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Lay Report - 5 minute street pull. Sexy older hottie in a purple dress...experience trumps all?

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Hey guys, Haven't posted the full FR yet but I thought you guys would enjoy reading the lay report from last night. Manwhore forums get it first. :D This was my first 5 minute pull...shits getting insane. First bathroom pull last night and now this. Action boys. Do you take it? To set up the night. I got kicked out of my favorite bar for hitting on a bouncers sister. It put me in a butt hurt state but I recovered and went to a different bar. Got absolutely slaughtered and blown out by nearly every girl in the venue. I make my standard commitment to approach bomb the street until there is no one left. I wasn't in the greatest state but still made it happen. This girl was awesome. Loved it. Great adventure. Enjoy.

"I see a total hottie. She looks classy with her long purple dress showing off her curves just right. I pull her in and yell "Who are you." We talk about yoga and some other random shit. I have my hands down by her ass and continue to reposition her arms to be around my neck. I see out of the corner of my eye her friend with a shaved head and some tattoos. Now before I pulled her in I had some worries that she was his boyfriend but I did it anyway. The dude comes up to her and says "Are you fine? Were going back inside. You have to make a decision are you coming or are you staying here?" She handles this guy for me by telling him "I'll get a cab home." Funny as he turns to me a few times and says "I'm not trying to cockblock bro." When he asks her again in a serious tone if she's coming in I look her in the eyes and say "She's staying outside" She repeats what I said to him and then he shifts his eyes at me. I shake his hand and he says "You take care of her." Now in bro code this obviously means go fuck her immediately. We chat for another minute or two before she says "It's my fucking stalker, he can't see me!" I see who her eyes drift to as she says it and position her on the other side so he can only see her back. Now this guy is a BIG DUDE. Tats everywhere with a shaved head. Could probably fuck me up and looks crazy. I tell her "Don't fucking worry, I'll handle this shit" I shift her back slowly as he walks by banking on the fact that he won't recognize her from behind. As he walks by I hear him say to his equally large buddy "I don't know where the fuck she is, I'm trying to find her." I yank her by the wrist and say "Were getting out of here, now." We walk the other way. I ask her where she lives and she tells me she has a place in downtown Hamilton. We were going to cab but I have my car and don't want to get a ticket so I say "Let's walk to my car." We take the long way around and see this CHODE stalker again. Luckily to get to my car, it's a perfect right turn before we run into this huge brute. I get into the car and I forget how it comes up but she mentions she had a foursome with him 6 years ago when they dated. Cool shit. Said it was awkward and I told her "Things are only awkward when you make it that way"

We get into the car. She starts giving me directions to get to her place. In the car she keeps saying "I never do this. Just so you know, were not sleeping together tonight, I'm not that type of girl." Stoic face as I say "Cool" She says this a bunch of times but I show no reaction to it. We get to her place and I drive into a dark creepy alley wall. I slowly drive through bumpy alleyway until we get to the back of her house. She pulls out her car and makes room so I can park beside her. We walk in. Wow! This girl has a really nice place. Figures though, as she's an older girlie. She asks me if I want a drink. I agree and she gets out the last little bit of a vodca bottle. She dumps a ton of Vodca into mine and I say "Are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me? You're just like all the rest." She has a wicked smile that comes over her face as I come up behind her on the kitchen counter and our bodies press together. She finishes making the drinks and gives me a tour of the house. It's a fairly classy place with a lot of cool art and three bedrooms.

She takes the drinks and moves to a grey couch. I feel that her place has a cool chill to it as I grab her and pull her in on the couch. Her head moves toward mine...Damn does this girl know how to kiss. Her tongue slides into my mouth almost rhythmically as I grasp her breasts. She backs off and says "I know what you bar guys are just want to sleep with me." She says multiple lines like this so I back off slightly and switch to brief conversation. She brings up my age and starts laughing as she rests her head on my shoulder and says "I can't tell you how old I am." I feel her hair lift off my chest as I kiss her again and push her down on the couch. I tell her "It's hot in here" as I lift off my v-neck. I lean back down and she says "were not having sex" in a soft voice as I slowly caress her luscious ass with my right hand. I take her breasts out and start kissing around them...making sure to move over slowly while breathing softly on them before I lick them. I slide her purple panties off as she says submissively "You're so bad...we can't have sex." Her voice fades and she starts to moan as I force my body on top of hers and thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy. Her eyes are wide as I get up and slide my pants off. I take out a condom and she stares at me and says "You knew you were going to get laid tonight..." I have no reaction as I wrap my soldier and slowly slide it into her. Her fingernails tear at the skin of my back while I fuck her. I tell yell in a commanding voice that "I want you on your hands and knees" as forcefully readjust her body for my pleasure. I rip her hair back as I pound away. We finish with her on top screaming "I want your CUM" while she rides my dick. I swear they get better with age, damn did this girl know how to fuck. She says "I can't believe we had sex...this is the only time I've ever done something like this." She has almost a depressed voice and says "You can leave if you like, I know what you bar guys are like." Ug..enough of this shit already. We go downstairs and I bang her again. This wasn't really something I had done before but she asked me to choke her. I viciously choke her while being cautious to not take it too far. She screams loudly as I bite her back fucking her on her side. In the morning I ran out of condoms so I jerk off on her face.

Fun stuff huh? One of the insights I got from her was that she thought I was gay when I initially went up to her. Great feedback from a girl. What that says to me is when I am out of state and aren't fully showing my intent it comes off as me looking like a fag. She was a little clingy but a REALLY cool girl. I learned a lot talking to this girl in-between the fun. Oh, and I found out she's only 29...not that bad at all. Haha I thought she was early 30's the way she was describing it. To be honest, she didn't look a day over 26. "
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I did indeed get a boner
I did indeed get a boner while reading.

Awesome saving her from the chodes. Good job

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Manwhore wrote:I did indeed
Manwhore wrote:
I did indeed get a boner while reading.

Awesome saving her from the chodes. Good job

Me too. Partying with some american girls tonight (1st time ever) Need to save my boner for them.

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