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Sarah M - quick in-person set, pretty quick convo

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Opened this girl as the bar was closing...clawed her in, I could tell she was instantly turned on (face flustering, giggling, etc.), batted off the friends, pillow talked her tyler style and then ran some adventure projection. Freinds ripped her away, I found her 10 secs later and took her back, gettng the number.

Me: Get home safe girl - Alex

Her [next day] : Thankya I did darlin

Me [2 days later]: Such a gorgeous day downtown ----> tried the brad branson thing of jsut texting her some random shit youre doing

Her Sorry who's this my phone got wiped today !

Me: Alex, dreamy guy from sneaky dees wednesday

Her: Oh how lovely to hear from you it is wonderful out how you been

Me: Been awesome love, just finished a day of home appliance shopping with the fam how you been ----> Maybe I should have left it without the "how you been", less rapport seeking

Her: Lmao utterly intriguing I regularly eat with the bare essetnials or tupperware. I've been well!

Me: You gotta step up your culinary sophistication girl...whats your sched like this week, lets grab drinks ----> Looking over it now, the meetup seems abrupt, uncalibrated and just not in-tune with the actual buying temp...I keep in mind jeffys advice, to just cut straight to the meetup, but I feel like it fucks me over sometimes

Her [next day]: Ofcooooourse what day were you thinking

Me: Hows wednesday, at 8

Its been about 24 hours, no reply, meh. Tips?
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Wait.. tyler style? Fuck that
Wait.. tyler style? Fuck that shit. What do you mean by that?

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Joined: 03/09/2012
Just the little clips of him
Just the little clips of him I've seen infield...he does this thing where he pulls girls in, gets them up close, stares them down and talks to them like you talk to your gf when you're next to her in bed...ryan called it the "pillow talk tonality". I'm sure he's not the first/only person to do that, and maybe he he usually has a completely different swag than the hotseat ads make it look like, you've been out with him alot I'm actually interested to hear what he's usually like.