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Aright she is def. a 9. I've already banged her twice but haven't seen her since november. After I banged her on the first she flaked on me twice and I texted her something like "fuck it you don't deserve more than a one night stand" after like two weeks she texted me and I banged her. After that she flaked twice again. Anyway yesterday we were texting back and forth here is the convo;

Me: wth is that weather. I feel like living in Mordor
Her: hahahhha
Me: and you are my sexy elf queen
Her: I don't wanna be an elf... Unless you promise they are cute
Me: nahh an elf queen is too good for you. You should be a bad character so that I can punish you...
Me: (1min later) in the bed!
Her: but I'm a goodie not a badie. I don't understand what you wanna punish me for. instead you would have to reward me. With lots of kisses everywhere on my goodie naked body.
Me: aww maybe I should give soft kisses to your cherry lips and a bit of gentle massage to your clit with my tongue...

It was yesterday eve and no response yet... Again what I did wrong? Did I go too hardcore? Should I wait or should I send another text saying like; nahh you don't deserve me anymore...

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I hope I'm giving good advice
I hope I'm giving good advice here.

You may not have done anything wrong, it could just be your vibe.

By reading this, I'm under the impression that you are tryhard and she enjoys the validation. I mean she's flaked on you a few times and you've only banged her a couple times and you try to flirt by saying she's sexy. And when she shows sexual receptiveness you jump right on it. Then the good old stop texting thing. I also think that if you were to text her again it'd be because you're being needy or reaction/approval seeking. I could be wrong though.

Approach more girls.

I hope that was helpful or if I was on the mark there or was at least able to put the interaction into perspective for you.
Joined: 03/31/2012
That's interesting. Could you
That's interesting. Could you tell me from where you got the impression that I'm trying hard. If I give this image on my texts I need to find the mistake and immediately fix it as I don't really care this girl. I mean I enjoy her company but her flaking do not influence my state as I have already banged her twice...
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You went with her framing too
You went with her framing too fast. You call her a badie she says she's a goodie you say ok I'll eat your pussy. Seems sad a girl would be THAT sensitive and lose interest but I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

Instead I would have said something in response to her last text like, "Cool ya I'll cover you with kisses then put you in the microwave n let them melt all over you. That'll actually probably taste pretty good. 15 seconds in there should do it."

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Joined: 03/31/2012
Fuckkk!! Manwhore you are a
Fuckkk!! Manwhore you are a genius. I would never think of this reply. Well is there anything I can do to flip it around?