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Pickup Coaching
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Joined: 04/27/2012
Hey guys,

Love this site. Appreciate Manwhore's direct, no bs approach to teaching pickup. I'm on newbe mission for the second time. First time I approached about 1000 girls. This time, I'm pushing for 2,000 more. I'm starting to approach everyone so I can get the girl and have great interaction and create a good vibe in any group, anytime anywhere. One of my sticking points is I talk about social dynamics, which Brian (I think) said, girls don't care and never argue with girls. I am concentrating on saying anything off the top of my head and getting and staying in state... Another thing I'm working on is not qualifying myself.

Approaching is bad ass. Last night I was at a meeting with friends, I started opening girls. We were at Fez, a known primarily gay restaurant. Walking in the door, I put my arm around a girl that was cute but on the bigger side and was doing well, her girlfriend or girl she was with pulled her away.

I approached about 4 tables. The fourth one was two attractive women, one about a 7 and one around an 8. I put my arm around the less attractive one and told her I love her and I want to have her baby. Conversation continued about 5 min. I got up and put out my hands and told them to get up. They got up, I said I'm kidnapping you both and took them over to my table. I switched to the hotter one and let my friend chat up the 7. I eventually saw the wedding ring and talked to her about it. She's married, shit. I told her if she weren't married I would take her into the bathroom. She laughed and enjoyed my banter and conversation. The girls had a good time. My group thought it was amazing. Funny how unbelievable this stuff looks to people who aren't in the game.

Loving life guys, glad to be in this game
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Awesome stuff dude.
Awesome stuff dude.

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Thank you!