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Joined: 04/05/2012
me: hello shakenout,
take an adventure with me to the underworld where bob saget rules and we must fight off frog people

her: AHAHAHA done. Who doesn't love bob saget? and I have a great distaste for frogs, so i'm game.

When do we start?

me: first supplies will be needed. we cannot just attack the underworld without sufficient weapons at our disposal :p

her: k i've got half a pack of gum, lip balm, a shit ton of bobby pins and an umbrella in my backpack at the moment. I can also origami some ninja stars.
Lets hope you have some better weapons or else we're not going to last a second.

me: lol for real tho. id like to grab drinks with you. show you my turtle shell. and come up with sufficient supplies for our adventure

her: Ahahaha only if your names Raphael and you know martial arts and love pizza.

me: think i dare enter the underworld without martial arts training. ur gonna need a crash course on weapon yielding, martial arts and sandwich making.....i get hungry

her: I make a fantastic sandwiches, my forte is the bagel sandwich and let me tell you its an honest to god spiritual experience. I can wield (probably very poorly) a fencing sword because i took lessons for 6 months... like a baus

im not really sure where to go from here, should i push for a meet up again or continue joking around
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You did quite well mang.. I
You did quite well mang.. I thought your segue to a real date was a bit clumsy but it went over well, and you were quite flexible and unique with the routine-style texts you were working with.

She's given you several ins. I'd go with a text about her making/bringing you your sandwich and to be quick about it. And if it tastes good you n her will head to a bar where you will smash her at pool.

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Joined: 04/05/2012
i like how its relating in a
i like how its relating in a man to a woman frame and im allowing her to come on a date with me instead of asking for one. good stuff!

anyways went with this:
alright well for starters you're gonna have to make and bring me a taster sandwich in which you will be evaluated on you're sandwich making skills. you better be quick about it! then, if and only if it tastes good, i will take you to a local bar and proceed to smash you at pool.

ill check back in with the reply
Joined: 04/05/2012
just read that over. probably
just read that over. probably should have worded the be quick about it part better