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Met a girl at Whole Foods. Talked about health and how I'm going back to school. She's a bar tender at a small bar. She's in school to be an estatition. Interaction was cool. I think it's on, although I could be deluding myself. Established in earlier texts she has 2 jobs and goes to school so she only has a few saturdays a month free.

Here's our texts:

Whole Foods chic - 480&&*()()

Me: Happy cinco De mayo
Girl - 1 day later: Hey Desh, hope you had a great weekend
Me - 3 days 20 hrs later: 2nd highest grade on my chm final
Girl - 1 hr 3 mins later: Congrats!
Me - 1 hr 6 mins later: Ty! lovin the new job?
Girl - 42 mins later: Yeah :) I'm happy. when r u done with school?
Me - 58 mins later: Done with school now
Girl - 14 hrs 37 mins later: Graduated from school? Or just done with the semester?
Me - 35 mins later: Done with the semester. have 3 more semeaters of chem and biology to finisg pre reqs.
Me - 7 mins later: Be fun to see you. Me and some friends are grabbing a drink tonight. You uo for it
Girl - 1 min later: Possibly. When and where?
Me - 12 mins later: Cool cool spot. The Vig 40th and Indian School 9:30
Girl - 7 mins later: Let me see how I'm feeling. Gotta be up at 5:30 tomorrow to work a 12 hour shift
Me - 52 mins later: Be cool to see you. I understand about sleep. Your free Saturday is next week right?
Girl - 12 mins later: Yeah, I'd like to hang out with you, too. Unfortunately, I don't have a day off til sonetime in July
Me - 5 hrs 54 mins later: Let's create some time together within the next week
Girl - 19 mins later: For sure. I'll keep you posted
Girl: What's your last name, Deshl?
Me - 1 min later: S&*((
Me - 1 min later: Your's?
Girl: M&*(
Me - 17 mins later: Is your first name Molly
Girl: Haha, yes it is
Me: ;-)
Girl - 1 min later: Enjoy The Vig. I'll check it out sometime
Me - 1 min later: What time do you go to sleep tonight
Girl - 1 min later: Already in bed reading a book. I worked three 18 hour days in a row. I'm beat
Me - 2 mins later: Wow, let's talk tomorrow. we will schedule something fun. Sleep well
Girl: Thanks. Have a good night, Deshl.

as I read this, pretty lame. Not much to interest her or spike emotions. all learning, I'm excited I had the guts to approach and fun to touch her and get her number on the initial interaction
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It's actually not bad per se,
It's actually not bad per se, just lacks any real fire to it. You did nothing wrong is what I'm saying.

Take your 2nd highest grade on my chm final. That sets you up for a nice "Must've been all those explosives I made in jr high ;)" or "All that hash I cooked back in the day is finally starting to pay off ;b"

Your Let's create some time together within the next week is ok for "genuine" text game, but you could add a "I've been eyeing this new bank in town I want to rob and I need a driver"

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There was nothing wrong with
There was nothing wrong with it but it was just a bit boring. It was more of a friend to friend convo in my opinion. It was nice though, better than suddenly having the girl stop responding like others get.

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