How To Get Laid Online- Manwhore’s Online Dating Guide

By Manwhore
November 29, 2010

I’m just going to lay out some of my knowledge of online dating advice real quick. This is geared more specifically towards how to get laid on pof, but it works for, Tinder, and even Facebook.

First off I’ve been extremely successful with online dating for over a decade. I’ve done it wrong, I’ve done it right.. I’d say its only been in the last three to four years that I actually starting becoming aware of what was working and what wasn’t (up till then I was simply having fun and messing around with it).

You DO want to get a phone number within 4-8 messages with a girl. Any longer than that and you become a penpal. Plus she becomes aware you either don’t have a lot of experience with online dating, or you don’t have balls/aren’t confident. When I get a number I’ll say something like “Hey this pof stuff is too nerdy for me. Shoot me a text (###) ### ####” or something like “I’m done with this nerdy online stuff. Shoot me your num I promise to only stalk you on sundays 😉

This gets me a number 80%+ of the time.

Pictures: extremely important. Maybe THE most important thing. And no I’m not talking about your profile pics in terms of being good looking or not. I mean in terms of showing your quirky fun side and your lifestyle. Women want to get the feeling they’d have a good time hanging out with you from seeing your pictures. I’ve helped out a couple buddies with their profiles.. many aren’t “good looking” dudes at all. But after taking some funny pics of themselves wearing eye patches, doing stupid stuff with buddies.. it turns the vibe of their profile COMPLETELY around and they start getting responses and phone #s.  And I mean COMPLETELY around.. with just a couple of good pics, and pruning off the pics that make you look creepy, weird, lonely and angry/frustrated; your profile turns into a chick magnet.  I know this because I’ve had profiles that did not work at ALL, and I’ve had others that attract tons of attention.  I’ve seen the same things with my buddies you’d think it was two different people’s profiles you were looking at.  I cannot accentuate this enough.  See your pics as a sum total of .

Girls do NOT care only about your looks!  It’s probably only about 60% of their whole decision-making process. They care about the EXPERIENCE they perceive they’re going to have with you. Your pictures give her an actual view into your world.  Make it a good one.

Written Section: Everyone at this point knows you need to write a profile that makes you sound quirky and fun.  The only thing you need to realize is you’ve got to communicate the RIGHT kind of quirkiness.  I had a buddy who wrote a bunch of wacky lines that were ALL WRONG.  They didn’t flow, didn’t hint at a fun time, and also communicated negative things about him.  I lol’ed when I read it.  He said something like “I’m a wandering nomad, I like BANANAS, I want to just travel the world and never settle down.. blah blah”  Basically he told the girl he was kind of weird, wasn’t interested in settling down, i.e. he would make a shit boyfriend, and it was probably hard to keep his attention so she could never have a good time with him.  Don’t do that.

Initial Message: 1-3 sentences max. If I have time I always look at their profile and make some kind of fun, accusatory statement about her based on what I saw. It’s more fun and many times they feel like they want to respond even IF they don’t find me to be their type.

One canned opener that was just really fun to use and got a lot of success for myself as well as guys on my forum was “I went through your profile in great detail [insert_username] and you appear to be a potential soul-mate. Please send me your social insurance number, a scanned copy of your passport and your resume so I can move you further along the selection process and/or steal your identity”

The Meetup: I just assume it, I make jokes about her taking me out for ice cream (this is fun and childish and they like it, and it’s SUPER EFFECTIVE). And also very important, I strongly hint at it in my profile from the START! Super important.. I have a line in there about living in a party house where new people are always coming to socialize. I also describe a funny date I went on that REALLY tweaks girls and gets them curious. I pre-empt all this stuff so by the time I bring up meeting up with a girl, she’s totally ready for it, even wants it more than I do.

When we finally meet face to face, the first thing I do is pull them in for a hug and friendly kiss on the side of their mouth/cheek.  You HAVE to do this, if you don’t you start out the date behind the starting line. There are dozens of cultures throughout the world that greet each other with kisses, get on board.  Set that fun, flirty, dominant frame from the start.  And don’t worry if she doesn’t like you off the bat.  In fact DON’T think about this at all.  Because lots of them WONT like you at first but will still end up banging you for sure.  My last LR up on my site features a girl that wasn’t into me at all.  There was another girl I met off POF a couple months back that was straight terrified of me at first.  I ended up banging her in the backseat of her car halfway thru the date calling her a little whore.  (I came in about 2 minutes ===> chode)

I’ve also written an article on sexting that teaches how to sext properly and get girls ready to meet up!

Anyways I’ve got a few reports of these encounters up on my blog if you want to read some of them:

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Cheers and good luck!

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