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Got this # daygaming on the way home from work, covered in dirt and wearing my landscaping clothes with a goofy looking schoolboard hat. She's hot, I'd give her an 8. We set up the date but she flaked. She gave me a very legitimate excuse and wanted to reschedule, dunno whether to believe her, but lmk if there's anything in this texting I could improve esepcially with regards to preventing flakes, which Ive been getting a ton of these past couple weeks.

Her: Chanelle

Me: Whatsup chanelle, the weekend go alright? [she mentioned her uncle was having some operation]

Her: Ya it was wonderful! [ was it wonderful then? I feel like she was lying to avoid meeting up]

Me: Thats awesome, whats your schedule like tomorrow? Free at night? [Again, I would have loved to do the rapport hting but I have no time, I gotta find out whether shes down or not before my d2 slot goes unfulfilled]

Her: Off at 815

Me: Can you make it to bloor and bathurst for 845?

Her: Probably

Me: Cool lets say 9 to be safe, you tried sake before?

Her: Once why? where we heading to?

Me: Lol this kickass sake bar, its fun

Her: Coool! Whats the name of the place?

Her? [a little over an hour later, patience difficulties?]

Me: Its called guu sakabar

Her: Cool! i suppose ill met you there fore 845-9?

Me: Yup, ill see you tomorrow

Her: K see u then

Her: Hey buddy! count me out for tonight, my mom fell at work so im going to the hospital after my shift :( are you free sometimes next week? [buddy?]

Me: Damn all the best...ya no plans nextw eek, wanna just do a week today?

Her: That works! sorry bro! [bro?!?]

Me: Lol dont apologize i hope ur moms alright

Her: Thanks!
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She's calling you buddy and
She's calling you buddy and bro. You need to handle that shit she's putting you in the goober box and you're just wolfing it all down. Also, yes your date setup needs work.

When a girl calls me buddy I'm like.. "Buddy?? Seriously.. you call me buddy one more time I'm going to take a shit in your mailbox."

I've seriously sent that.

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Haha MW. I called a girl sis
Haha MW. I called a girl sis once for lulz (eventhough I wanted to fuck her) and after that she brought it up once and told me bro. I told her "I will let u suck my dick". She didnt get mad, she thougt it was funny and never said it again

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