Memes That Women LOVE: How To Use Online Humor To Get Laid (Real meme text convo inside!)

By Manwhore
November 19, 2016

In this article I’m going to show you how you can exploit people who are smarter and funnier than you to get laid, ha!

As a general rule of thumb it’s ALWAYS a great idea to add memes to your text conversations with women especially the ones you’re interested in setting up dates with. Throwing memes into your text conversations is like plugging your text convo into an electrical socket and giving it a boost.

Here’s why:

1) It’s the perfect way of spicing up a conversation without risking ruining the vibe. A woman associates you with the humor the meme touches on. If it’s politically incorrect, blatantly sexual, or just off color she’ll associate all the positive traits and emotions with you, but all the negative connotations get swept under the carpet because “it’s just a meme”. So basically you get to push the envelope and send a girl on the emotional roller coaster she wants to experience without risking anything.

2) Using memes demonstrates you’ve got a unique view of the world and aren’t attached to typical social pretenses. This tells a girl you’re laid back and not trying to live up to an image of yourself projected onto you by society or your peers. This will make her feel way more comfortable and relaxed with the idea of meeting up with you AND it will tell her that you’re probably not so timid and shy that you won’t make a move on her. Women hate overly shy guys that won’t make a move.

3) Memes come with their own built-in “social proof”. This is important when dealing with some girls whose lack of humor usually translates to a fake snobby attitude that rejects most guy’s attempts at humor out of turn. A lot of guys get frustrated trying to make jokes with a girl over text either to have the joke fall flat on its face because the girl simply doesn’t understand and blanks on it, or because it somehow offends her. But when you send a meme you are basically saying, “There are thousands of people that find this hilarious, if you don’t it’s because there’s something wrong with you!” This precludes any sort of diva behavior or overly enthusiastic screening on her part.

Below is the real meme-filled text conversation between myself and a girl I met off POF. You can see that it was her that started pushing for the meetup before I did! This is NOT common, and in fact the context for this came from a meme! Extra bonus points if you can figure out which meme it was. Comment below!

As you can see the text conversation got progressively more sexual and she started sending sexy pictures of herself. We met up at Game Werks then went to a bar then went back to my place and had sex all night long and then again in the morning. I’m not sure if it was just her nature, or because of the dirty talk I initiated when we started having sex, which you can find more about HERE, but she was very submissive during sex and basically let me do anything I wanted to her. Which… I did. 😉 I turned her into my personal pornstar, fucking her cute little face and busting wherever I wanted to.

This is a relatively long text conversation but also it’s FULL of memes that you can use yourself.

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