Masterful PUA Methods For Handling Cockblocks & Getting Laid! (Video)

By Manwhore
July 6, 2013

In this video I explain that traditional “pua” dogma of trying to “befriend the friend” as a means of preventing or stopping a girl’s friends from cockblocking you is fundamentally incorrect. Your GREATEST weapon against cockblocking is actually a lack of rapport with the potential cockblocker. The fact you are an “Unknown” in her mind makes her less inclined to attempt to sabotage your plans to get laid. People are naturally nervous or hesitant around people they don’t know.

Here’s a simple scientific analysis to help you understand.. let’s say that you attempt to go out of your way with all of a girl’s friends. Not only have you wasted a bunch of your time which should have been better spent talking to the woman you want, but you also have the SAME difficult of job of “making someone like you” over and over again! It’s hard enough with one! But in a group of 3 or more, SOMEONE won’t exactly see you as their “cup of tea” so to speak. So no matter what you do you WILL run into conflict with at least one person in the group! Plus on top of that, there is always a “grouch” in the group.. someone that’s negative and contradictory and simply unhappy, whether it’s just a bad night or that person happens to be negative in general. Well if you spent time trying to create rapport with this person, in fact went out of your way to do so, they’re going to feel very COMFORTABLE cockblocking you! This is basic human psychology at work.

Do you think the fact you became friends with someone else in the group is going to help here? Ask yourself objectively.. what will the most impact and influence on the situation? Of COURSE the negativity will have a larger psychological impact! The casual “acquaintance” (at best) you made won’t lift a finger to help you because her loyalty will always be towards the most powerful perceived social influence in the group! The shocking nature of negativity will always have a much greater effect than any “pleasantness” you managed to create within the group dynamic.

The psychology and dynamics at work here are extremely significant to understand. Everyone starts out deserving and being treated with a certain measure of respect, guys with no game lose that value very quickly, sometimes instantaneously, but by chasing rapport with everyone in the group, it definitely lowers a person’s social status, as well as paint them as a target by anyone having a bad night and looking for someone to take it out on!

BUT.. consider this. What if instead of attempting to befriend everyone and be “pleasant”, instead you more or less treated everyone neutrally, was pleasant if someone showed you the same, and then when the cockblocker DID attempt to sabotage you, you called her out on being rude, or in some way treated her attempts with disapproval! The simple truth is that this would hit like a baseball bat, and in fact others in the group would also take your side! By keeping a more aloof vibe, you maintain your social status, and put yourself in a very powerful position to call someone out on their lack of social grace if they attempt to thwart you!

I explain and illustrate exactly HOW to do this in the video. Watch for some great tips on dealing with cockblockers effectively!

Now I am not saying this compensates for poor game, or a lack of game. No cockblocking techniques will be able to fix it if a girl’s not into you. But if she is and  is just being held back by one or more female friends that are attempting to undermine your plans.. then these tactics definitely work best. Most guys think it’s easier to attempt to befriend a girl’s friends, and I think this is why the strategy is so commonly used, but in actuality it will many times work against you as I explained above.

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