. I tell her we’re talkin’ on the phone so what’s it matter. At first she tries to make it sound like I’m saying weird things. I just plow and act like nothing. I feel a bit like it’s not going anywhere- but keep talking and changing threads. We hit even ground and it’s smooth sailing. She likes that I remember she wanted to go to a deserted island. We talk about random shit, I qualify her on being able to cook. I’m like a one-trick pony with this cooking thing..

Somehow we get on the subject of her being dangerous, I ask her if she’s a registered sex offender in her neighborhood, and if she’s going to mug me or not. Anyways that’s what I remember..

Get off the phone and begin the text game. This is actually going on at the same time as the other text convo.. I’m seein’ who’s the stronger bite, better logistics, and who’s closest to me, hehe

A rapist huh.. that’s not very nice

lol…just another way to spread love πŸ˜‰

(Yes. Coming to a neighborhood near you.)

Whatever. I almost didn’t call you ‘cuz you have 666 in your phon number. But I called you ‘cuz I want to hang on a deserted island with you

(Send another to qualify her to me..)
But only if you cook me flautas and tell me jokes. Otherwise you lose out

That’s perfect flautas r my specialty, jokes i guess i’ll have to buy a jokes for dummies book.

Whatever!! Buy a jokes for geniuses book- that’d be a better match πŸ˜› Hey I kinda thought your friend was sticking her nose in other people’s business..agree?
(Ran objection game on her, using her friend as context.)

nope.. she’s like a sister she watches out for me just like i do for her she might have been a little overly tipsy so she was a bit more obnoxious than usualΒ πŸ™‚

No I understand she’s got to make sure a guy isn’t some weirdo. But at the same time- stuff between a guy and a girl is their business. No one else’s. Plus she didn’t protect me from you- a serial rapist

Lol omg i shouldn’t have said that it’s gonna haunt me now right?

Of course. I have to watch out. We’ll hang out- I won’t remember anything- I’ll wake up and you’re pouring hot flauta sauce all over my naked body

(A bit later..)

You could just ask you know- you don’t have to drug me

i’ll have to come up with a good one to get you…asking is no fun there’s no thrill

You don’t have to come up with anything. I like you as is. You’re right asking isn’t the way to go. I never ask. Still.. I’d make you cook for me

Have u had dinner tonite?? Why r u thinking abt food this late?

Maybe. But maybe I just want to cook and I won’t actually eat it. I think I like that idea more than hangin’ with my buds.

I call her up and go to work. This was the money shot phone call.. I seeded the bounce, multi-threaded her, qualified her on cooking me food when she resisted me coming over, projected all the time, figured out her logistics, we talked about her drinking wine with dinner ‘n I said I’d bring some, wash/rinsed/repeated maybe 3 or 4 times..

finally she is down “You serious about coming over..?” Fuck yes I am.. I tell her to text her address to me.

69 Eat It St.
Sin City, CA 92115

I take a long time getting there.. send her a couple of texts to make sure she doesn’t fall asleep on me.

So I show up.. she answers the door a bit and I see her peering out at me, haha. I barge the fuck in.. tearing the door off the hinges.. pinning her down with it and taking her right on the spot. Not quite..

I walk in, pull her in and give her a big hug. Standard operating procedure. I don’t give a fuck how little I know a girl.. when I see her the second time she is getting pulled in for a hug. I own her

I see the look cross her face and recognize the window. I could have escalated her right then. I wasn’t ready. I walk in and check out her place, We hang in her kitchen a bit, then in her dining room. I tell her I’d forgotten my wallet and couldn’t get any wine. lol. I’m a cheap date.

She laughs and pours me a little glass of wine. It’s the last of a bottle. I bust on her for it, pull her in and tickle her. I tell her where’s my sandwich. She laughs- hadn’t thought I was serious about it. We go to the couch and I sit down, holy shit cartoons are on! This is bad news for her, ‘cuz damn these things mesmerize me. She laughs at me for liking cartoons, I pretend to act pissed, then pull her on top of me into my lap. I see a second opportunity and still don’t want it.

She backs up and starts trying to qualify me. She starts asking me questions about what I do, who I am, who my mother is, and where I’m staying at. Girlies are silly

I project back at her.. asking my own question.. which kind of surprises her and she is still for a second. I laugh and grab her, “Come here!” I pull her down on top of me and into the couch, burying her face into the couch and nibbling on her neck and ear. She laughs and likes it. Of course.

She looks for the make-out and I’m slow on the draw. When I do go in she turns her face away so I just commence to nibbling on her more. My hands are around her body, they’re not resting on her, or lightly holding her.. she’s in my hold. Rough but gentle- girls love this, are in love with it, are biologically wired to respond to it. It is the claw, it is masculine physicalness. Anyways enough of that

So just for fun I grab her face and kiss her lips. Making out is not way of escalating. I don’t need it, don’t think a girl needs it, and I also think it triggers ASD.

I slap her ass and pull down her pajama bottoms so I can check out her panties. They are black and cover a luscious round bottom. She pulls them back up with a cry. I pull them back down and spank her again, then release them.

I pull her back and sit up with her. I have her pulled in tight to me and lightly wrestling around with her. I tell her look what she did and point to my crotch. I put her hand on it and she squeezes it. Take it out and she starts playing, firmly place my hand on the back of her head and she resists. And keeps resisting. I make her kiss my neck because I like it. She can tell I like it and keeps doing it. I stand up with her, still holding her, take her legs out from underneath her and set her on her knees in front of me. She resists it when I pull her head down. I put her face in my neck again and she starts kissing me, yada yada. I move my shirt around and pull her head down so she can kiss farther down on my body.. I make sure she knows I’m really enjoying this..

At this point she’s actually invested in keeping it going, going lower and lower, so I just maneuver and she starts going down on me. It feels um.. good. I bust. She’s seriously caught off guard, but makes it disappear

She tries to kiss me afterwards. I kiss her a tiny bit and then tell her to go brush her teeth. Then I tell her to make that sandwich. She’s surprised but I know likes it. This ain’t about losin’ ground.. this is about moving forward and keeping her invested.

She realizes she doesn’t have any peanut butter and I chastise her for inviting me without checking first. She’s got reese’s peanut butter cups.. I tell her to mash some of those into the sandwich. She makes it and brings it over to me so I can watch cartoons while I eat it. I finish it up, throw her down, remove her clothing, instruct her to put the condom on me, and do her. I have her hanging out over her fouton, holding her out while I rail her.. I think this communicated to the core of her feminine sexuality. I was holding her above open space while I pounded her- she was out of her mind with all of it.

I think she comes about 50 times and then I bust. That sounds about right.

SDC calls and I step outside to talk. He lets me know he wants to get to bed soon and if I want to park inside the gate I’ll have to be over soon. So I have to leave. I walk back in, cuddle a bit and let her know. The look on her face is almost disappointment in me- regardless of if I had an “excuse” or not.. I don’t think I’ll ever give one again. Because a girl doesn’t want a guy who feels he needs to give excuses for his actions. Even though I was telling her the truth I still got the idea it was a slight de-escalation with her. I do not need an excuse, I just do what I do

Homeboy sends me a text telling me not to forget to take pictures for myself. I pull her pajamas down and proceed to take a shot.. she tries to fight, I’m not having it so she subsides. I make her suck it and take more pics.

-When you open.. get in their space.. completely commit to the approach and demand their attention. They yearn for guys like us. Guys like us get that response.
-You are either moving forward in the interaction, or the interaction is dying.. take it somewhere. A good initial approach is only good for so long.. before you have to take it to another level. DHV story.. qualification.. compliance.. objection game.. make sure they are engaged and contributing/investing
-I created opportunities/windows for escalation, and then took them.
-Objection game is so motherfuckin’ important. Make sure you communicate to her that you keep your business with a girl discrete
-Make her invest in you somehow.. make it seem like she has to do something else besides breathe to maintain your interest

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