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Joined: 05/17/2012
Wow, this forum really is amazing. I'm wondering if you guys can help me resurrect this old number.

Quick story: I met this girl on Match about a month after ending a three year relationship (~January). It was really my first date after the relationship. We hit it off great on Match, had great texts, then had a great time meeting up (we went to a Hipster coffee shop). The problem was that at the end of the date I did not kiss her. Afterwards I did not do very well with the texting-- she did text me, but my responses were pretty lame. After not getting a response from a "hows it going" text, I wrote her off a week after the date and moved on to another girl (Who I was very aggressive with, haha)

I have had no communication with her since. But hey, it's May now and I still have her number. She is really, really hot, and I want to fuck her. At the very least, I would like to make an honest attempt at resurrecting an old number. Here is what I was planning on sending her tomorrow afternoon (remember, no contact since January):

"hey goofball. this is totally random, but i saw a horse downtown and totally thought of you. im bummed we only saw each other once- how the hell are you?"

She is an avid horserider, which is where that reference comes from. What are your thoughts on a better opening message in this situation?
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I think that's a pretty solid
I think that's a pretty solid text mang. I think it leaves it open to interpretation whether you're referring to the fact she looks like a horse or you thought of her riding horses. Which is a good thing

Don't use the same adjective twice in a text = gay. Your use of "totally" twice spells a little bit of microneediness

Do you have an Android phone? You can post up the convo that way. Let's read it and find out how gay you were ;)

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Manwhore can we use your text
Manwhore can we use your text in similar situations? The one which is like;

Hey I found this number written on a toilet paper. Is it still valid to call for fun?