LR: How I “Logically” Convinced a Girl to Sleep With Me

By Manwhore
January 2, 2012

This is an interesting story because I logically convinced this girl through debate to sleep with me. Most guys cannot go down this path with a chick and EVER make it work, lol. It’s an extremely difficult skill set to develop and this was one of my first forays into it. I saw her and her friend facing the bar, and open her with absolute nonsense. Like shit that doesn’t even make sense to me. She looks at me weird. I just stare at her, then smile. She smiles back. I grab their attention as I’m leaving with a quick grab of their shoulders and a smile and walk away.

I hit’em up again later with my buddy. He says somethin’ to her not as desirable friend and I start talking to the hot one. I start to say something.. and realize that I’ve just gauged her reaction to what I said.  Like I thought it was cool so I want to see her reaction to it? I don’t know why. It was miniscule.. but it was there. Her attention shifts away from me almost immediately.

If you’re not dialed right, be prepared to walk the tightrope.

So I adjust. Start talking absolutely for my own amusement, making up random shit about her, then about me, then about her and I. It’s good. I tease the fuck outta her and she’s just staring at me. For some reason I realize I’m holding her hand and caressing it and she’s playing with my hand back. This stuff happens automatically now.

So even though I’m teasing her, pushing her away, I’m grounding her emotions to me by holding her hand into me playing with it. Push-pull. This is how you pull a girl, “grounding” her to you is absolutely key, and not something I was even aware I was lacking until I got punched in the face with it.

You cannot just tease a girl, be cocky/funny, arrogant, be “high-value”.. without grounding her to you in some way. You still have to connect with her or what the fuck is the point, all you’re doing is pushing her away.

This physical thing I was doing isn’t the only way of doing it. You probably know very good ways of making this happen.

She starts talking to her mom on the phone and I pretend to flip out. Ask the people at the next table over if they think its cool she talks to her mom while she’s out partying. They agree it’s alright because they are chodes.

I act my usual slightly aloof self while projecting little frames and hoops at her. I tease her then back away; make stories about her then back away. I talk to her then kinda ignore her. I stare at her intensely then my attention wanders. This is all natural, a direct consequence of the kind of outer reflection of inner value and mental centeredness that RSD teaches.

She says something and I say something about it. She pouts and her ‘lil mouth makes this cute little fat lip. I laugh at her n she gets even more pouty. She says I should stop teasing her. I tell her no, I really liked that face it made me want to kiss her. Her eyes get soft. Apparently I said something right for a change. We are in a little bubble together. Beauty and the Asshole. It’s a really good movie you should watch it.

Anyways we get kicked out of the patio, she asks me if we’re going to come inside. I tell her we’ll see them inside there. She’s definitely chasing me to see what I’m going to do.

I talk to some more girlies, go find her, take her number, tell her I’ll see her again, and then go back to whatever I was doing.

She texts me the next day, wanting to know how my night went. She wants to know if I fucked someone! I text my buddy telling him that “HB” wants to know if I laid someone. But I accidentally send it to her instead. Geezez this is a fubar. She texts me back saying no she didn’t want to know if I’d laid somebody. Haha. So I protect both our interests by saying no I had a stalker named “HB” who was always trying to see what I was up to. She believes it as much as she needs to to continue. Anyways she starts making plans with me. Damn. This girl wants it. I’m feelin’ pursued. Over the next couple weeks I frame it as her needing to cook me dinner, yada yada blah blah. She finally gets me to commit to a Monday night.

Anyways, the dynamic of this meet-up seemed a little different to me. Maybe I wasn’t so used to being pursued, maybe I’d made this girl come off her A-game so she was acting kinda chodey. She was totally a cutie, but I’d felt something was off. Who knows. I like girls who act super high value, seems I need to adjust more and more to girls acting like chodes.  Cute!

Anyways I’d felt kinda cornered into showing up for the date. But I show up and holy fuck does that fly out the window. I walk in the door, take one look at her, and holy shit do I want to ravage her. She is hot as FUCK.

She looks at me real intently, full, raw emotional intelligence. I can’t intimidate this girl. And.. she’s cooking me dinner barefoot. Seriously. I can’t make this up.

I walk up to her. She looks up at me with this gaze of such emotional awareness. Unphased by me. I love it when girls look at me like this. Like.. she knows the kind of guy in front of them, she knows it, appreciates it fully, and she stands there; her value in complete indifference to mine.

I can just imagine the same look on her face.. on her knees in front of me, my cock lodged partially in her mouth. She looks up at me and smiles.. there’s a slight widening of her lips.. so she can show me her teeth biting down into my cock.

I am instantly enamored. Thoughts of being overly pursued, completely gone. I come onto her hard, dominant.

I realize I’m coming on too hard and that I’m going to create resistance for myself later. It’s hard I try to pull away a bit. I can’t keep my hands off her ass. Fuck

Anyways we start talking and connecting a little bit. This is one cool chick. Come to find out, her friend she was with, enjoys giving blowjobs more than sex! So I’ve been trying to hook this girl up- hasn’t happened! I forget chodes don’t take action. You think girls get laid as much as they want. I know some do. I also know most don’t get laid nearly as much as they want to. Apparently the dude she was with that night couldn’t make it a go. I happen to know for a fact a lot of girls go home with guys and just cuddle in bed all night.

Oh to make the close! ‘Tis a shame.

So I get down to business. Not sure exactly what happens, my physical escalation is completely on auto-pilot, only sensitive to my particular desire at that moment in time. It’s not about where she’s at, but what I’m feelin’. But not gonna lie I’m feelin’ horny. Geezez balls. This girl has hit me hard. Looking back now I should have just communicated this to her! Why did I hold back one bit of truth? Instead I didn’t and I came off horny/”just wanting to fuck”, instead of communicating the singular passion I felt for her. Still maintaining that high-value frame. I s’pose some Shock & Awe could have played a part

I can’t even blame her. Well I can. Because she wants it but is denying herself, not even realizing.

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I sit back. This girl is bullshit. She’s not acting through her own intentions; I’m not going to lay her. She’s vocalizing everything. Squared off at me stubbornly. We’re not going to have sex.

She’s noticed the “change” in me. From the slightly aloof vibe, to the turned on animal I have become. Pacing would have been a good idea. Self-control probably would have helped hehe. I’m called such endearing names as “Asshole”, “Manwhore”.. and a few others I can’t remember.

I know now exactly how I could have handled this, to communicate to her completely and openly, and not experienced this crap at the end.

I stick a baseball bat in her ass and leave.

Actually I don’t. Instead I get kinda pissed. I back away from her, not wanting to focus my attention on what’s going on with her. I just withdraw from her.

I am a m ystery method actor.. playing out every single step and nuance of this pu dance. Ya right. I’m pissed and don’t give a shit about showing it.

So I ignore. She obviously sees the change. I’m watching tv, eating her food and not paying her a lick of attention. She asks me what’s up. I tell her what’s up. I don’t appreciate her not acting through her own intentions.

She doesn’t really understand. Just sits there. Comes over after a bit and cuddles up with me like I’d been cuddling up with her. Lays her body against me and rests her head on me. I like it a lot but don’t show it.

She gets a little more cuddly and I go to mak her bod. She pulls away. What the hell

I push her away tell her to go sit by herself.

She tries to dismiss my behavior. I don’t let that happen. I explain to her she’s not acting through her intentions. She’s worried about other shit. She’s worried about what I’m doing or thinking. I tell her I don’t respect this and don’t like being around it. She wants it but won’t let herself because she’s basing her actions on me. I phrase this a couple other ways.

She gazes at me.. incredulously. I can’t believe this! You need to write a book! Guys need to hear this stuff! Pause.. This is actually working!

You guys might ask.. Wait dickhead! That shit’s logical. We all know logical shit doesn’t work..

Ya yer right.. but I wasn’t being logical. In fact I was communicating on an entirely emotional level. My body language, facial expression, tonality.. all strongly demonstrated my intent. I reenacted it to a bud, he looked at me with slight surprise. You can’t really get Ray Casey to do much else. Holy shit I bet she was mindfucked. Lol

Still. Things were still at a negative level. I realize this. Change it up. Raise the emotional level of the room into a positive one. Bring her into my fun world a bit. She’s happy. So am I. I start to get sleepy and my eyes droop. It’s all an act. I am a tiger.


Lol. I get tired and started falling asleep on her couch haha.

I kinda edge toward going to bed. And by bed I mean her bed. She’s normal about it. There’s no thought of it leading to sex. We’re close; sleeping together just seems natural after hanging out all night.

I make her follow me into her room. I strip into my boxer briefs (the choice of men) and get into bed. She comes back in wearing some cute pjs that make her look oh so delectable. She gets into bed and the lights go off.

I find myself on top of her, pressing her down into her bed. I take her clothes off and explore her body. It is glorious. Her breasts are voluptuous and lovely. I lick them softly. Biting them. Her hips and thighs respond to my grip. I have just discovered the moon and am claiming it as territory for the United States of America. I am a patriot. Canada’s not getting shit.

I kiss her down between her legs. She’s kinda salty. I’m not gonna lick it. Too bad ‘cuz apparently I handle business. I put on a condom and fuck her. It is so hot.

We hang out in bed the next morning. I tell her things about my life. Things in my past I could have handled better if I’d manned the fuck up more. We talk for more, I go to hit it again and she resists. Retarded. Same shit? Later on she tells me she regretted bein’ so dumb that morning haha.

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