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little backstory, my room mate let his buddy come stay at our house with his girlfriend and his girlfriends friend. we came home from the bar and they showed up a little later. the girlfriends friend emily sits beside me. i start gaming her, she puts her head on my lap while we're all watching tv. everyone goes to bed and we started making out. she didnt want to come to my room because shes waiting for a cab. anyways she ends up blowing me in the front lobby while i keep a look out for the cab. it shows up, she leaves.

my room mate the other day sends me her facebook page and asks if thats the girl. it was, so i decided to send her a msg.

me: well if it isn't the girl who fell into my lap on a cold winter night never to be seen again :p
her: lol whattttt? oh uh... refresh my memory?
me: ill give you one hint
me: jordan johnson and guelph.
me: apparently i dont know how to count lol :p
her: oh dear lord. <<<----adds me on fbook after this msg
me: hahahahahaha
me:i see u speak hindi<<--probably a bad response. didnt know where to take the conversation. saw it said she spoke hindi on her profile
her: lmfao
her: seeing as we have 1 friend in common, you musta done some pretty hard searching ;)
me: haha yaa didnt have much to play on
me: my buddy swire actually pointed it out to mee
me: oddly enough<<<---do these seem creepy???
her: lollll thats jokes
me: lol yeah it is, i gotta grab some shwarmas i ordered. ill talk to you later.
me: dont go disappearing on me again :p
her: lmao hahaha sounds good :P

you guys got any suggestions on if i went wrong or how i should handle it in the future. im thinking some adventure projections while trying to keep a fun emotional frame. slipping small sexual undertones into it.
Joined: 04/05/2012
also, how do you guys go
also, how do you guys go about asking for a number without coming off as needy or creepy?
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So this girl sucked your cock
So this girl sucked your cock and you're worried about getting her number?

Just say "Yo give me your num facebook is for nerds."

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Joined: 04/05/2012
haah sheittt
haah sheittt