LR: Bathroom pull plus Feedback for San

By Manwhore
May 5, 2009

The other night I pulled a girl at the small warehouse party we all went to, upstairs to the roof in the rafters and I fucked her, lol. It was a hot experience ‘cuz most of us from the SD group showed up and were hanging out together plus the whole thing was basically watched by the entire lair group the whole time.
It might have been a good idea to have gone to another club for the first 2 hours and then come back, as the Christmas party was open till 6 in the morning. That being said, within 45 minutes of being there I had 4 girls on lock and was playing them on each other for who would snatch me first. They all watched each other being seduced, and as much as society tells them it’s a bad thing, they all were happily pulled into the same little game.
Feedback for Lair guys:
Main point is there were obvious differences between what I was choosing to do with my time and what everyone else was choosing to do.
Some Learning points I observed:1) Everyone was too invested in each single interaction with a girl, rather than simply leaving a “set” when it was about to go stale and simply going back to it later.. which lead to the 2nd..
2) Some of you guys simply wouldn’t even go in to a set at all. It’s not a big deal! At a semi-public holiday festival/party it’s ok to just browse and casually mingle with people. Don’t be afraid to walk up to people and say hi. 

Most guys were so afraid of getting blown out they didn’t even attempt to approach. This is a pretty common them in the “dating” industry, all the dudes trying to up their “approach” skills so afraid to put it on display publicly. LOL . Anyone that’s good got over that fear a long time ago. Walk up and expect the best, shoot for having a good time with somebody. That’s all you can expect for yourself. It’s a woman for fucksake! There’s plenty you want to discuss with a woman.. come on!  

I also didn’t see any follow-up from any of you guys. This makes or breaks most interactions. Go in, shoot the shit, display attractive qualities, leave, COME BACK! Lol. It’s the magic formula. If you’re in a small enough venue where you KNOW you’re going to see her again.. just give her a quick “I’ll see you again, gorgeous!” and then leave! Then come back of course.. 10 minutes later when she’s least expecting a nice sexy burst of energy back in her life 😉

Within half an hour I’d spoken with most of the people there,left without letting anything get stale, stayed when things were interesting, displayed value, masculine polarity, left to increase intrigue, came back to do it again. It’s called fractionation. It’s an NLP concept that’s very powerful. Every time you go back in, the interaction gets more powerful, hooks stronger.
Vertical game vs. horizontal:
The event highlighted a very important point. I sensed you guys are used to being able to run low quality game on a plethora of available women that you can “bump” into, rather than focusing on a limited quantity. This gives the “out”; being able to eject and run the same stuff on new girls, without having to progress or escalate on the girls you’ve already interacted with. Play the game to win gentleman.

That being said, around 12:30 a bunch of girls showed up that blew my mind. And no one was talking to them! Around the time I pulled Cameo and Eternal onto the dance floor, about 12 more girls showed up. Pulling logistics were OPTIMAL as girls were there in 2s and 3s and were fucking horny.

Being a dangerous man.

Breaking rapport, being the standard. Dominance to personal perspective

%(*&$%( and I walked up to the same girl pouring water, the hot 6 foot tall one in the white dress. I was challenging her and generally giving her a hard time, within 30 seconds she was fucking wet in her panties and begging for my attention. He was looking to have rapport and be friendly.

To all of you: STOP. Be in charge of her, not trying to communicate to her that you’re on the same level. You are not there to be “nice”, you are not there to make people comfortable, to be friendly and make them think you’re a nice guy. Fuck that weak shit.

Girls do not fuck guys who are nice. They fuck guys who are dominant. Get this, understand it, internalize it, CHOOSE to communicate this.

I took a girl upstairs, set her on her knees and put my cock in her mouth. Did she get on her knees and take my cock because I was “nice”? No.. she did it because I was dominant. A high-value guy is the only kind of guy she gets to be slutty with. She can’t lower herself to her knees for a guy that’s “on the same level as her”. Think about it..

BREAK RAPPORT. Challenge people in fun ways. Cocky/funny demonstrates that you expect more from people, and give more from yourself.

Be a dominant force. Speak with authority on everything. About Christmas trees, where the water fountain is, what kind of blanky you prefer. I tell a story how my mother taught me how to pee standing up. How do you think I sound when I tell it?

Bear- you were tired obviously, but you’ve shed your low-value mannerisms. At least you do when you’re tired. You just weren’t talking to anyone. You walked around like a fucking.. Bear. You probably scared the fuck out of everyone there.

You were a fucking ASS when you first walked in. The most attractive I’ve ever seen you. Then of course you started talking to a girl or two..

K2. You have solid game. But we’re not here to fornicate arachnids. Present solid male sexuality in a high-value manner. Don’t give them an out. Be comfortable exerting male pressure. Sure you’ll chase some off before you hook. But that’s the area of calibration you now want to focus on.

That hottie asian was hooked. Take it to the hole.

Important point I want to make: if a girl doesn’t want to fuck you the same night.. why would she want to fuck you later on? If you can’t game her to the win that night.. why would she give you her time later? She’s right in front of you.. face to face. We call it “high-value time”.

Let logistics fuck it up for you, don’t fuck yourself.

Geo.. I like your game. You’re self-possessed, self-contained. You need to trust and know that this always shows. Then you won’t feel pressured to entertain. Your problem is you feel you need to supplement yourself, so you turn dancing monkey. Fuck amusing people. Learn to engage them in ways that amuse YOU. You’ve got a way of challenging someone in a high-value fashion. Turn this on women, guys, social environments.

When you feel the urge to be entertaining, do not follow it, instead understand that this is where most guys fail, and by not going down that path, you’re setting yourself apart.

Learn to project and lead the vibe with girls, from that same self-contained vibe. You will KILL when you get this down. I remember every single conversation you and I have had, because you speak with authority and conviction without a second thought.

Let’s see some FRs, some thoughts on this post and some

Let’s learn and develop ourselves.

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Understand I hold myself to these standards, and am pissed/calm when shit doesn’t go the way I know it should.

P.S. Yes, I fucked her in the upstairs warehouse area. Even with her personal Cockblock Squad

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