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Pickup Coaching
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Girl: hey this is guerita tan bonita from POF....whats up?
Me - 42 mins later: Hello Michelle, did you spell your name wrong?
Girl: no, its mishele lol
Me: Oops my bad
Girl: lol its cool
Me - 3 mins later: Just got out the gym... My awesomeness has improved 10 times
Girl: lol oh really
Me - 2 mins later: I could give give you some, but you are too far away
Girl: lol wow yeah thats true lol
Me - 2 mins later: You better be ready to receive it when I see u
Girl: ooh lol and when will that be?
Me: Idk do you promise bring bad to me?
Me: I meant nice loll
Girl: lol lmfao yes
Me - 1 min later: K I'll get off around 6 this Sunday, you free after that?
Girl: yeah
Me - 2 mins later: Send me your address, I'll pick you up for a coffee... But you gotta take it slow tho, i'm not that easy
Girl - 1 min later: lol dont gotta work to get me too lol.....and i'll have to meet you somewhere close because my roomate natalie doesnt like alot of people knowing where she lives...she wont even let my mom know where she lives lol
Me: Hmmm, secret agent??
Girl: lol....pretty much lol but hey you got a facebook?
Me - 3 mins later: Nope haven't used it since Dec 10
Girl: hmmm cause i'm running low on texts unless you just wanna call lol
Me - 1 min later: Oh I'll call you later. Taking shower and going over my friend for lil while
Girl: ok ttyl
Me - 1 min later: The right reply that is ” send me your pix”
Girl: ok...send me your pix lol....
Me: If you promise send me yours
Me - 3 mins later: I'm about sending my half naked pix lady... So not fair loll
Girl: lol lol
Girl - 5 mins later: damn look at the abs lol
Me: I know I know too hot lol
Girl: lol
Me - 1 min later: Your turn my lady... It took me lots of courage to send such pix
Girl: i already sent you one lol...i never said i'd send you a half naked one lol...that was on you lol
Me: I see how it is
Girl: lol shut up lol
Me - 4 mins later: You took advantage of my innocent... Not cool
Girl: whatever...i didnt take advantage of nothing lol
Me - 11 mins later: If you say so

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Your method of scheduling
Your method of scheduling dates is gay and outdated. So at first she seems down with meeting up then when you plan this while "date" on sunday after work, she's like.. wtf is this guy I better screen him first and ask for his facebook. Then she says her roommate doesn't allow the address given out? Ya right bud

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Joined: 02/16/2012
How should I do?
How should I do?
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More casual
Something I learned from manwhore a while ago (I forget where) was just to keep the "dates" playful. Like the whole "picking the girl up and bringing her to coffee and paying for it blah blah blah" is kinda weird, yeah?

Like it's super arbitrary and not fun and not dynamic. It's just like in person, if you don't make a big deal outta it, she won't make a big deal outta it. Just go for the meetup and then once she agrees, you can give her some options... Manwhore has a text convo where he does that and I thought it was interesting.... He basically is just being chill and a "nice" guy and is like, "okay, so I can either pick you up or you can drive yourself over" but that's different than what you've done here.

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