LR: Dance Queen and the Gangster Barbie

By Manwhore
December 30, 2011

So I’m with my boy at a club, we’re walking through and he wants to talk to this group of 5 little chicas at the bar. They’re cute. One little hottie in particular. We walk up to the bar and casually start talking to them. Our opener was the opposite of climatic. They’re friendly and we hang out. My buddy’s talking to the hottie’s friend. My girl’s in a bubbly mood hangin’ out with her friends.

But I just couldn’t get her to respond/hook to me.. I pick my brain for something . I grab her attention. “So are you like this when you’re sober? Are you a cool chick..?” (Then a third rewording- I forget)

Instant hook- she directs all her attention at me. She qualifies herself a bit and then turns back to her friends. What the balls. I wonder at this point if I might have directed too much of my own attention to her at this point. But seriously this chick wasn’t the norm.

Anyways I stand there thinking to myself. I need to make this girl realize who she’s talking to here..


I grab her attention and pull her in.
I’m not quite sure I’m into you yet.. I’m still kinda riding the fence” Look at her, slightly up and down, quizzically.

That’s it- game over. She’s hooked. I spend the next 10 minutes keeping her hands off of me. She takes pictures with me, shows off her ass to me, I spank it for her, and she tells me to come watch her dance in the booty shaking contest. I spank her again for good luck and tell her I’ll probably watch her. An ex-girlfriend walks through our interaction at some point, trying to be a little brat. She gives me a “look”. She’s a fine little bitch and I point her out to dance queen- nice little social proof. I remain pretty aloof with her during the interaction- looking off all the time to see what else is going on, “looking down” at her with an quizzical expression. She’s a little firecracker. I spike her with with a ‘lil headlock here and there, pulling her in, wrapping her tight into me and then releasing her and stepping away. I semi-ignore her and engage her friends, yada yada. We have a lot of fun together- but I totally kept some distance between us. It’s just what was coming out that night. Anyways my buddy and I take off to go to another part of the club.

Walking through the outdoor section, I come face to face with a stunning-looking brunette with sultry dark eye make-up. I stop. She moves to keep going. Realizes I’m not doing the expected. She looks up. I’m peering at her with a little playful smile on my face. She doesn’t respond at first, just staring at me blankly, probably expecting me to chode out. I don’t. She finally smiles, pleased with me. Then I walk off. I am a tease 😉

Ten minutes later we’re walking around the bar and I see two girls sitting at the bar facing it. I come up behind them and engage one of them, the other one turns around, it’s her. There’s like 5 chodes hanging around plus her girl and my buddy. But we’re in a little bubble. We kinda look at each other. A lot is said. No words are spoken.

Reality hits and we start interacting with everyone. My buddy’s talking to her girl, I’m talking to the dude on my left, talking to the dude on my right. I finally talk to her a little bit, I grab her hand and engage her in thumb war. She smiles. This is one hard-to-please biatch. But she likes it. I’m still in a very aloof, stand-offish, “unengaging” mood.

My buddy watches my game and repeats stuff. He grabs her hand and starts to thumb-wrestle. They get a little combative with it. She slaps him and chokes him.

Huh..? Wait wait. Let’s back up and read that again..

Originally Posted by Johnny Feelgood
She slaps him and chokes his ass.

Holy shite.. We got a crazy one. I step in, she looks at me calmly.. ready to beat my ass. She is a crouched tiger. I look at her- she’s a hot little girl, my expression says this. I look over her shoulder at something else, look back. Non-reactive. I do not compete with women, I do not ever feel the need to prove a point. She is soft once again. She has this little thing she does where she unconsciously reaches her hand out to me, like she’s trying to touch me, but not actually stretching out. It’s very girly. I realize what kind of girl she is.. she’s touch-oriented. I step in and trace little circles in her palm. I brush myself against her, making it seem like it’s accidental. I tell her a joke I love to tell. She doesn’t laugh. She just looks at me. I don’t care. I tell her it’s funny. We talk and vibe a little bit, about nothing. I’m trying to make her laugh, she just watches my lips move. Finally I say something and she busts up. My bud looks at me incredulously. “Dude.. you made her laugh!

She is an extremely alpha girl, cares nothing for anyone else’s more assertive qualities. Huge potential problem here.. I am an asshole.

There are several points where she looks at me like she is getting ready to get crazy with me. I disengage immediately. I look off, direct my attention elsewhere- unreactive to her. She’s looking to my cues to see how she should react. We’re good.

I walk away to make a phone call. I come back and there’s like 4 dudes trying to talk to her. There are just dudes hovering around her. They are totally attracted to her dominant vibe. They want her to be their mommy. I come back and they chode off.

A guy comes up and starts trying to talk to her friend, he says something that could possibly be taken wrong- but he didn’t mean it that way. She turns around and slaps him across the face. Looks at him calmly. She’s gangster

Calm as fuck, ready to kill.

kitty kat from hell

He goes slightly nuts, does nothing for his cause. He goes completely reactive and when the bouncers come over he basically looks like an idiot. She’s just sitting there calmly- who do you think they believed? And apparently she knows all the bouncers and bartenders. The guy is disappeared.

I tell her later that I would have gotten her kicked out.

I go to the bathroom. Come back and there’s 3 dudes trying to talk to her. She sees me coming and gestures for me to come to her, puckering her lips. I walk in and begin to kiss her. I don’t know if this is what she’d expected, but she liked it. The dudes chode off.

So we’re hugging and munching each other, there’s dudes still standin’ around. She has gigantic breasts. I squeeze them softly and munch on her. I playfully try to squeeze my hand in between her legs, she pulls it out. A little bit later I’m doing something else to her and I accidently engage her “fight” reflex. She goes to choke me. I look off, unbothered, unreactive to her all of a sudden violent mood. She calms down. I munch on her again. I am like water

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She has 2 or 3 drinks while we’re at the bar, I can tell when she gets drunk.

I grab her number and ask her what she’s doing later, but my buddy has to get up early in the morning. It’s time for us to go.

She calls me as I’m driving home, asking me where I’m at. I tell her I live an hour away but that I’ll call her the next day.

Next day I call up the first girl..

(Phone conversation moved to phone audio section)

You can hear everything in this convo.. start to finish of planning a meet up the same day from a cold call.
I start off “mid-conversation”, she doesn’t know who I am. Doesn’t phase me even a little bit.

You hear me “catch” myself as I’m talking about her being one of the finalists of the dance contest. Dude that totally means she was showin’ off those huge fuckin’ knockers of hers. I’m not a breast man but both girls that night had double Ds.

Anyways she ends up getting off work really late. I knew she would. She calls me after midnight that night but I’m already in bed.

Long story short with this girl, she ends up being a bipolar enrolled in AA meetings. Geezez. Both girls are crazy’s. She tries coming over a couple days later, gets lost and turns around. I’d planned an earlier date with her, was going to nail her, then call up one of my “girls”, nail her and then meet up with Gangster Barbie. The Johnny Feelgood Triple Play. Totally didn’t work 😉  Anyways we don’t speak for several days. I myspace her and she writes back. We attempt it again. I meet up with her that night at a bar, she’s totally acting weird. I end up meeting with Gangster instead.

That same “next day” I call up Gangster Barbie and she doesn’t answer. I call again, no answer. I call her up the next day and she answers..

(Phone conversation moved to phone audio section)

Notice I start off sounding mid-convo with her.

Important note about both phone calls: I just kinda assumed we were going to meet up that same night I called. I didn’t “ask” if they wanted to. I just asked what time they’d be getting off work and then made plans. I don’t think they even thought to question it. Projection

Anyways I drove over to Gangster Barbie’s house a night or two later. Walked into her house, she’s sitting on her couch. I sat down next to her and gave her a hug. I could tell she was waiting to see how I’d act on first seeing her. This passed her test. Just assumed total familiarity and a physical vibe.

We went out that night to a bar and had a lot of fun. She tried accusing me of shit during the car ride.. I just really didn’t care. We go back to her place and get in pajamas and crawl into bed together. I mack her body and she gives me resistance. Steel resistance. There’s no busting through it. She just is completely firm about not hooking up with a guy the first date. We wrestle anyways but she completely stops my escalations.

I pass out. I wake up in the middle of the night and jump her body.. I’m hitting all her hot spots, totally just manhandling her body, she wakes up completely turned on as I’m turning her over to grope her from behind. We struggle as she fights her own urges, and me. She is one completely made-up woman. She won’t have it.

I subside and pull her back down against me, tucking her hips into me tightly and kissing the back of her neck. She is still breathing hard from her narrow escape. I pass out again.

I wake up and go at her again. She’s sleeping on her stomach and wakes up to me raising her hips up off the bed so I can ravage her body. I’ve got her in a doggy-style position, it’s hard for her to fight me off. I’m grabbing her and every time she goes to move my hands away I just push her face down into the pillow. She’s forced to use both hands to keep herself up and I keep at her. I relent and roll back over. She lays back down.

The next night I come over and rail her body for realz yo.

She tries to get me to go exclusive with her. No. So now we’re “dating”. We fight all the time.

I went to her work one time. She’s totally the alpha girl, runs all the other girls.

I routinely tell her cat to get in the fridge. She hates it. I say “kitty kitty..” open the fridge and pat my leg and motion it to jump in. I whip out my cock and make it dance for it. It always runs away. She hates that too.

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