How I Laid A Playboy Model

This is a very special “lay report” because it FULLY demonstrates the power and potential of text game. This is a BEAUTIFUL girl I barely had any in-person interaction with- ALL of the “game” takes place through texting. From scratch I created a fun and emotional relationship with her that compelled her to show up on our first date to MY PLACE with a movie! Never underestimate text game!

The Night I Met Her:
I’m walking through one of my favorite clubs here in Las Vegas, the night is winding down most people have left, and as I’m walking by I see a hottie texting on her phone. I can tell she’s industry, she’s super graceful and you can tell the body hiding underneath her long flowy dress is modelesque and feline. (She was a gogo dancer at some of the top places in Vegas and also a top dayclub model cocktail waitress).

Without thinking much about how I’m going to “approach” her, I go for the bold method reach over and place my hand down over her phone covering it up so she can’t see her screen lol. She looks up surprised and I’m grinning at her. She laughs. We have a quick conversation about the state of the place we’re currently in, sadly remarking everyone’s going home and it’s just us losers left. Then I get her phone number- all in all it was less than 3 minutes of talking to her but it was comedic throughout.

(Insert Text Conversation **) 

During Date:
So she comes over with a movie a few weeks later, a bit reserved and quiet. I just vibe with her while I make us drinks. My roommate is still home, he’s Vin Dicarlo’s ex-head coach so he’s a super smooth dude too lol, which just makes me look even better. Anyway he leaves and it’s just us two. My typical “movie date” with a girl consists of us cuddling on the couch together while we watch it. As we’re both sitting on the couch I sort of gently steer her by her shoulders and we lay down on my couch so I’m peering over her at the t.v. screen. Think “big spoon, little spoon”.

I don’t escalate much on her at all during the movie, the fact we’re so close together in a dark place watching a horror movie is enough intimacy. I do tuck just a hint of my finger inside the waistband of her jeans. Just enough to tantalize.. me, lol.

One point I want to make about all of this, is that describing it after the fact can come off as rather less than spontaneous, but that’s not the case at all it’s always very genuine between a woman and I. And as men we should always be looking to give women “plausible deniability”, taking responsibility for furthering intimacy. Certainly in the last half decade or so social norms have changed and women are more expressive of their sexuality, yet even still they’re looking to be the ones pursued. And men that can’t smoothly and naturally escalate are severely unattractive to women.

After the movie I head to my room for a bit then come back into the living room. The lights are still off and she’s crouched up against the wall in the dark on her phone. She looks so cute and vulnerable and inviting, almost like she’s curled herself up against the wall to look that way on purpose ;). I come in close to her, sort of “scoop” up into her as I make contact with her and nuzzle into the side of her neck as my body comes up against hers. The effect is one of softly lifting her up against the wall. I’m SUPER soft with it at first, but then accelerate and clench her in against me. I kiss her neck as I squeeze her. She succumbs to the whole experience of it and her breathing gets heavy and her body starts to shudder. After maybe 3-4 seconds of this I lift her up in my arms and march down the hallway towards my bedroom, walk in and toss her on my bed. Most of the lights are off but it’s still decently lit. I let my hands start roaming over her body, caressing it while squeezing gently here ‘n there. I’m slightly ravenous with her, it was very natural for me she was certainly a beaut. I pull her shirt down and to the side and pull out one of her natural d-sized tits and go to town on it. Then I take her pullover off, then her shirt. I go to take her jeans off and she says “Ok I’m sorry I can’t. I’m on my period.”

Now this is where most guys would get completely hung up and come to a complete dead stop, trying to employ some amateur “freeze out” or other pua tactic. I don’t, I just roll with it. I turn over on my back, pull her on top of me. As we’re kissing I sort of slide/push her down my body till her head is over my cock. I take it out while she’s leaned over me. She grabs it, and after a little hesitation she starts going down on me.

A little bit later I turn her over and I say “Ok baby I don’t care.. these jeans are coming off!” She says “Ok I have a confession to make.. I’m NOT on my period!” I say I don’t care slide her panties off and stick it inside her.

I fuck her all over every where. I eat her pussy, make her come. I fuck her in my shower, pin her against every wall I can find, she spreads her arms out as she’s pressed against the shower wall, fully surrendered getting pounded. I pound her against multiple surfaces. I bang her and cum and then keep banging her. I literally do not stop for over three hours lol. I even made her fall asleep with me inside her- I’d drift off for a few minutes then slide it in and out of her a little bit to keep it awake 😉

** Tomorrow I’ll send to your email the text conversation that took place between her and I, from the first text all the way through the date setup, and then through a couple days after sleeping together. 


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