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Girl: Erik its Jacquie. All my gelish is off becuz they turned blue. Will you please do them. Today. I just want color this time
Me - 37 mins later: My bed is currently vacant. Will you please do me. I just want you this time.
Girl - 1 min later: Omg. No way lol your crazy
Me - 2 mins later: I thought we are asking each other about things the other person doesn't wanna do
Me: Look art her texts lol
Girl: If you don't wanna do my nails tell me. You can't talk to girls like that lol
Me: Yea I can. I asked you nicely lol
Girl - 1 min later: Okay well im seeing someone so that's not gunna happen
Me - 11 mins later: Why why :-(
I'd promise I'll be rough... Oh, my bad, be nice... Lol

Girl - 2 mins later: Becuz im never going to hook up with you lol and girls don't like to be talked to like that
Me - 2 mins later: fine! Go ahead n throw my love away as a used condom :-(
Girl - 7 mins later: Lol your crazy
Me - 5 mins later: Spank me n i won't be anymore
Me - 3 months 2 weeks later: In order to love up Michael Jackson's image, I have decided to bleach my skin, so I could do more write girls
Girl - 3 mins later: Who is this?? Lol I got a new phone
Me - 5 mins later: I'll be you're god.... Now say my name say it say it...
Girl - 2 mins later: Who is this? Lol
Me - 5 mins later: Kneel down and say my name... Do it do it....

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Ok this is hilarious and good
Ok this is hilarious and good shit.. however need to tweak a couple things.

Your second text is HORRIBLE. If you say something like "I thought we were texting each other about things we didn't want to do.." she's going to MEET THAT EXPECTATION. You were telling her she didn't want to do you. Bad bad bad

Always maintain the frame that she wants you. Be subtle about it, and playful. But never let that go

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