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Joined: 03/31/2012
Met this chick in the club on monday. Texting back and forward in the last 2 days but last things she said was kinda gross. It might be a shit test though;

Me: on monday you seem to be a social girl but on texts the vibe is different. Was it the vibe of alcohol?atm you seem to be an inroverted girl
Her: I have little idea what introverted means! And teah highly social talking two others that I met on monday night :p
Me: are you one of these girls who exchange numbers with everyone? I don't like it
Her: I don't exchange. I only get asked for mine.

What should I say?this bitch has been shittesting me hardcore so couldn't be sure whether its real or another test. I'm planning to say something like; "number distributer, yukkk that's horrible". any thoughts??
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No dude. What the HELL are
No dude. What the HELL are those texts youre sending her? They sound like some butthurt chode. Uggh

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Joined: 03/31/2012
Actually I was kinda playful
Actually I was kinda playful but she didn't bite it so I'm just taking easy. I might post the whole convo later on. You will see I was trying to be playful but she just didn't understand. What do you suggest at this point?
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what manwhore was saying and
what manwhore was saying and this is what i got is: You dont say to the girl anything along the lines of "you seem shy, introverted, not as fun" shes not gonna get turned on by that if you sense that you positively influence the interaction to a better place because youre a fucking man who handles his shit. those texts suck because they arent furthering the interaction to a place of you railing her. It's backpeddling to chode creek if anything. Dont take this as a personal attack either i just want you to see it as black and white as possible.