Judge Engoron’s Fantasy Communist Legal Blitz Seeks to Rob President Trump’s Hard-Earned Millions Developing American Real Estate Via Government Coercion of Testimony (1st/5th Amendment violations)

By The Wizard Mandragora
January 10, 2024

President Trump’s fight against Engoron’s fraud trial is the very epitome of the American concept of private property versus communism- defined as theft of private property by a corrupt state and legal system.

Judge Engoron is attempting to create the conditions for “government” lawyers/judges/”legal professionals” to steal property from hardworking citizens through a corrupt government apparatus. Is this not obvious? If they can do this to Trump, they can do this to anyone. And they are.

The media blitz of the past eight years has been a media attempt to blatantly cover up the fact they’re covering up the fact President Donald Trump is a brilliant and massively successful property developer and businessman. He has lived demonstrably as an example of American exceptionalism. Yet they target Trump, a man whose lifelong efforts built actual physical brick and mortar properties around the world with the collective efforts of thousands and thousands of individual workers to help him in his efforts. This is the man who can see through their fake works, their fake morality plays. The only achievements Biden and the Communists can point to with their public cons and schemes are state deficits, failing administrations, blatant corruption in government office, and draconian public policies. Why do people still vote for them?

And who, in this whole grand legal scheme, is actually tasked with defining the worth of Trump’s NY properties? Judge Engoron? Does not Engoron want to get back to his pectorials and captive university audience?

This corrupt judge hopes to bypass the Constitution to let a bunch of lawyers loot Trump’s properties while Biden plagiarizes art and life to short sell the American dream, and American influence.

And there are other egregious violations of the Constitution at stake. The leftist/communist media love to claim Trump is an assault on “Democracy” while using him to assault democracy.

A judge is in no way allowed to impede or interfere with a defendant’s defense of themself. What Judge Engoron has attempted to force is a Constitutional crisis via an egregious violation of Trump’s First Amendment and Fifth Amendment rights. The “government” here is attempting to violate the “conditions” of the evidence, while also attempting to coerce and compel a defendant’s testimony against themself. It does not matter the language this judge uses to disguise his attempt, Judge Engoron is illegally coercing testimony from a defendant- in this case to justify fake accusations and penalties he’s already leveled against Trump even before the trial began. This is what communism is. And this is why the First Amendment is the FIRST Amendment.

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