LR: Getting Laid in San Diego w/ French Canadian Tourist

By Manwhore
January 26, 2012

I’ve come to the conclusion girls wait for me outside my door.  Then later pretend we actually met out. A lot of people say getting laid in San Diego is difficult, I would have to say it’s part of the reason WHY my game is so good 😉

Anyways I’m hanging out with my buddies downtown. No chicks. All dudes. Gawd I love a club full of dudes.

So I’m with my buddy out on the patio lightin’ up cigarettes because we know it’s still cool, and he sees 3 girls walk up. My buddy tells the owner to let them in- teasing him why can’t he get girls in his club lol. Owner’s a good guy, lets them in the side gate so they’re ushered right into our little group heehee.

They’re french canadians. They have french accents, are hot, and.. shave. Hairless French girls. Like daywalkers.. all of their strengths, none of their weaknesses.

These bitches are sexy. And by bitches I mean hotties who know know how to handle themselves, and by all that I mean bitches. My buddy handles it phenomenal. He is game ON. Able to project at them all very hard, engage the whole group one at a time quickly in and out, communicating to the one he’s interested in that he likes her, making the ugly friend feel she’s getting attention, but being bad ass enough so she just naturally knows she doesn’t have a chance. Superb.

Most guys show everyone too much interest, ‘cuz they’re trying so hard to balance everybody; instead of just recognizing everyone’s cool vibe as they show it, and responding to it in turn.. or they’re trying to act “hard” and aloof, and never get anywhere with anyone at all. Basically what I’m saying is most people just suck.

Anyways my bud is handling it. I haven’t said a single word. I wait, let him do his business without trying to come in. I don’t have to “show” myself, or make some comment to get attention. I know it will happen naturally.

I notice another guy who wants in on the action. He’s anxious.. looking for his chance. Now I know where the term “homo” sapien comes from. He looks like a fag standing there waiting for his chance practically wagging his tail in anticipation. If you don’t know what you’re doing.. getting laid in San Diego can be quite difficult, lol.

He never gets a chance. My buddy turns to introduce me and I hit that set HARD, lol. I do what I do. Pull the other hottie of the set right into me. It’s mostly social vacuum from an asshole frame- basically I ask her questions then look at her like she’s stupid till she answers me lol. Then just vibing off what she says. The ugly friend is left. She’s not happy, but we do a good job of making her feel welcome. Giving her just the right kind of attention so she knows she’s included but not to push it.

We were so on everybody knew what was happening. We were like angels playing with baby unicorns. Everybody just knew we belonged together. And the whole time we’re trying to hook up the ugly friend with any dude in the club. These same guys would look at our chicks as we tried to hook up ugly with them. Hilarious.

Anyways a lot of different dynamics go down with the girls. They’re best friends traveling and they don’t necessarily like being split up.

I karate chop the fuck out of their kung-fu grip on each other. This shit’s mine I don’t care how close they are 8-). I actually do karate chop their grip on each other, but I do it in a way that let’s the friend know I’ll take it from here. I’m cool about it, but firm. This is important.

A few of the regular peeps we hang out with saw this all go down. Oops. I try to be more low-key when I’m bringing the holocaust on the chickies.

Anyways this definitely isn’t an “easy” lay. We “messed up” a lot. I lost ground a couple of times. As much as you’re into a girl, for both your sake you can’t show too much interest for too long. Pace. This is biology at work nothing else. We withdraw to give them space and maintain our “cool guy” virtue. At one point I gave her too nice of a compliment so she kind of got a little stuck up. I complimented her on just “being”. She was speaking in French to me after she learned I spoke Spanish. I told her I just liked listening to her talk. Wrong. You always have to make it seem a girl worked for your interest. They want to feel they earned a bad ass dude. A dude who’s just interested in her for breathing isn’t going to get very far with her.

So I have to run a “push-pull” kind of vibe with her. Slightly cold, not fully directing my attention at her. Then she starts looking at me quizzically, then even closer as she realizes she’s not getting a reaction. Then I look at her sideways, tease her, and she’s mine again.

My buddy starts making out with his girlie. I make out with mine.

The not so good looking friend gets drunk and gets kicked out. We leave with them, start walking to the hostel they’re staying at. I didn’t even know San Diego had hostels hehe.

Ugly flips out, starts crying? Lol. I dunno why they were screaming at each other in french.

And they SUCK at making her feel better. I realize if I don’t handle the situation everyone’s going to get rabid. I grab her, start walking with her. Everyone’s been trying to engage her logically. Like trying to get her to “understand”, or argue her into their side. REALLY stupid. You can’t argue logically with a pissed off girl.


So anyways I start talking random nonsense. Grab her pull her in. Look at the red light coming up. “Katie. Do you know why I LOVE RED LIGHTS! cuz you can RUN them! You can break the law.. ANY TIME YOU WANT. She looks at me funny. Whoa whoah whoah! See that red hand up there telling us not to walk? Dude we can tell that shit to fuck off.. RIGHT NOW. I’m happy just having fun. She starts calming down getting happy again. So what I did is, as they say, “changed her mood, not her mind”.

My buddy makes friends with a homeless guy. Like for real apparently the guy was 19 yrs old and was a cool dude. I’ve done it too, I saw a young ass kid on the street and bought him and I lunch and kicked it with him for a bit, seeing what kind of guy he was that could just live on the street like that.

Anyways I look back at our little group and realize it’s going sour again. My girl has started engaging the pissed off friend “logically” again. I make her shut up, then talk to the friend againKATIE!! You know why I like one-way streets? ‘CUZ YOU CAN GO THE WRONG WAY!!

Anyways my girl starts arguing with her again. Silly. They all go crazy but by this time the friend has talked so much about being pissed the girls are going to fuck us we’re just laughing now. We tell the girls they better not ignore us for too long or we’ll start making out. We “demonstrate” its hilarious. They don’t even give a shit. Fine whatever

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I start singing street signs and store signs.
One waAAAYY aay aaay STRE EE ET.  PAAAID.. PARKinnnggg

Get your prepaid calllling cards.. HEEERREE

My girl loves this.  Hilarious.  If I stop for too long she makes me start singing again lol.

Anyways we’re not allowed in the hostel, as much as the girl at the front desk totally wanted to have sex with me, she can’t let us in. Oh well.

I’m not worried, I don’t act worried. I tell them we’re gonna do something else. My buddy is outside with some tall French dude. He’s making remarks about how this dude could take our chicks. I have no idea why he’s doing this. Totally retarded. Our girls don’t even want him to say shit like this. I’m like.. what the fuck.. anyways I tool frenchie and we go about our way.

Interesting point I just thought of I’ll make a note on here. I have a way of not “ignoring” a girl, but a way of being completely neutral/casual with a girl.. and then I come in hard on her and take her. Very strong communication to her and everyone else.

Anyways my buddy’s kinda tripping that we can’t get into the hostel with the girls. We start calling our entire phone books to find a place to take the girls. Actually I could give a shit. I know if I need to I’ll just yank this girl into a parking lot somewhere and do the deed. She wants it, that’s all that matters. He thinks the girls have to have beds to have sex or they won’t do it. Ya right. I take my girl away, tell her friend I’ll get her back shortly. We start walking. My buddy asks me whats up and where am I going. He just didn’t understand she wants to be laid.

Just so you guys understand.. these were the hottest girls in the club besides the go-go dancers. Actually probably hotter than them too. They were definitely NOT skanks who most guys/chodes/beta males would think were capable of being fucked in a parking lot. It’s just that when girls meet a cool guy they like and they want it, nothing else really matters.

Anyways my buddy and his girl start following us lol. So we decide to go to the beach.

During this time I’m super relaxed just walking at my own pace. Staying mentally present I kind of take a look around and smell the roses.. realize I’m in a big beautiful beachside city. It is glorious. Still.. the beach is a bit farther away then we thought lol. By the end we’ve walked probably close to two miles.

I settle her down into the same mental place I’m at. Just chilling with her and staying relaxed, she gets in the same headspace.

We get near the end and I finally openly broach sex. Sometimes I know to hold back. If I’ve just knocked a girl off her feet by being a cool ass dude, and I know she’s comfortable being with me.. I don’t show sexual intent too obviously. There’s just too many other ways to do it, sex is natural. I got 93% of the rest of communication to demonstrate to her what I’m going to do to her. Cool guys fuck everybody, they don’t need to talk about it.

But then again there are times I need to.. if there’s not enough of a sexual vibe naturally in the interaction. Some nights it’s just not coming out. For whatever reason. So I realize this and openly talk about sex in some way. Sometimes it’s a good idea.. you don’t want to have situations where all of a sudden you bust out with some sexual and she looks at you in shock like “You have a DICK?” Lol

Anyways we get nearer the beach and come to find out my buddy doesn’t have a condom. What a fucking idiot. His girl tells him she’ll fuck me with her friend, lol. She is pissed. Glad it didn’t come out till we were already at the beach.. 😎 I start to think I’m going to rail both of them, my buddy is too all over her lol.

We make it to the harbor and I lead my girl away to find a nice quiet dry place. I find a little alcove pushed in from the boardwalk. I take her in there, start kissing her, fold her down onto the ground. I uncurl her long ass body. Take my time examining her sexiness as I take her. I like looking into a girl’s eyes as I uncover more of her. Mmm. She is trying to force me, she wants it bad. I make her wait. She gets on top of me and sucks my cock for a bit. Then stops! I’m like, wtf.. but then I realize it’s ‘cuz she wants to make sure she gets hers ; b

I take her jeans off her. She’s wearing teddy bear panties. I say again.. teddy bear panties.

I rail her for such a long time.

I should have bent her over so we could watch the moon reflecting off the water. Alas, that was not on my mind. “Shove it in and out of her” was pretty much the extent of my mental capabilities at that point.


About halfway thru banging her I look up. 5 feet away her friend is walking past looking at me, my buddy next to her. I casually wave hello as I continue to rail her friend. I tell them they should try it, its really good I highly recommend it. Everybody laughs. I shove it in even deeper and my girl stops laughing ; b

I finish up and examine my work. Fucked up knees, a girl looking freshly tossed but satisfied, sand all up in my clothes, a condom that goes into the ocean, never to be seen again. Life’s a beach

I start talking with my buddy and her friend. She doesn’t like me talking to them. She wants to stay in a bubble with me, and she doesn’t like it when I start saying too much about her and I. She doesn’t want me acting incongruent with the image I am in her mind.

Most girls suck at communicating what they want to a guy, they’ll either shit test him, blow him out, or start screaming at him. I liked her cute way of shooing me into the image she wanted me to fit.

Anyways I stand up naked walking around. As you guys know, I really don’t give a shit.

Her friend sees.. Ahh. That’s small.

Fuck you pause I just had sex.. with your friend.

She was so upset. Happy for her friend who’d gotten laid, but quietly resentful she hadn’t gotten some dick too.

Me and my buddy laugh at her. It’s hilarious. She hides it well but we can tell she’s disappointed.

I look at him, gawd you’re retarded. I’m going to laugh at you later . I point to her. Gesture at her up and down, and look at her. Her eyes soften with the compliment. I make sure to grab my girl and pull her in, make sure she knows I chose the one I wanted to be with.

My buddy’s not willing to walk to a 7-11 to buy condoms. Geezez. We turn around and walk away, never to see them again. We don’t even wave goodbye.

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