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Was wondering if you would shoot me some advice on converting these #'s I'm getting into meet-ups.

I have a couple examples:

Girl I met at Total Tan that works there- Saw her at the bars the other night we were dancing and havin a good time. Lost her and texted if she wanted to blow tree (like 45 min later-- I was hollering at another girl)

A: Hey boo we got food and we're rollin a joint as we speak

me: Damnit me too

me: I wanted to blow whicha

*Couple days later

me: I came into your work just now

*an hour later (she usually replies quick)

a: Ha for real? I rarely work anymore

*an hour later

me: Slackerrr.

Let's get tacos on thurs : )

*at 1am

a: I might be in the mood for tacos on thursday

…pretty lukewarm response

so the next day at noon i texted her "Ok give me a call when ur ready"

*no reply, so i waited a few days.

today i texted:

me: Yo girl i just robbed Chick-fil-A

me: Wana share the food w me

a: Damnn that appealing but i have my exam at 5 and another paper due tomorrow. Shoot me

This OTHER girl i chatted up outside my campus gym the other day…

me: Hey…. (waiting for response)

A2: *smiling

me: Hey. I just wanted to say that… I see u here all the time, andddd I think you're super duper cute

her: *laughing/smiling/digging it

me: andddd I would hate myself forever if I didn't come say something

her: oh well thats nice bla…(*starting to continue to walk to her car)

me: *interrupting "and I would Loveee to take you out for frozen yogurt sometime... :)

her: you know what, I might have to take you up on that, I like frozen yogurt :)

*talky talk talk. Found out she's moving to Atlanta and she gave me her #

her: just text me :)

so i did:

Hey it was nice meeting you today. How's Thursday sound for that froyo? U pick a time - Alex : )

A2: Hey I actually have my senior bar crawl on Thursday and i think we start pretty early…would Wednesday work?

me: What time?

her: I have yoga till 7 what about 8 or 8:30?

me: Ok let's do Red Mango at 8:30

her: Ok sounds good :)

*at 7pm the day of:

me: We still on?

A2: Shit im so sorry

I have to get stuff for my barcrawl with my roomies tonight

Can we reschedule? I'm sorry!!

me: Ok I understand. Friday works for me too

-no reply

OTHERR GIRL- that i met the night when i left the 1st girl at the club.

*she was really digging it but it took me awhile to get her away from her friends- where she resisted the kiss and said she has a bf

me: Hi K

me: Just for the record, I would totally take u to the lake :)

K: Hi Alexxxx! So excited for summer. :)

several days later-

me: Hey what's up?

her: Hanging out with some friends. Chillin in tonight. What about you?

me: Proly go talk to girls at Dunnkirk and pretend they're you

her: Hahaha. Have fun with that you dork ;)

*at 4am

her: Have any luck tonight?

me: U+me Serendipity tomorrow? Martinis 1/2 price :)

her: If you're lucky.

her: ;)

How would u have fun with these texts?

With A2 asking to reschedule, I didnt know what kind of joke to incorporate in setting up a new day. My mind just blanks on this stuff guess I just need more practice.

Thanks guys,

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Holmes easily the biggest
Holmes easily the biggest issue I see here is you don't craft ANY momentum. The texts just sit there and then you start over again. You need to build something and maintain it. You can't get a dialogue going and come back 2 days later, you've effectively killed the vibe and have to start over.

Remember during bootcamp we maintained a running dialogue that turned INTO going for a meetup. It's like starting a fire from scratch. What y ou're doing is rubbing your twigs together a little bit, then dropping evertyhing, then going at it again a couple days later. It takes maintained effort to get that spark going.

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I like reading these things.
I like reading these things. Always learn something new.

One advice could be to make the dates an adventure. Make it something that sounds so cool she cant resist coming. If you describe it boring (without life) thats how she will think it will go and decide to not go.

"These girls aren't going to harass themselves" - Some Cunt

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Ok good point- Any specific
Ok good point- Any specific ideas of stuff to say to "I Might be in the mood for tacos" or "If you're lucky;)" ?

I was thinking something like "You might be falling into 5th place seetpea" or something lol and

"Good thing I got my lucky rabbits foot w me.."

Also all these girls im texting keep saying theyre studying cuz its finals week so i was thinking bout texting something like

"I heard girls who study too hard dont have as much fun"

appreciate the feedback.
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Eh. You're looking for one
Eh. You're looking for one shot one kills when in actuality you need to learn how to build a vibe and develop a longer term relationship with these girls. Read some of the longer text convos on here you'll learn a shit ton.

I go in and I'm crisp, clean and my vocals are fucking coming out like music. - Anonymous MW student

- Autismus Terminus Finis (Root Cause/Cure of Autism Epidemic)

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Dialogue I've been having
Dialogue I've been having with this chick. Anybody that wants to give me some pointers would be cool.

Learning here.

me: Did u whoop that paper's ass?
Girl: Yeah fo sho.. He said it was excellent. Im pretty pumped
me: Dayumm I see u girl
me: W my looks + ur brains...
me: I say we could take over the world
Girl: oh so you're modest? Haha
me: Hey im giving u equal credit here.. Lots of guys wana find a girl that's smarter than them....
me: ?
Girl: It isnt hard to find boo
me: Whoa now. Is that a shot to my intelligence. I'm graduating w a 2.0 in art ill have u know
Girl: So music is your passon huh? Not school
me: Nope I hit the books hard. But my god-given talents are giving massages ad making out
Girl: Hmm mine are neither of those
me, 20 min later: Sharing is caring babe. Pretty mean to leave a fellow hangin
Girl: Well Im one tough broad

Any ideas for reinitiating ?
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haha a different chick: me:
haha a different chick:

me: Are u whooping ur finals' butts
me: I'm done. And I <3 ______ (we met there) So I'm going there later!!
me: Ha ha ha.
girl: Ahhh so jealous! Still have two more finals
me: Subjects?
girl: Clinical neuroscience and physics
me: Damn that's Hott
me: If u want we can go for a ride on my magic carpet & test out Bernoulli's principle
girl: Haha what website did you find that one on
me: Lmao accusations! That's an original specially crafted for you
me: How's 4 oclock sound for the carpet ride
girl: Haha how do you know about Bernoulli's principle?
me: The carpet runs on C02. & magic.
girl: Hahahahahahahaha literally dying laughing right now
me: :) I only have it from 3-5 though. Is 4 ok?

- no response
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I liked the recent convos.
I liked the recent convos. Made me laugh.

Check manwhore's text database for a re-engage text.

Only thing I can think that would affect your convo with the 2nd recent girl (the carpet one) is that you didn't give her some realness. Its a limitation to not have the full conversation though.

"These girls aren't going to harass themselves" - Some Cunt

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Thanks Sick-Cunt I see what
Thanks Sick-Cunt I see what you mean about the realness.

I have a FR for yall now that's over the last couple days.

So in my original post I posted how I met A2- which is girl from the gym who i told was super cute. Manwhore commented that I haven't been building momentum in my texts and I agree, so I've been trying that out.

The 1st part of the convo with A2 is in my original post. Here is on Tuesday: (few days later from when she cancelled due to her barcrawl, and same day as my most recent two posts that Cunt just commented on)

me: Did u whoop that paper's ass?
A2: Paper due thurs finite was today
me: I seee. Well ima be out n about later hit me up if ur doing any early celebrating
A2: I'll be out tonight and probs Thursday text me later
me: (@ 11:40) Hola chicago
me: Chica* just leavin this pregame
me: What bar u frequenting
A2: Probably Roy's

Between this and the next texts I went to the bar next door- warming up on this girl named Faith. Asked her if she was Christian. She said no- I said good. Just banter but it wasn't smooth enough I cut my losses.

Saw a chick from high school.

"Heyy!!! It's been forever bla bla!!!!!
me: "yeah, last thing i remember was you giving me free subway. i'm coming in to wal mart to see you *pulls her in
"I dont work there any more!!! I work at Bob Evans!!!
"I'm coming in and ur gona serve me the best hash browns n eggs I've ever had, *kiss her on cheek
*giggling blushing "Yeahhh!!!! hahahaa
*another kiss and more blushes and giggles
me: "you still going out with &*%(*@%#?
her: idkkkkk
me: ok well im coming in to Bob Evans

--we part ways.

I spit game at other girls. one of them gets pulled in by her boyfriend who is chill
me: "you guys are cute together"
him: "so are you bro, you should have no problem finding a girl tonight!
me: lol thanks

lots of cold hearted lesbians in that club.

I go back to Roy's. The bar that I'm sposed to meet A2 at. It's fuggin packed i'm making conversation with ppl in line.
Finally get inside.

Solo swag. My friend that I came there with is too scared to approach random girls.

*hottie looking hott
me: Hey have we met before?
her: ummm-
me: you look familiar. Do I look familiar
her: uhhh-
me: you might've seen me on billboards around town
her: for what?.. *not convinces
me: cuz im fucking famous
her: "bla bla" dont remember the details but usually this line goes over better than it did here. I kind of save it.
me: yea well I like ur shirt. and ur bangs :) *i touch them
her: thanks :)

i pull out some random excuse for getting her # but she's down.
after I get it I lean in cuz i want to kiss this bitch she's hott. But she darts her eyes away and turns around uncomforably to her friends.
I immediately tap her on the shoulder

me: I just wanted an eskimo kiss :)
her: not yet....
me: haha ok *instantly go in for the next girl

she is resistant

I try my best to charm her into submission

keeps saying "okay--" and looking at her friends and is hyperaware of the fact that I am touching her. (rubbing her arms, being smooth. Dont remember the details of this she eventually gives me her # altho i dot really know why i wanted it lol. trifling

Cutie sitting at booth with her friends

me: "Hey, I really like what you've done with your hair :)
her: *confused/bedazzled "...thank you!!"
me: "do you mind if we have a moment together
her: haha what kind of moment
me: whatever kind u want :)

I sit down next to her and the vibe is obviously that her friends are like who the hell is this guy. But the girl likes me pretty well so I stay for awhile
me: "I wish your friends weren't here
her: hahaha
me: I mean i like em and all I just feel like theyre kinda dubious of me
her: yeah..

I tell her how soft her skin is while I touch her legs and give her more compliments which she blushes to. her friends mention she has a boyfriend I get her # and move on

I text A2:
me: (12:50) Lmao crowded as hell
me: Where u at

-no response. (I realize these are lame texts with nothing but "logistics" but my brain has trouble coming up with that fly shit on the spot. I figure its better to make contact than none at all)

See a girl Im friends with-AS. She's cool we go to the patio bar to get drinks.

Otw to the bar I see A2. She gives me a big smile and hug :) She's otw to the bathroom so i say ill catch up w her later.

AS and I get drinks and reminisce and talk about how we're gona party before I leave to be a camp counselor this summer.
I'm definitely flirty w her but the overall vibe is more on the friendly side. Whatevs.

She is looking for one of her friends which I help her with for a little but then tell her im going to meet some peeps inside.

As I'm heading up the stairs me and this cutie lock eyes.

me: Hey :)
her: Hey :))

Im on the stairs and she's below me.
I grab her hand and kiss it and spit mad game. lol I have no recollection what i was saying to her at this point. Getting to that point where im fucked up. In any case it's working her friends are like wtf is going on when I come down and pull her in close by the waist (thanks manwhore) and make out w her.
her friends start pulling her away from me. Lmao like literally a guy and two girls all pulling her away from me while shes got her tongue in my mouth.

It's obvious im not winning this one im like wait i need ur #.
She types it in but misses the last digit. so i give it to her again this time her friend intervenes and takes my phone.
Im like thats not fair ur gona put in the wrong #.

And she totally did. fuckers.
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...continued So I find A2

So I find A2 again and reengage her. She is w her friends I casually grab her hand while shes talking to them. We talk for a bit she wanders off to find said friend.

Im in hunt mode I go in again for the kill w the same mood. This time she stays and I hold her in my arms while I sit on a stool and shes between my legs. We talk like this for a long time. I'm pretty much kissing her, holding her, grabbing her where i please. She avoids the lip kiss though and it kind of turns into a joke.

It sucks that she leaves in like a week i tell her how perfect she is cuz shes so small and im not that tall n im coming to atlanta to marry her bla bla

she is smiling the whole time and enjoying this .

What's money also is that her friends come up multiple times while she is in this position with me and she just gives them the hand lol.
like back off i like this dude. She explains this to me too how she has lots of guy friends that are protective etc.

She also keeps apologizing for not going on our frozen yogurt date

me: "its cool i mean it was kind of random how i asked you anyway. lol how many times has that happened to you tho
her: do u want me to lie to you?
me: lol no, what is it like 100 times
her: :) no but its been a few times. But you did it better though you asked me at the gym other guys come up to me at the bar
me: yeah i was just like hey, and then when I saw your beautiful smile :) I had the balls to do it
her: haha u were just honest :))

i grab her hand and we get a drink at the bar where I pull a stool up once again. I try to hoist her up onto my lap

her: im not sitting on your lappp :)
me: "ok fine" so i get her between my legs again w her ass against my dick
her: that's fine :)

were holding hands and bein super cute together guys are giving me thumbs up and shit cuz this girl is a hottie
I'm playing with the small of her back/slightly under her shorts and ask her what color panties shes wearing.
she says orange but i pull them up frm the back n theyre blue,

me: theyre blue
her: really? *she pulls them up from the front and i stick my hand down the front of her pants a little but not all the way i dont want her to freak out but maybe it would have been straight if i had done this she hadnt complained with anything id done so far.

Its getting late she says she has to go home. Im like thats cool.
Im super satisfied at this point i mean this girl seems down to clown and its all because I sacked up and asked her out outside of the gym.

As shes leaving i pull her in and stick my hand down the back of her panties and grab her ass

her: I bet thats even more fun than kissing me :) haha i have a nice butt
me: you do have a nice but. but no it isnt. youre so pretty *grab her by back of the neck and makeout
her: :) okayyy byeee
me: bye :)

text her a little later

me: Get home safe!
her: Thanks I will :)

Im still at the bar and it hasnt closed yet so i decide to do work.

Tap a girl on the back.

me: you have amazing calves. do you do lots of calf presses or is that just genetic
her: HAHAHAhaha
me: whats your name bla bla
her: Kelly!! you asked me this the other night! Isnt your name Alex??
me: haha yeah, damn, idk, that doesnt surprise me though. I always talk to the hottest girl at the club ;)
her: HAHAHAAahaha
me: *pulling her in "youre beautiful"
her: thanks you said the same thing last time! I'm very flattered :) But i have a boyfriend!!
me: Where is he
her: Georgia
me: wtf. Thats so far away he wont care *pull her closer again
her: hahaha stopp!! :)
me: no, i wana know your workout routine i want calves like yours. *I get down and rub her calves
her: OMy GOSH!!! HAhahaha
me: see? *pulls up pantleg. i work mine out all the time and i cant get em like urs

AT this point this FAG male friend of hers comes in.

Fag: Whats up bro? *deepining his voice to sound like less of a fag but it just makes it gayer
me: nothin
Fag: "Whats up bro??" is this dude real?
me: *to girl "is this ur boyfriend"
Fag interrupts: yeah im her boyfriend
me: no ur not. he's not ur boyfriend u said he's in georgia
her to fag: "stop, he's nice" about me

fag wont stop. hes all in my personal space

me: dude. get out of my personal space
fag: im not in it
me: yeah, you are get out.
fag: Whats up bro???

me: nothing man we're just talking alright
fag: me too

at this point im getting fucking pissed

me: No ur not your interrupting our conversation to say some BULLSHIT.
girl: to fag "stopp"

I dont even remeber what was said here but i felt like punching this dude out.
I end up parting both of them with my arms and leaving the bar fucking pissed.

I dont know how would yall have handled that situation?

Also I texted A2 the next day at 4pm

me: Whatup thug
her: an hour later: (Campus Gym) grind avoiding studying at all costs
me: an hr later: My lil procrastinator
me: Just left there shoulda seen me was lookin pretyy sexy;)

-she didnt respond

If anyone could give me some advice on where to go from here that would be awesome. This girl is really cool and super hot.

I would've liked to have hung out with her this week but I am going to Wisconsin for the weekend, and she has her last paper due today. plus she didnt respond to that last text and im bout to leave in a few hours so its not happening.

We made some tentative plans at the bar. I know she is going boating on monday, and also graduation day is sometime next week so its going to be a super busy week for her. I mean its her last week of college before she moves. But she said she definitely wants to hang out and said she would be down for a date (just us) and also to bring her friends to my dad's bar. I told her I wana hang out just us two first and she said thats cool.

I feel like my job over the weekend is to make my texts intriguing enough so she wants to spend time with me next week, instead of with her friends she has known throughout college and will miss. So I feel like it's a kind of tough one.

What do you TextMaster's think?