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What to do about girls who don't give you a lot to work with during txting?

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Joined: 03/10/2012
This is on POF

Me: You entered in my profile and didn't even said hi, you must be shy ;)
Her:haha, I just entered very quickly, hi, whats up?

Me: So you live in [small town name]?You must come here to visit me
Her: haha, yes but I'm actually from [another small town]

Me: From one city in the middle of nowhere to another! what are some good things about this city besides you?
Her:haha, nothing

Me: Then get your ass into [big city where I live]. Guess what I'm doing tonight

Me: going to a gay bar, its my sis birthday, I just hope the homos don't attack me
Her: ahhahahah

I just feel like I have to do all the work of coming up with interesting stuff and the girl does nothing. How to deal with this type of dynamic without becoming a clown or boring?
Joined: 01/18/2012
Can you link her profile and
Can you link her profile and yours please.

When a girl says what's up to me I go with your last text. That's where the vibe was going you kept it in my John Deere's first gear didn't blast off.

So basically she's keeping it the same. She likes your responses but is waiting for you to handle things right.

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