Military Hottie Laid off POF

By Manwhore
January 16, 2012

If you want to get laid on pof there are lots of “how to” specifics on how to do it in this article, including messaging, handling text game, and of course sexual escalation

I moved to a new city temporarily and got about 8 or 9 phone numbers from pof from girls in the area very quickly.  A few I could tell got super hooked into me- pushing those buttons where I realized these girls wanted me to boyfriend up just off the internet.  A few were super fun and straight to the point and I got some naked pics and some hook ups.

My online game is minimal now.. but biting.  Stripped of all fluff and bullshit.. cutting to intimacy with a girl fast and fun.  I’ll get a number after 2-4 messages.  If a girl doesn’t give it with some weird excuse I simply am not there for her anymore, and she knows I’ve moved on.  I think this is a mixture of how abrupt I am in my communication (one second I’m there and the next I’m not), and the fact my profile seems so “cool”, the girls just know I’ve got others coming in all the time.

My messages to girls are 1 or 2 lines.  I might sit there and quickly send out 5-10 messages to different girls.  Most of those will respond with something cute and funny.  Girls are definitely quicker to be fun and playful in messaging me especially when they see my wacky ass profile.  I move quickly to a phone number and hint at some kind of a meet up very soon, and by then that’s enough for most girls.  A standard one for me is “Aight well pof is too nerdy for me shoot me your num or text me (###) #$% #$#@”.  Then I go from there.

With this particular girl I’d humhawed around and she finally asked ME when I was taking her out lol.  So I tell her “Tonight sergeant. Unless you’re busy. But tonight would be fun”  After a bit of hesitation (I convince her to flake on her friend she already had plans with), she agrees and I tell her to head over to my place after I go on a run.  She drives 25 minutes to get to my place.

A couple things about the lead up.. I knew she was an attractive girl, I knew she was independent, I figured she’d been hit up by the best- and continuously had awesome game spit at her by dominant attractive dudes.  I realized there might be a chance I wouldn’t match her expectations.  However, NONE of this played a role in my mental headspace- how I felt about myself, and her hanging out.  NONE.  I would be me and that would be it.  I wanted to have fun, and I wanted to flirt with a hottie and that was it.  This was my night, and my ROLE was to create a vibe where we could both have fun.

Anyways I get the text from her saying she’s outside and I head down to get her.  I open the door and this girl is gorgeous.  A tall latina with a slender body, plump bottom and nice chest.  And that full mature look of a woman.  Later on I would compare her to a panther in a woman’s body, that was how strong she came across.

A couple things go down in the beginning that I know would definitely deter a lot of other guys from having a good night with her.  From the start I could tell from the way she was acting that I didn’t meet her physical expectations, lol.  She starts out not making any eye contact with me- always looking away or to the side.  Which considering this girl is a two-time combat vet, its not because she’s shy, its because I’m not her type.  Haha.  I fully realize this but completely don’t give a shit.  I pull her in give her a kiss then stay outside with her a bit before she asks to come in because its too cold outside ; b

We come inside and the awkwardness on her part is still pretty evident.  She stands several feet away from me, won’t make eye contact, makes small talk about the condo- not about anything personal, etc.  I get us both a beer and we down them semi quick before heading out.  I decide to take us to Dave n Busters.  I consider Dave n Busters a kick ass place to take a girl.  It’s fun and energetic, and hopefully you can whup her ass at at least something lol.

I want to put a STRONG focus on the conversation we have during the car ride.  Because the end result that happened between us is definitely based on the conversation we had.  First off, I don’t “try” at all.  I’m simply hanging out and doing what’s fun, and talking about random ass topics.  I’m not trying to “seduce” her, or create “rapport” or “comfort” with her.  I’m simply speaking my mind about whatever.  This causes conversation to really flow.  There are no expectations… just two people talking.  This gets her loosened up and after I start teasing her about random stuff she just knows convo is a free-for-all. But I still stick to the fundamentals of strong communication, that I clearly define here at how to talk to girls.

I give her shit about everything.  She tells me she was in a car accident involving three cars but that she was the only one that got any kind of injury at all.  She tells me she started bleeding after she got hit.  I tell her “What.. did you start your period?”  She laughs and slaps me across the chest.

She talks about her ex-boyfriend.  It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t ask myself “ok she’s talking about her boyfriend how should I play it!  Should I pretend I don’t care or use boyfriend destroyer tactics!”  No.. instead, as would be more natural, I lose interest in the conversation and simply start looking out the window.  She realizes this and we talk about something else.  She mentions him again about 10 minutes later and I tell her “You know it really turns me on when you talk about your ex.” (quiet sarcasm)  This stops any future boyfriend talk.

I tell her a few stories about random stuff.  They’re good stories but my relaxed unapologetic way of telling them makes her get involved with them.  This, to be honest, is just how normal humans are supposed to be having an interaction.  But as most people care too much how others think, this ends up sounding like a bigger deal than it really is.  Anyways I tell her to stop off at the am pm close by so we can get a couple of beers n drink them in the parking lot like high schoolers.   We continue talking for quite a while in the car.  I can tell she’s getting a feel for me and likes it.

She mentions once that drinking wine gets her frisky.  I knew THAT was something to make a big deal of.. “Woohoo!  Let’s get some WINE in you girl!”  She laughs and swats at me again.

We head into d&bs and decide to order some food while playing pool.  I tell her I’m going to pay for the plate of food and game card and she”s going to pay for the pool.  I think this is a point worth emphasizing.  It’s ok to pay for a girl, as long as there’s something reciprocal.  I was having a conversation with a buddy tonight about this same topic.  He said something along the lines of “I tell her- ‘let’s go dutch'”.  I tell him this is a terrible idea as it’s got subtle connotations of him being cheap, and also the fact that it implies he’s appealing to some social “norm” to get her to pay for something instead of telling her forthright, because he doesn’t have the balls to.

Anyways we start playing and I take a couple of bad shots in a row.  She’s still quite standoffish from me during this time, and even remarks that she thought I’d be really good- and that she’s disappointed.  Of course she’s implying that she’s feeling a lessening of attraction for me, but I could care less, in fact this doesn’t effect me at all.  I continue to grab her, push her around, tease her.. then give her space.  Then I get my game back and whup her both games.

I destroy her at air hockey.  I destroy her at basketball.  Both of us being Soldiers we of course play some “shoot’em up” games.  I rape her hotness at these as well.  But these aren’t things I try to do or make a big deal out of at ALL.  In fact they aren’t even important to me, but I do think she liked it, and liked the fact they meant NOTHING to me (no change of expression or energy- like raping and pillaging were common everyday things for me) that I destroyed her so thoroughly at every thing we played.  Most girls really dig this kind of nonchalant level of excellence in guys- though some more than others for sure.  I want to make the point real quick, that if I’d been sucking, I’d have had the exact same attitude and it would have had an extremely similar effect.

Physicalness: A couple of times as I walked up behind her I would randomly wrap my hand around her throat and lightly hold her there as we walked.  She would tilt her head slightly back so she could feel the full weight of my hand covering her throat.  I could tell it was a turn on for her.  But I didn’t do this because I thought it would turn her on; I was simply “hanging out” with a luscious girl and putting my hands all over her.

We decide to go look at the monkeys in the store/awards area of dave n busters.  I throw her on the floor hardcore, pick her up, sweep her legs and semi ungently plant her on the ground again.  Security comes to check it out ‘cuz I’m not exactly being nice but I can tell she is loving it.  Somewhere in there I attempt to kiss her but she turns her head away.  No big deal.

As we walk out the door I come up behind her and pull her in.  We walk in perfect rhythm, her body tucked into mine, our legs in synced stride.  I move her to the side a bit, grab her hand and put it on my cock.  I tell her “Look what you did.”  I take her hand away but she grabs it again for a bit.

Closing Game: Here’s another HUGE part of the interaction:  I knew she responded real well to super hard escalation.  But I also could plainly see she put up walls to it.  As in, “I’m enjoying this but won’t let you take it any FARTHER mr.!” Just subtle.. only my experience gave me the eyes to see this.  So I settled back into my consciousness and began imagining myself fucking this girl.  I began to visualize the energy and the vibe we would have together if it would ever go down between us.  And I realized I wasn’t operating on the right frequency with her.  I’d have to dial it back..

I visualized almost immediately that sex with this girl was going to go down through a vibe that was super relaxed and intimate.  Not me chasing her, teasing her, or making her laugh or squeal.  Simply pure relaxed seductive times.  And on top of that she needed to feel a slight helping hand in the matter, like I wasn’t the one trying to convince her of anything or chasing her.  This is so unattractive to a girl- makes her doubt his value on a biological level.  There’s a difference between manhandling a girl off and on for fun- grabbing her ass or putting her hand on your dick- vs simply escalating on her hardcore trying to get her to fuck you.

This girl didn’t need plausible deniability.. she needed to feel she was fucking a guy actually worth being with.  And that’s what I showed her.

We walk back inside my place and I sit back a bit and talk some more.  The mood isn’t sufficiently calmed down enough from the physical escalation roller coaster I put her on earlier.  Jumping on her too soon inside my place would demonstrate I’d assumed way too much about her coming inside with me.  Besides, it just wasn’t time yet.

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I put on a movie and we kick it some more.

=======) — –

After about 20 minutes of watching a boring ass movie (I was way more interesting than the movie) I can tell she’s calmed down a bit and is looking for some play action).

She’d felt my cock thru my pants a couple of times as I’d put her hand directly on it.  This time I take it out for her to look at- almost absent-mindedly.. then act shocked like I didn’t mean to, and put him back in.  She likes it so I let her look at it some more.  She’s sitting in my lap at this point ‘cuz I’ve kinda dragged her over, at which point I push her off and she falls gently to the floor in front of me on her knees (BJ Lesson #2).  She looks up slightly shocked and says “So its like that huh?”  Her eyes get sultry and she leans in, grabs him and starts licking on him.

I always let a girl take her time down there ‘cuz its a favorite of mine, but pretty soon I put her back up on the sofa, rip her pants off her, and fondle her titties for a bit.. before sticking it in her and railing her on the floor.  She plays with herself while I fuck her and makes herself come, and then matter-of-factly I stand up and pull her up to her knees and put my cock in her mouth.  She says it tastes like plastic (I’d pulled off the condom) but I don’t care I tell her to suck it.  Then I cum all over her hot little face and body. She enjoys it but calls me a jerk lol.

We have a little debrief afterwards that I recorded.  I might throw up the audio.  At this point I pick her up off the couch, carry her up the stairs and put her to sleep in  my bed.  I wake her up about an hour later to rail her.  I toss her on the floor of  my room and give her booty some rugburns before lifting her up and carrying her into my bathroom and setting her on my counter to rail her some more.  I bust out my camera phone and start taping it.  She hides her face but I get some penetration video hotness.

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