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Girl: Yes turtles can book it. Tortoises, on the other hand, not so much. They can go at a medium clip but that is about it.
Girl - 58 mins later: How are you doing?
Me - 56 mins later: Just got out the gym... My awesomeness has improved 10 times lol
Me: How r you?
Girl - 1 min later: Always does, doesn't it?
Girl: Good, how are you?
Me: Great, haven't heard from you since last time, how much have you got better?
Girl - 2 mins later: Yes
Girl: I am doing almost 100 percent better
Me: That's awesome
Me: Think i'm becoming Barney
Girl: ? Purple?
Me - 1 min later: Loll no the guy from ” how I met your mother”
Me: I've been abusing the word awesome too much
Girl - 1 min later: The only thing I can ever think of is a singing purple dinosaur. I'm sorry ;)
Me - 8 mins later: Lol the cartoon for lil kid?
Girl: Yes
Me: Oh
Me: I'm going to mochi, you wanna come?
Girl: I would love to but I have no babysitter right now.
Me: Hmmm
Me - 21 mins later: What ru doing?
Girl: Texting with my boss and putting kids to bed. You?
Me - 1 min later: That's early... About taking shower
Me - 26 mins later: Last time that I texted my boss when I needed a sudden vacation
Girl - 2 mins later: She was texting me about payroll and hours.
Me: That's no fun. What do you do?
Girl: Head tech at a vet clinic.
Girl: You?
Me - 1 min later: In charge of spreading awesomeness
Girl: Are you in charge of audits at the IRS?
Me - 2 mins later: IRS is evil not awesome
Girl: Lol. But they think that they spread awesomeness too!
Me - 1 min later: They do??
Girl - 2 mins later: Sure. They believe they are doing their job. It is all relative.
Me: They could hate it, but they don't know how to get out... Be sensible

Joined: 02/16/2012

Me: What's up?
Girl - 2 mins later: Not much, just walked in the door from work.
Me - 36 mins later: How was work? Seems to be quite a long day for you
Girl - 20 mins later: It was long. Work was busy
Me - 8 mins later: Seems like you need good laughs n massage
Girl - 1 min later: That would certainly be nice.
Me - 3 mins later: Come hang out with me and watch some standup comedy
Girl - 2 mins later: I am already in bed. I have to get up @ 5:55 am.
Me - 1 min later: That's quite early for a young lady like you lol
Girl: I am old. Lol.
Me - 1 min later: Loll you are only old as you feel..
Me: Want me come over to hang out for a lil?
Girl - 2 mins later: I am in bed as I said and I would prefer to meet you out. Maybe fri?
Me - 1 min later: I'm not gonna get off till 9pm on Fri unless you prefer going to a movie

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Guess what.. there's nothing
Guess what.. there's nothing wrong with your text game here. DUN DUN DUN

Sorry bud.. you're going to have to escalate on the date!! :o


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