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Girl: Tacoeateron...what's ur name??
Me: Erik
Me: Whats urs?
Girl - 1 min later: Amanda! :) nice to meet u erik
Me: You aren't going out tonite?
Girl - 1 min later: Mag I'm tired just got off work got lots for tomorrow
Me - 1 min later: Lol me too. Lets hang out tonite
Girl - 1 min later: Tonight?? And do Wut??
Me - 1 min later: Watch movie at my place
Girl - 1 min later: U know how cold it is outside
Me - 2 mins later: I forgot I don't have roof or window in my apt
Girl: Lol ur funny
Me - 1 min later: I've been told. Let come here.
Girl - 5 mins later: Idk maybe another night when its not so cold and I'm more awake
Me - 3 mins later: I'll be your body pillow
Girl - 2 mins later: time
Me - 6 mins later: K goodnite
Me - 16 mins later: Come to sheesha, my friend is djing
Girl - 13 hrs 4 mins later: What is sheesha
Me - 6 hrs 25 mins later: The hookah place on university
Me - 13 mins later: What are you doing tonite?
Girl - 4 mins later: Work hopefully I get off early
Me - 2 mins later: I'll be off at 9. Let me know when you do, we might be able doing sth tonite
Girl - 16 mins later: Alright....
Me - 18 hrs 8 mins later: Do you wanna go to mochi?
Girl - 3 weeks later: Who is this?
Me - 43 mins later: Lost my number?? I'm gonna start crying...
Girl - 31 mins later: Sorry
Girl - 23 mins later: So who is this...?
Me - 55 mins later: I talked to u on pof
Girl - 1 min later: Ooo...I'm sorry what's ur name??
Me - 50 mins later: Erik
Girl - 30 mins later: Hmm ok
Girl - 8 mins later: Do u have a picture ??
Me - 4 mins later: Do u have any? I forgot your profile on pof username
Me - 2 days 19 hrs later: Nice boobs!!
Girl - 7 mins later: Thank u
Me - 13 mins later: Lets hang out tonite
Girl - 7 mins later: I'm going out to :08 tonight
Me - 1 hr 56 mins later: Been there once, don't think I liked much
Girl: Aww Ys that
Me: Mostly the music
Girl: Lol Ooo that makes sense
Me - 1 min later: What did u do with the swimming short in the pix
Girl - 4 mins later: Ooo those r softball shorts lol
Me - 2 mins later: Oh lol send me another one, that short kinda kill your sexiness in the pix
Girl - 23 mins later: Wut I love those pants
Me - 1 hr 38 mins later: Seems like it
Girl - 5 mins later: It's tru
Me - 46 mins later: Do u wanna go to mochi after 730
Girl - 1 hr 3 mins later: I don't like mochi but thanx

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Ok I can see pretty easily
Ok I can see pretty easily with this one you're not screening for the meetup before inviting her out. E.g. you need to subtly find out her plans, see she's free, and THEN invite her out. Otherwise she's got legit plans she can't get out of and she's forced to say no. A bad precedent on that initial texting. Make sense?

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