How To Build a Social Circle of Women Easily & Get Laid!

By Manwhore
May 7, 2012

Most people are completely lost on how to build a social circle, it seems like a monumental task, but if you break down the mechanics of building a social circle it can be a TON easier!

This is the little system I developed and built several years ago with a few friends that got us laid constantly. It’s pretty simple, and it really just takes discipline and motivation to get it going; but it works so well to get multiple new girls out every week and build your social circle of chicks you can just call and hang out with and consequently bang. It isn’t predatory at all, girls are happy to meet cool guys and hang out with them; guys and girls hooking up with each other within a social circle is just a natural thing, nothing tricky or sleazy about it.

Here’s the backstory: a few years back I started inviting my buddies over to my house every Sunday for a friendly bbq. It was just boys day out in the sun with some meat on the grill and some beers. Then we started inviting girls over. This made it WAY cooler, lol. We started realizing we had something good going here. THEN, we got a late start one particular Sunday and decided to make it an impromptu trip to a new restaurant in town. We sent out our mass texts about the restaurant trip and got a MUCH bigger response back. There ended up being about four of us guys and about 12 girls, lmao. You know you’re doing something right when you start trying to find more guys to show up!

So this began our weekly Sunday restaurant excursion. The basic guidelines are as follows:

1) When you’re out and about during the day or night meeting women, let them know about this weekly little get-together you and your friends have.

2) Get your friends doing the same thing. This can be a VERY easy way of getting a girl’s number if she’s on the fence about you or them. Some of your friends do not have game, now they do 😉

3) Pick a spot that’s fun, new, or just popular, and call the restaurant to let them know a few days ahead of time you’ll be coming in with a group. Ask them if they have any group discounts and to put aside a large table.

4) Send out your weekly round-up mass text message to all your girls and guys. A mass text msg works well here as it paints you as a leader of social fun times.

5) Be smart about who you invite. If a particular girl is super into you, and you don’t need to invite her to a group gathering to get her out.. don’t invite her! There’s no point. Now if you still feel like it, go for it, but it’s somewhat a waste of resources if you know what I mean. However if you feel like you put on your best game in a social setting and need a bit of a push to get her to drop her panties, then yes definitely invite her.

6) Share your women. Mix and match. Fuck and be merry. Many of these women were quite social and did not necessarily need to be tied down lol. It’s totally cool, do not be jealous or protective, you will fuck up the vibe. You will end up banging girls your friend brought and vice versa. And who knows, maybe someone in there will end up being your girlfriend.

7) Be your normal, bad ass self during dinner. I was always loud and pretty authoritative during dinner. It made me attractive to many, if not all the women present. There were multiple dinners we had where I ended up getting with more than one girl that showed up. Don’t worry about trying to be overtly sexual or give statements of intent. Just be casual and awesome.

8) During dinner simply make plans for an after party or something going on after dinner that’s a bit cozier.

9) When isolated, escalate as normal. No questions or hesitation. Just because she’s part of your social circle does not mean she doesn’t love getting fucked. Do NOT hesitate. Your hesitation will be HER hesitation and she will then decide not to fuck you to not mess up the social circle she has just become a part of. However if you act without self-doubt, she will just understand this as a normal occurrence in this circle of people.

10) Afterwards act like it wasn’t a big deal. NEVER SPEAK TO HER AGAIN. I’m just kidding lol. If she’s a cool chick or if you’re interested in her for more than that then keep letting her come out. Make sure it is YOU that sets the boundaries of the relationship. Do not get jealous if she wants to expand her experience in the group 😉

Why does this work?
1) It’s easy. Women feel safe going to a public place and it lacks the potential awkwardness of a date with a guy she doesn’t know. If you are very into a girl but you can tell you need a bit extra help getting her number, this social scenario is perfect.

2) It builds your value. Most men when faced with the task of how to build a social circle find it daunting, but girls love being social, and they love exploring new restaurants. It makes them feel cultured and worldly. You BECOME that avenue of discovery for her. She appreciates it. It also makes you look worldly and cultured in her eyes.

3) It makes you a sexual object. Girls like sleeping with guys that are involved in a social circle. It makes them feel safe sleeping with a guy who has other options.

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