LR: Club Pull To Car

By Manwhore
March 2, 2012

I’ve been having a lot of car pulls in the last few months (where you meet a girl at a bar/club and you two end up going to your car to get it on e.g. fucking), and since I’ve made a life decision to start writing and posting more to my blog, these will now become lay reports!

Even more interestingly, I’ve had a couple car pulls recently that were actually verydifficult, they required a lot of time and finesse to get the girl ready and compliant and just so horny she wanted it. This is good for you guys because the more difficult and/or involved, the more I can break it down into it’s components so it can be repeated 😉  This last one I had which I’m going to talk about I had to jump thru about 12 hoops to make happen. But obviously being a guy who loves girls and just wants to play around and have fun, I handled it all without thinking.

Anyways, as always it’s just myself and the boys partyin’ it up at our favorite spot on Thursday night. We’re just getting a bit rowdy, having a couple beers (I’m a very light drinker) and just talking to each other or cute girls as they pass on thru. My basic strategy (if you want to call it that) is to never invest or put all my eggs in one basket, e.g. I never concentrate and plow it the whole night with one girl, I chat and flirt with multiple girls (as they themselves do with multiple guys) and I just keep things escalating. The girl and I will probably move off from one another but invariably see each other again, and so I am constantly moving things forward with 3-5 girls through-out the night in the same venue.

Anyways for this particular girl, I spotted her and her hottie friend about to walk past us near the bar. I grab my buddy and say “HEY, this one’s for you!” I grab one of them (really cute girl) and tell her matter-of-factly that she’s for my friend and I bring her over to him lol. She’s compliant and thinks it’s fun and then I turn to start talking to her cute friend, as a good wing must do 😉

Now with this particular girl something VERY interesting happened. I could tell they were both the sorostitute type and when my girl started interacting with me I could tell she thought I was some kind of upper-echelon Greek system guy. E.g. I was a high-status dude and she was comfortable with it, but also a bit intimidated by me. I’m a super social dude, but the way I talk to people and make eye contact they just can feel my complete lack of fear and that I’m used to shaping my environment and the people around me.

This is good for you guys to read about because at some point all of you will have a girl that will be somewhat subdued by your presence and you will need to kiddie glove it into the bedroom without scaring her off.You can also read about this particular dynamic in my lay report entitled “Black Nimbus” as well as the entire dynamic I describe in my LMR Series: part I.

Anyways the particular vibe with this girl was one of her being very observant, not particular responsive or flirty, just standing there looking at me listening to what I said. Since there was nothing sexual going on it was up to me to supply the program, but as long as I handled it right she would be on board. This particular male/female dynamic is one of the oldest in the book.. when a girl recognizes your superiority it’s just a matter of leading it to the final objective smoothly and managing hiccups. So I simply say “Alright! We’re going to the DANCE FLOOR!” I take her by the arm and start leading her to the dance floor and look back and realize that my buddy and his girl aren’t following.

Actually this is a very important part of this entire story.. when I walked up to the initial girl, I got right up in her grill, like I was boss, and simply took her over to my buddy. However when he stepped to her, he didn’t actually step to her, he just kinda stayed aloof and polite with her. E.g. he didn’t ASSUME attraction. In fact he didn’t at all, and so.. she didn’t give it to him. This is a HUGE mistake guys make. Especially guys of different races who have a racial inferiority complex (Asians and Indian guys are ALWAYS complaining that white girls don’t like them, yet they walk up like pussies and can’t even look them in the eye). The problem is obvious, they TALK to women like they don’t think they’re attractive, like the women shouldn’t be responding to them as high-value attractive guys.. and so women don’t. This is the FIRST thing women look for when a guy approaches; how confident in his own value is he?

My buddy is actually a pimp dude, he just lost some footing with this particular kind of girl, and it just goes to show, even the studs will make mistakes, or not come with full belief with every kind of girl. The other “mistake” he made, was not go along with my leading of the party. I’m pretty sure that being another ex-officer, he has a hard time going along when someone else is leading the program. Which is totally silly, because when I’m with my top-notch pimp friends, like other RSD instructors or Sasha Daygame for instance, I FULLY let them lead when they got a line on something. I have NO problem taking second fiddle, in fact I don’t even see it that way. I see it as being able to relax and play the somber seductive guy ;). Leading and fully engaging the group and “bringing the party” can be difficult and tiring. But most importantly, it does NOT take away from your value to let your buddy lead. I’ve gotten laid countless times this way and if you want to talk in terms of conserving energy, it’s definitely the way to go.

Anyways I’m standing there talking to her and I look down and see these lovely breasts peeking out of her shirt. She’s got some solid cleavage going on and I look back up at her and say “Wow just realized you have something nice going on down here.” She looks at them and then looks back up at me, waiting for more and I say “Are they real?” She says “What do you think?” At this point I take one finger and poke them with it. I’m taking things a bit sexual but maintaining that high-value, aloof frame with her. I’m not being a dick or forcing something, I’m just staying congruent. And believe me, this is SERIOUS fun. More on “boob game” later.

So I take my girl to the dance floor, the other girl comes with us and immediately gets set upon by a confident dude who just gets right up in her shit and starts dancing and grinding with her. My buddy could have done the same thing and it would have been him dancing with her not the other guy.

As I’m dancing with the girl on the floor the previous dynamic really starts to take shape with her. Instead of being all up on her grinding and trying to get my rocks off or rub my boner on her, I am very aloof and “cool guy-ish”. I very lightly dance and don’t bother to get closer to her, as I’m the higher value person here, I let her dance onto me. And just like in Black Nimbus, I stare silently and stolidly into her face from time to time, completely aloof to any weirdness to that, simply being high value and looking at her as if she’s a specimen of sexual interest. My physical touching of her is very unique to this scenario. Rather than gripping her or holding onto her, I slap at her hips or ass from time to time, I don’t use fingertips, more like open-handed slightly gruff swats. I’m maintaining and developing this frame into something sexual and physical while maintaining this extremely high-value vibe, RATHER than falling into the usual frame of a guy trying to grind with/chase a girl on the dance floor where most of the time THEY have the most value.

Im pretty sure at some point in here she pulls off the same thing the girl did in Black Nimbus, where after me looking stolidly into her face while maintaining that aloofness, not talking much, and not always paying attention to her, she leans up into me quite nervously and gives me a kiss on my lips. I stop her right here and actually kiss her a bit. I grind her body a bit, pull it in against me and feel it soft in against me. Nothing wrong with enjoying being close and intimate with a girl ;). And once again I focus back on her breasts (I’m starting to see more and more a girl’s breasts are actually a super erogenous zone, something that REALLY gets them going if you ‘handle’ it right ;). The car pull the week before was same thing.) I pull her in against me, my hands right above her elbows but also curved around her lower back and pull her up into me as I slightly nuzzle her neck and then lightly kiss her breasts. That fucking turns us both on right there, but it’s electricity to a girl. Anyways we dance a bit more and then she peels off with her friend. I don’t mind as I know I’ll see them again. I go back to my buddies and chill out, talking to a couple more girls. As I mentioned previously, it’s game on with a few different girls at a venue. This isn’t me being a “player” or anything, this is simply natural. Girls talk to different guys throughout the night as well, the only difference is girls aren’t the initiators and so they don’t “lead” things anywhere lol.

I believe I see her once more, she takes off, and then I see her again talking to some dude who’s dancing with her and getting up in her shit. The dude was pretty smooth and I could tell she liked him, but he was playing more “social” game. E.g. towards the end I saw him introduce himself to her friend and the girl’s ex-boyfriend and chat them up. However I was having nothing to do with the friends, I smelled blood, no way I was going to “make nice” and fuck up the secret naughty vibe we had going on. And besides that most of the time I never try to get in good with a girl’s friends; sometimes the only thing you’re doing is giving them a chance to cockblock or make some stupid remark to the girl that makes her hesitate to return your text later. Remember, not every girl will like you. If a girl is with a couple friends, chances are one of them WON’T like you lol. This isn’t to say this will sink you per se, however my typical behavior with friends is to ignore them while subtly acknowledging their existence. I had another car pull the week before and I know for a FACT this played into the scenario. I had a girl actually LEAVE me with her friend to play pool, and rather than chat her up while we played I basically ignored her lol. Later on when I was pulling this chick and doing things most friends would NOT approve, this girl couldn’t say shit to me. I had given her no “in” with me.

The OTHER important thing that went on here is what I refer to as “fractionation”. After hanging out with me and then taking off, hanging out with me and then taking off again, each time we did it she became more and more comfortable and used to me, as well as more invested in the seductive vibe we had going on together. This is a pretty well-studied psychological principle actually.

Anyways I see her with her friend and the ex, and this other guy, and I walk up so I’m kind of in their group as well, but a bit on the outside except that I’m right next to her. The way I entered is probably significant but it’s just such a small detail I don’t remember. At this point she’s got BOTH guys she’s been talking to that night right next to her. I know FULL WELL what’s going on but she doesn’t have a clue I do and is facing a potentially highly socially awkward situation. In this case it works in my favor as 95% of girls cannot deal with social awkwardness in any way. If she’d known I didn’t have a problem with it she might have just weathered the potential awkwardness, but as it was she didn’t know and so she BOLTED. Like straight up ran away. Her friend and the other guy watched her go, not really knowing what was going on but I saw it as my window. After about 5 seconds I casually took off after her and caught up to her on the dance floor. I didn’t hesitate I brought her up to me and kissed her, then dragged her off the dance floor somewhat forcefully and told her to give me her number. While she was humhawing around about it I put my hand down the front of her pants matter-of-factly, while looking right into her eyes super casually like it was your everyday traffic ticket I was giving her. I could tell it was a bit of a surprise but the way I handled it made it a nice surprise. She pulled away and backed into a wall with a table right next to her. I could tell she did it so I could keep doing it while no one could see. I’d been pretty visible about it before. So I follow her and put my hand down her panties again, feeling up her hot little pussy and massaging it while talking to her like it’s no big deal. She’s incredibly turned on at this point and I can tell is done marinating. I take her arm and lead her to the dance floor. Then off the dance floor onto the other side, closer to the door. Then I just lead her right out the exit. She asks where we’re going and I say “over here”. About halfway to my car I pin her against a car while kissing her and throwing my hand up between her legs. This maintains the temperature between us and gets my boner nice and hot.

We get to my car and I take her to my side (I always do this), open it up and tell her to get in and go to the other side. This forces her to crawl in over my stick shift and console to get to the passenger seat. I have no idea if this helps the situation but I have a feeling it does. I’ll discuss this more later. Anyways I get in after her and say “Give me that little mouth of yours.” She comes in closer and I pull her in for a deep kiss, and then put my hand on the back of her head and neck as I pull out my cock (I was wearing sweatpants) and guide her head down so she can suck my cock. She leans down and then right before sliding it in her mouth she pauses and turns her head up and looks up at me, and then sinks it into her mouth. Fucking A it was luscious. Not sure why she did that thing where she paused, maybe she was posing or she wanted to savor that moment and make eye contact with me right before that moment she took my cock in her mouth, but it was definitely hot. I let her suck it for awhile and I force her head all the way down and hold her there for a couple seconds with my cock buried as deep in her mouth as it can go (I don’t know why I just LOVE doing this) before telling her “Ok don’t make me cum yet.” She leans back in her seat and I start taking off my shoes, lol. When she sees this she starts undoing her jeans and sliding out of them. I prefer to take a girl out of her pants myself, but.. now I’m just complaining . Not sure if her panties are still on or if I took them off, but I climb over my console and position myself and her so that she’s laid out in front of me with her legs to either side of me. Her lil pussy staring up at me I grab her underneath her butt and rip her off my seat and up into my arms while sinking my lips into her little pussy and sucking on it. Her eyes widen and she groans. Something about being manhandled and having her little pussy bitten was just a huge turn-on for her. Anyways I set her back down and slide my cock in her while looking in her eyes. I bang her for several minutes while tongue-fucking her mouth. Life is good. After we’re done she’s not sure how to respond to the fact she fucked a guy she just met in his car in the parking lot (her feelings on it not mine), I make sure she feels comfortable with it and that she knows she’s my little darling and I don’t think less of her for it at all. She runs off from my car a little bit and I catch up to her and pull her in before walking with her back to the club.

As we pull open the entrance to the club to walk back in we come FACE TO FACE with her friend who has been looking for her. The look on her friend’s face is pure amazement, she’s pretty sure she knows what happened. Too bad I couldn’t have invited her too. Anyways they run off inside together and I’m sure do some hot scissoring later.

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