Slept with “Proper” Girl Vacationing with Her Family (Text game)

By Manwhore
September 12, 2010

Just got back from a quick Vegas trip where I hooked up with two different girls. Getting laid in Vegas is fun 😉 And my last night there was the best night of partying I’ve ever had hands down. On the way back home we drove thru the heart of an electrical storm, the sun setting in the distance making the sky look like it was on fire over the mountains while right above us lightning raged. And instead of going home we headed straight to a local bar and pulled 2 more hotties home!

Getting laid in Vegas is definitely NOT as easy as everyone makes it out to be, but with a proper understanding of text game, logistics, and smooth sexual escalation, it can be done quite consistently.

First night there the five of us got table service at Pure. This wasn’t regular table service with the boring dudes wearing chodewear and sitting there like boring chodes. We rolled in heavy and lit that shit up hard. When a group of good buddies are having a great time together, the girls notice and you create a lot of social momentum in yourself and the people around you.

So we take off from the table for a bit, to meet girls and bring them back with us. We’re pushing thru the crowd and this girl bumps into me from behind. I slowly turn over my right shoulder and look at her lazily. Then turn back and keep walking. I hear her say “oh my gawd” to her friend, puts her hands through my arms and slowly runs her hands over my body. I turn back and look at her- like I know she’s a little perv but I’m too lazy to care. Turn back to my buddy and tell him “oh shit.”. He’s still knew to the game, vastly improved, but seeing things like this go down are still strange to him. I feel her pull herself in closer to me and whisper in my ear, “I bet you’re a good kisser too..” I chuckle and tell my buddy wait this girl wants to make out with me. He turns around but doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary, tells me unbelieving.. “Wait how do you know this stuff?” At which point the girl moves around me so she’s in between us and pulls herself into me and we make out. I see the look on my buddy’s face as he sees this go down ; )

We look up on stage and Vanilla Ice is up there dancing. Ya.. Vanilla Ice. And all of a sudden he screams “Go ninja Go NINJA GO!” and we just freak the fuck out. Girl forgotten and pushed to the side in the subsequent insanity. We start shouting and doing our ninja dances. It becomes the catch-phrase for our trip and even once we get home. Oh shit I’m going to text them all right now.

We move on and she practically tackles me again and we kiss again before I move on. I just wasn’t ready to commit ; )

We talk to some more girls then I run face first into this luscious brown girl. Can’t tell if she’s Indian or Arabic/Persian. I’m flirty with her from the start ‘cuz she’s having so much fun. Then she tells me she’s there with her cousin and brother and she points them out to me. I look at her knowingly.. we have to be undercover ;). So every time her brother turns his back to us I grab her and pull her in for a kiss, she’s laughing and trying to be shy but I’m too insistent. I get her number and take off. I get a few girls numbers that night but never put names or descriptions in. Damn

Next day us boys are recuperating, but I’m putting in work. I shoot out texts and phone calls to all these numbers I’d gotten the night before. Don’t know who the girl is..? No problem. Just talkin’ about how f’n awesome the night before was and we’re headed to the pool blah blah. I leave a couple vm’s, talk to one girl on the phone but she sounds big and black, and shoot out some texts. Do it or go home.
An hour or two later I get a text from the Indian girl (I only figure out thru the text convo who she is).

Fml i was way too drunk last night. What was your name again? Were you the asian guy? Sorry lol. ()

Lol we all were. jon- bald guy my mom says I’m handsome ; b (7 mins later)

Did you meet my brother? Im trying to remember who you are lol. Were you the one who gave me the vodka cran? (6 mins later) (This tells me which girl she is)

Ya you intro’d me to a couple people (8 mins later)

that’s me lol guess that’s obvious (2 mins later) ( I send her a pic)

Were you white or mexican? Lol. (8 mins later)

Greek n french. we’re headed to tao beach what you doing (5 mins later)

Okay i think i know who you are now. Did we take alot of pics with you guys? You prob have some on your camera too lol. (8 mins later)

I think? I remember us sneaking kisses when your brother wasn’t looking hehe : b (4 mins later)

Lol i vaguely recall that. Haha. I cant believe i did that! We’re at new york new york. eating. Im gonna hit up the pool here. (4 mins later)

I can I’m a very good influence ; ) when are you gonna get ice cream with me! (2 mins later)

Come to the pool with me. Nobody else wants to go. I was just gonna ly there and read. You can keep me company. 🙂 (2 mins later)

Come here the pool at venetian is great. otherwise I can go there wheres it at (7 mins later)

I dont feel like coming all the way there lol. Im at new york new york. heading to the pool then prob gamble for a bit. (15 mins later)

Well if you come you’ll get more kisses (1 min later) (pimp)

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We got a big ass suite () (probably misinterpreted as me bragging but whatever. Anyways at this point I make the decision.. I’m going to go to this girl and at least put myself in a place to make it happen even though I’m hanging out with my buddies at Tao Beach and there’s naked girls running around.)

Ok you win do you want me to come there (14 mins later) (testing for investment and making sure she knows I’m not chasing her)

I think you should. 🙂 (4 mins later)

Think you’ll have to get me in as a guest pumpkin ()

Talked to front desk. Your good. Just text me when you get here. How long will you be? (5 mins later)

20 (3 mins later)

At the pool. You here yet? (33 mins later)

Just got here pumpkin. Getting ready to get lost in this casino (2 mins later)

Okay go to the century a elevators. there is a pool elevator on the third floor. If you need a key just text me and ill come get you. (2 mins later)

I’m here pumpkin where are you (1 min later)

White hat? Orange bikini. Turn around. (3 mins later)

So I walk up and this girl is FINE. Way finer than the night before. Her body is just smokin’, wide hips narrow waist- tan and luscious. Beautiful face (Indian girls are either really good, or really bad lol). I come over the top of her and immediately lean down to give her a kiss on her mouth. Regardless of if she’s ready for it or not, I’m setting the tone and the pace right off the bad. Its obvious she didn’t expect it but she likes my forwardness and smiles. We’ve now crossed that boundary together and can start where we left off. I sit down next to her and after a minute or two I make a very important realization. This girl is a tease. One of those girls that flirts with the idea of sex, but is too sheltered by her family to ever have had the opportunity to experience it. She’s super argumentative and feisty as well. I realize this is going to be a wild time and will possibly end badly. But I’m down.

And then I proceed to run the tightest sickest game of my life.

I would demoralize and kick her ass verbally (all the while still there to “catch” her) or I’d simply relax and chill out and let her talk, or I’d even just laugh when she gave me shit. I never tried too hard to “win” verbally, I simply bantered back and forth and had fun with her. Never let it get too competitive as this is the DEATH of seduction, and I never let her feel like she owned me either. It was a happy medium, with me having enough leverage and rhythm to keep leading her in the right direction.

So she’s freaking out being in her pool with me at new York new York because her parents can see the pool from their window and I’m not your “shy” type. I’m grabbing her, pulling her in, giving her kisses, feeling up her legs etc. I take her into the pool with me after her fighting it for ever and feel her up some more, pull her into me as she’s facing the other direction and nuzzle a tiny bit on her neck before pushing her away. The entire time I let her know this pool BLOWS compared to Tao Beach. I tell her there’s naked girls running around at Tao Beach but we’re stuck at a family pool with a bunch of kiddies peeing in the pool. She says good point and is interested in seeing the naked girls at Tao lol.

Anyways there’s an interesting dynamic I notice from time to time with her. She agrees to follow my lead on certain points, and then after gauging my reaction to it, she changes her mind. Very strange I’m not sure exactly what she was looking for but it was definitely something different.

Anyways I finally convince her to come back with me to my pool, grab a taxi after asking her if she’s got 10 bux to pay the driver.. and we head back. During the ride she gets super feisty- I kick her ass verbally a few times, laugh as I let her do the same. Bring her in closer to me during the ride and calm down the tension.  Setting a vibe that it’s her and I “together”.  We get to the hotel and get out, she complains that the taxi ride cost more than my ride to her hotel earlier.  Anyways I let her know again Tao Beach rocks..

But instead of heading over to Tao Beach.. I tell her we’re going up to my suite for drinks first wink

We head up there and she immediately heads to my window. “See..? The FIRST thing you do is check out the view out the window!

I did not at all plan the next part, was probably just acting on instinct, vaguely saw a window opening and simply put myself in a position to take it. Up to this point I’d simply planned on flirting with her more, having a drink then heading down to Tao Beach.

Instead I come up behind her at the window, softly push her up against it and tell her “Young lady.. keep your hands on the glass where I can see them.”

She gets real quiet and settles down. I softly kiss her neck then run my hands down her body- (this is the turning point. Or rather the “perceived” turning point. The way I saw it was, regardless of the fact I saw her as a tease, someone I was simply spending hot time with before she ran off full of validation I never meant to give her without fucking her lol, I was going to escalate because this was simply the definition of who I was.

So matter of factly I take my hands and stick them both down her panties, running them over her lil pussy. Then I grab her whole bathing suit bottom and drop it to the floor. She fidgets a bit but stays with it 😉 I smack her butt then drop down to the floor, bend her over slightly so I can see up between her legs easier ‘cuz I’m a perv hehe. I spy her little pussy nestled up there and just attack it with my face. She giggles and I can tell really likes it. I turn her around so her ass is to the window and chow down on her again, she rubs my bald head and looks down at me adoringly lol.

Anyways I stand up, take out my cock and she kneels down for some good times. I take a look out the view of our suite window as I have my cock serviced. The view is good.

I stand her up and try to shove my cock in her but she resists as I don’t have a condom on. I pick her up and carry her over to the bed, set her down on her back. She tells me my dick is too big she’s scared and doesn’t think we should have sex. She actually does have a smaller than usual vagina. Anyways I set her back down, put on a condom, and she resists, covering up her vagina with her hand. I tell her don’t worry it’ll fit I’ll make it fit. This builds more resistance as she perceives this as me trying too hard for it. I realize this but don’t react at all, move her hand away, reposition her body, and make myself remember she wants the dick and I’m only willing to give it to her if I want. This changes my headspace which influences my behavior. Even the way I look at her changes, definitely the minute way I react to her. She senses this and settles down. I tell her softly, “it is small, I’ll have to be gentle..” She says softly and almost imploringly “yes” and relaxes. I slowly stick in her and she grimaces slightly but likes it at the same time, and takes it like a good little girl.

Then the gentle times are over and I swear I’ve never turned a girl out as hard as this one. I start calling her a little slut, asking her if her friends back home know she’s acting like a little whore and sucking a strange guy’s cock while on vacation. I pick her up, carry her back over to the window, bend her over in front of it and fuck that hot ass and spank the hell out of her. She just starts having a kick ass time with me, pointing out different spots around the suite she wants to get railed on. She tells me to sit on the couch so she can ride me. Girl on top is not something I particularly enjoy, but the look on this girl’s face when she slides around with my dick inside her is a real turn on. That’s a lil face I’ll remember for awhile.

Point I want to make real quick is this girl was not your typical bar ho. Sheltered and hidden away from players by her family.. she was somewhat innocent. But with the right dude this behavior was just natural for her.. because its natural for any girl.

She tells me she likes how I throw her around and take advantage of her. I tell her I like how beautiful she is. She melts a little bit on my cock.

I start telling her she’s got such a pretty little face I want to cum on it. She shrieks immediately at the very mention of it lol. But I keep talking about it matter of factly.. how hot she’s going to look, how much I’m going to enjoy it.. how good it is for her skin lol. (This one she doesn’t buy haha). I can tell she’s kind of turned on by it, but definitely will not admit it.

Anyways I pull out of her, put her on her knees rip off the condom and stick it in her mouth. I don’t really announce this at all I just do it and she goes along. And I’ve learned that for whatever reason, girls are ok with the taste of condom on your dick. ?? Whatever. Anyways I lean her head back and thrust in and out, she remarks matter of factly, “Oooh. This is my first face fucking.” She lets it roll off her tongue, and I can tell she relishes how naughty it sounds to say it.

I tell her to lick my balls and she does, and then shouts up at me “You’re NOT coming on my face!” She jumps back up on the bed, I drag her back down to the floor, and settle her down before getting her back to work. She is just in this for the ride.

This cycle actually goes on for a good 10 minutes, her shouting wildly that I won’t be blasting her in the face (I can tell she wants it but she feels way too whorish about it), and me settling her down. Finally I manage to bust, I don’t give her any warning as I know she’d feel obligated to jump up and run. The first shot takes her right in the face and she SCREAMS.. jumps up and runs away haha. I’m literally caught stuck there with my dick in my hand still coming. I bust nuts on the carpet. Make the cleaning lady earn her paycheck. She screams that I got it in her eye, makes me call my buddies and ask if any of them contact cleaner solution.

We keep talking shit to each other as we walk around the suite doing different things. I take a shower while she runs around trying to look for contact lens solution and clean out her eye lol. We realize we kind of dig hanging out with each other smile

I grab her and start taking pictures of her. She calls me a pervert but I don’t care I want my pictures.

getting laid in Vegas

We both get dressed and boom my buddies walk in. She gets all shy but is still feeling naughty at the same time. Flouncing around because she’s stuck with them knowing she just got fucked by their buddy but kind of enjoying it at the same time. She’s talking to one of my buddies and my biz partner asks me on the side what parts of the suite he should stay away from. I tell him we pretty much covered the whole suite, he goes “aww fuck man c’mon!” Lol.. then I remember the spot on the floor between the two beds I busted domeshots. I tell him not to stand anywhere around there without shoes on lol. He says fuck you hehe.

I tell her I’ll be hanging out with a different girl that night- didn’t explain it as someone else I was banging, simply that I was obligated to hang with this chick and just to chill out when she saw (she was headed to the same club that night). Simply to let her know out of respect, and to clearly define boundaries.

Anyways I walk her down to the taxi line, she makes a little remark walking out the door “Please don’t show them the pics.” My other buddy hears the tone to her voice and tells me later as a way of explaining that I’d banged a girl “Oh I heard her, she’s just that type of girl.” Too bad for him he feels any girl that shows a naughty side is just “that kind of girl”. All girls are that kind of girl.. they just need to be with the right guy. Until he realizes this he won’t get the kind of action he’s capable of.

That night at LAX is the most epic partying I’ve done in my life. We bring over 20 girls back to our table, get lapdances and crazy make-outs with all these scandalous bitches. My biz partner hears that one of our buddies was molesting one of the girls we know in vegas, he walks over to her, “So he was molesting you huh..? You didn’t like it? Wait what was he doing..? Was he doing this..?” And he starts grabbing her and groping her playfully. It’s self-amusing and not giving a shit and she LOVES it. Melts all over the place and starts giggling. Later on he brings more girls back to the table.. starts making out with one and she starts giving him a lapdance on the couch. The first girl sees this and gets pretty resentful. So she comes over to the couch.. and sits on his hand and rubs her butt around on it. So homeboy’s chilling there getting a lapdance from one girl while feeling up another girl’s hot luscious bottom.

The party at the table next to us finally arrives. It’s Cris Angel. He has some dude going thru the club for him, pulling girls up to the table. Except they’re nowhere near as good at is as we are. We’ve got at least 7 or 8 girls at any given time swarming our table giving lapdances and feeling each other up. Cris Angel stares at our table…

Later on I get a text from her “I see you!” I look around for her on the dancefloor and spy her. She sends me a text to come meet up with her somewhere off the dancefloor. I meet up with her and she’s wearing this baby doll dress (really the only way I can describe it), and is with her brother and cousin again at the club. This little dress looks like it belongs on an 8 yr old at Sunday school, not on the hot scandalous piece of ass I railed all over my suite earlier. Anyway she talks shit on the new girl then tries to get me to parade her in front of the other one. I calmly tell her hell no. I would never disrespect her, so I’m not going to disrespect this girl either. I stay super calm, but she gets pissed and storms off, telling me to never text her again.

Then a couple hours later texted me to demand I come to her hotel room to bang her. Which I couldn’t.. because I am busy fucking the other girl.

I could tell how this went down as well but I won’t; because I think it would probably sound slightly over the top in text. But if you are making trips and not getting laid in Vegas, I hope this breakdown serves you well!

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