How to Plan a Party!

By Manwhore
June 4, 2012

I wanted to write another post on “ game” as I got a lot of positive responses from my previous two articles on the topic. You can read those here “How to Build a Social Circle” and “An Example of How to Get Laid from Social Circle Game“.

Anyways I was discussing with a student how to handle logistics in the improv class he attends as there are several attractive females in it and he can tell at least one of them is attracted to him. However he was nervous about the potential for social awkwardness as this was a class he wanted to continue attending and he thought if he asked one of them out it might get weird later on.

So I told him how I handled a very similar situation 😉

About a year ago I attended bartending class here in Las Vegas. As you can imagine there were a few attractive girls in the class. I attended it with Brian Burke of (formerly Brian Pettit of Vin Dicarlo.. you might recognize him as the guy from Vin’s product Pandora’s Box who is actually interviewing the girls). A couple days into the program (it took 10 classroom days to complete) I started “studying” with one of my classmates, but there were definitely other girls in the class worth giving some personal attention to. I definitely chatted up other girls in the class and was my usual charismatic self in the classroom environment, but I hadn’t gotten too flirty or gotten any more numbers to start arranging meetups with these other girls. About a week into class I crafted a SUPER awesome plan to get other girls from the class to hang out outside of class. We would have a bartending party at our crib and invite everyone over! This was perfect as it was a seemingly innocent little social outing that masked any kind of “hooking up” scenarios that would potentially go down. Plus girls with boyfriends or husbands (yes there were those) could show up and tell their significant others that it was a class get-together.

So one day before class I took a piece of paper, wrote “Bartending party” at the top, and went around to everyone in the class before it started and got EVERYONE’S phone number. I wasn’t partial, everyone was invited (except for the girl I was already hanging out with ;b). Right before class started I returned to my seat and showed Brian the piece of paper with about 20 or so phone numbers scrawled on it. He was blown the fuck away as I’d done more “work” in 5 minutes then potentially an entire night out at the club lol. I was referred to as “Ninja” for the rest of the week.

Anyways how I did it was pretty simple but I’ll break down the elements for the guys wanting to know every single little nuance. The way I did it was I went around haphazardly and just started collecting phone numbers, but for people a little nervous about the whole thing there is definitely an easier more surefire way to get this done.

1) Start out with the people that are more familiar with you and you have more rapport with. It’s a lot easier to deal with these people and get their numbers. Then when you get to the people you don’t know, they can see you’ve already got a few numbers collected. This builds momentum for the people (girls) you don’t know, as well as some of the hotties you might be nervous around.

2) The theme does not have to be “bartending party”. You can do the same thing with ANY kind of proposed social outing. You could say everyone’s going to grab dinner together at a local restaurant (this works very well), or you’re all going to go out drinking together. Or go with another kind of house party idea.

3) Get the teacher involved for extra allure. Teachers don’t get invited to hang out at student festivities nearly as much as you’d think, and they are flattered when they get invited. Whether they show up or not is another issue entirely, but getting the teach involved has the added benefit of exciting everyone else in the class to show up.

4) When you ask girls for their number just frame it as a social thing, don’t try to add any kind “date” vibes to it. Just concentrate on getting everyone involved and getting their contact info. Look people in their eyes and don’t be nervous about asking. Be secure in the fact this is a social get together and everyone wants to go out and have fun. Smile and laugh about the idea. Project some enthusiasm.

Anyways I planned it for a couple days later and sent out a couple friendly feeler texts to get the momentum going. On the night of the party after class, I got everyone together and asked people what they would bring and told the people who didn’t have a clue what they should bring.

People started showing up a couple hours later and we all got drunk as fuck. Was a great party and lots of fun. A few of the girls from class showed up, one hottie in particular, and several of the guys. As it was my house I basically set the tone and pace of the party, but even if it hadn’t been my house I still would have started directing things. So in my particular example I started directing what kind of crazy drinks/shots we’d make, but even if it wasn’t a theme you could directly take advantage of for ideas on how to get people involved in crazy activities, you could still suggest things like flip cup, or start an impromptu beerpong tournament (definitely been done).

Anyways the girls got drunk, people left, I semi-flirted with one girl, who ended up passing out in a spare bedroom I sent her to, and then later on she made an excuse to come in my room, then got in my bed with me. At which point we fucked like bunny rabbits, before she went home to her boyfriend. Oops

Like I said.. perfect opportunity to mask what would otherwise be taboo, or incredibly hard to get done logistically.

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