Is Britney Spears The Public Face of Biden’s “Human Infrastructure” Deal?

By The Wizard Mandragora
July 7, 2021

Is she supposed to make communism an easier pill for America to swallow?

Has anyone really examined or thought about the legalities of Britney Spears’ “conservatorship”? How is that legal? Where do they get the authority?

This needs to be thoroughly put under the microscope.

From what do they derive the authority to brazenly put a PUBLIC figure under state-mandated control?

And just for taking a bat to a paparazzi’s car? What did she do that not hundreds of Antifa and BLM radicals have done? Is the person that owned that vehicle particularly upset or injured by it anymore? I imagine not. I bet they feel terrible about being part of the massive intrusion into her personal life that pissed her off that badly and ALSO came after her family.

It would seem to me the media owes Britney a great debt. But as it now stands it seems like what really happened is that Britney Spears fucked with the paparazzi and media and they punished her for it. And 13 years later they’re still punishing her.

The media was so quick to make headlines of Britney Spears leaving a pack of cigarettes on the coffee table in possible reach of her children. That pack of cigarettes might be the most notorious pack of cigarettes in American history. They made her out to be “horrible mother of the year” for it.

Cancel culture cancelled Britney and took her life away from her before anyone even knew what cancel culture was. These same people NOW support the criminal radicals within Antifa and BLM that vandalize and destroy public property as long as it supports their politicized demands.

But Britney gets her life put on lockdown while her children are put under surveillance. And WHY. Where does it come from. How’d they derive this form of “punishment”?

What do they say to her? “This is for your own good”? That’s what the CRT radicalists tell parents when they’re caught blatantly indoctrinating their children.

This is blatant communism. This is something that should not be taking place in America.

It was the government that placed a “conservator” over her. It doesn’t matter whose face they put on the cover, this is state-mandated control.

And her CA “family law” lawyer was so quick to “remind” the public that Britney’s impassioned outcry could end up working against her.

Except that is an obvious and flagrant violation of the Constitution. Not only are they weaponizing her free speech, but they’re weaponizing her own self-defense of herself to be used against her. That is brazenly illegal. That represents a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the citizens of the United States of America who are protected by the Constitution from such blatant abusive control of her/their person and property.

Not only that it’s a clear violation of that lawyer’s duties to remain fiduciary, and uphold the law. That lawyer did the exact opposite of that. That’s a clear breach of public interest, and U.S. legal obligations, to attack an individual’s First Amendment rights and weaponize her speech, while she was defending herself, to be used against her.

How did this ever happen?

Yet apparently the conservatorship remains in place. So they’ve managed to lower the bar for what constitutes an “outburst”, while also punishing her for it.

And now her lawyer is going to try to punish Britney further by using it as an excuse to siphon off more money by claiming her testimony prompted death threats so more money is needed for security.

That is another clear abuse of her legal duties to use the system to commit economic financial coercion.

How awful is all of this.

Did anyone think Megan Markle’s new acting gig as a “victim” of the British royal family was going to desensitize America to the actual victimization of one of our ACTUAL American princesses??

We need to pick this “conservatorship” apart. We need to shut it off. This is communism.

California’s “family law” system is ground zero for the communist invasion of the United States. They are blatantly corrupt, power-hungry, and communist as hell. Britney Spears is a glaring example of what cancel culture and a communist (human infrastructure) family system has the nature and capacity to do.

Some of these lawyers and California “family law” professionals have worked in California’s communist state environment for so long they have completely forgotten the rules and regulations and Constitutional limitations that govern legal processes. They operate in full flagrant violation of it. And now they’re trying to casually create the government-sponsored “human infrastructure” to create MORE victims and higher levels of “legal” state-mandated coercion and exploitation.

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