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Chick turned off. How to flip it around? Manwhore help

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Joined: 03/31/2012
Yesterday I met a girl that I met a month ago in the gym. We had great eye contact, she was def. into me so I got physical really quickly. Holding hands, hugging, grabbing ass, kissing (she didn't let me do french though so tongues weren't included) We changed 3-4 venues and when we arrived to the last venue she said thats her last drink then she will go home. I was like yeah yeah you will. Kissing neck, biting earlobes in the last venue. Then I managed to pull her right in front of my apartment (while we were walking she was asking are we going to your place, Im not gonna come blah blah) then she resisted and didn't come in. I persisted, tried to be playful but no she went home. And I can say that the vibe wasn't so good when we left. As she is burning hot I wanna fuck her and I guess I should carry on chatting with her like nothing happened so what should I text her? I am planning to text her something like;

Yet again my lazy señorita is not in the gym. I am banning you from skittles for a week. I had an amazing session and getting absolutely ripped till our next date ;)

Any thoughts??
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"And I can say that the vibe
"And I can say that the vibe wasn't so good when we left"

In my experience the vibe is not so good when YOU are the one that's not feeling so good on the inside. The law of state transference is fucking true.

I mean, look at this:

"I persisted, tried to be playful but no she went home."

You don't try to be playful, you are playful. If you are trying, that means you feel like shit on the inside, but you put a nice and big smile just because you don't want her to realize that, and you want to "trick" her into bed at some level. Maybe you're not thinking like that at the moment, but that kind of mentality is involved at some point of your thinking process.

I wouldn't do anything at all. I wouldn't text her, I wouldn't call her. Remember, abundance. But that's just me. If you see her at the gim, talk with her and try to pull one more time. But don't TRY to make her buy, just relax, have fun and let your fucking hornyness take care of the rest.
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That's some pretty solid
That's some pretty solid advice from bonvivant.

I can say with some certainty that what was lacking was proper escalation. Did you put her hand on your dick? Did you grab her vagina thru her pants at all? That has to be par for the course with any kind of lay escalation.

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