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Girl I went on one date with left for vacay today. Should I keep in contact or freeze her out?

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Some friend of a friend. Flirted a bit but pussed out on making a move on our one one-on-one outing. I tried to make another happen before she left but she's gone for like three months now. I saw her a bunch of times at social outings. And while she showed attraction and I was amping up the kino I couldn't ever pull because of logistics and her asd in front of our friends..

Anyways I didn't run the best game on her. Wondering if I should keep contact going over the next three months. Maybe some text and IM game and get her warmed up and ready to meetup when she gets back or just let her contact me and barely reply so as to reset things and restart when she gets back.

Just today two days after she left she text me "I didn't say bye! Terribly sorry! See you in three months"

Clearly she doesn't make me a high priority. Or else she would've met up with me before or sent a better text or call. Was debating whether I should text her back with a non interested frame "no worries. See ya" or something to keep our thread of man-women contact going.

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Actually had a similar comment
Had a real similar question to this, I go to school out of state, so most of the girls I know from college live far as fuck away from me. During the summer I might see them a couple times, depends on whats going on but I could likely not see them all summer, what's the better way to play it sporadic funny texts, do you still try to maintain a certain vibe, or what.

The last few years, I probably just texted my boys and maybe every couple weeks I would text this girl, that I'd been hooking up with and that maintained that, but it didn't really come together for girls that I hadn't fooled around with yet.

btw an answer to your question about a response, its not that big a deal. I would either text something exaggerating how disapointed you are or more likely just a no worries, have a good break or something like that.
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It's Maaaaario Once you guys
It's Maaaaario

Once you guys realize the power of real follow-up game these questions pretty much become moot. I have relationships with girls that last years, they have boyfriends or even get married, get divorced, and are back in my life. One girl I banged 10 yrs later. The other day I banged a girl 17 years later. Proper text game, fellas

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Damn that's whassup, "proper
Damn that's whassup, "proper follow-up game" ftw. Guess, I just got to step my game up, get more numbers, experiment more with my texting, check back on here and it'll figure itself out.