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I'm going to quickly run through the parts that I found less interesting.

Girls (tight body, little acne on the face) 20th bday. Talks me into taking her clubbing. Is getting guys to fund it all. Run around shopping for shit. She leaves me at a homegirls house to go tool some guy into more money. Takes FOREVER, brings back her fat friend and some tool giving her money.
I run an errand and leave her to get ready. We've been physical, straddling her at my house and biting on her ear earlier. I come back and the 3 fools are trying to sleep in a bed, 11pm, "take a nap" shes spooning with tool. I'm like UP, EVERYBODY UP, PARTY, UP, PARTY SKO SKO SKO.
Leave house, bounce to a bar for 30 minutes, I get bday girl to enter dance contest she gets 2nd place (she's a go-go girl kinda). I'm not being physical with her, tool is following her around and holding her hand and shit constantly, and since we're going to rave clubs, I ain't gonna fight over bday girl cuz I figure he'll be SOL as far as being cool when we get there.

We meet tool's friends. Holy fuck. Its a car full of fine-as-fuck girls, one of them is the model/gogo I was spooning with last week and didn't smash. O.O
So we roll out to the club. These girls got 2 guys with them, and they are MASSIVELY pumping state in the line. EASILY the stand-out crowd among a few hundred in line. Like bending each over and humping each others faces off. I get pumped too.

We get in. I'm sober. 4 guys 7 girls, we are shuffling and having fun. I start having lots of fun, and doing stripper moves pelvic thrusts on the ground shit. One of the gogos with a boyfriend straddles me in a huge dance circle and I'm doing a backbend humping each other for a LONG 30-60 seconds. EVERYBODY is watching. I start grabbing 8's and 9's and grinding left and right while everybody is still just loosening up dancing. I find 3 more girls I know (boyfriends, but not present) and dance with them. I go for a makeout on two random 8.5s and don't land it. I'm probably hopping around between 10 and 15 girls now, chatting, dancing, grinding, half of them with boyfriends though.

I am SUPER high energy, in fact one of the 8.5s tells me straight up I'm too high energy for her. I'm bouncing around too much and not focusing on any one girl other than that. Any girls giving me resistance, I just walk off and grind on two other girls right in front of them. Bday girl is lap dancing dudes for money while her fat friend and tool follow her around like a puppy. The gogo I spooned is doing other shit (later to find out she was selling drugs).

I finally go sit down and bring my energy level down so I can try engaging some girls personally. I've been dancing so hard, sober, that I feel sick at my stomach. I go back to 8.5 and start talking to her. We grind some, I tell her I brought shit down a level, I'm just hardcore partier. None of the girls in the club give eye contact really, everybody is always looking around , its dark and lasers and lights going off everywhere. (rave club) She has to go to the bathroom but shes interested. I bounce around and see her later grinding on some dude. He starts following her around, I try taking her away and leading her to a different area, but she is not wanting to be pulled around. I'm like fuck this, I just walk off and start looking for some new ones.

I'm fatigued, so I go to sit down, see some peeps I talked to earlier that love me. A couple 6's show up that are like me. I start a big group and take a 30 minute break. The spoon girl starts coming by every now and then. I keep pulling her in to chat now. (Also, the girl who straddled me and her boyfriend was like WTF? Everytime I bump into her, she have like a fuck frenzy for 30 seconds. Her bf is chill and friends of friends, so I respectfully don't grab her ass or try to kiss her, even though they both say its all chill no worries)

I find out spoon girl is selling and wants some help. I tell her sure, I'll see what I can do. I end up just buying a molly and I don't want a whole one so me and her go do a line together. I go out in the smoking area and see the crazy gogo thats been humping me everytime and her bf and friends. We are having a shit ton of fun being goofy. She sits on my lap in front of her bf , but I sit on my hands. She starts fucking with me and turns around, stands on my knees, and straddles my face and humps it. I tell her get off me cuz she's giving me a boner and she's like SSSHHH so no-one else heard. Club is massively thinned out by now, we start wrapping it up. We've got the biggest crowd in there now, I grab bday girl and slam her over and give her a few spankings (I do this multiple times right in front of other girls I'm flirting with. Just being FULL dominant and then like nothing happened) The hump girl is like WOAH NO. I'm like chill its her bday, see she liked it.

We leave, tool chode has never left her side, and neither has fat (total bitch) friend. I make fat friend drive, and I sit in the back. I'm not letting them in the back seat to play hanky panky. Already annoyed that bday girl made arrangements to sleep in my bed, left all her shit at my house, and now I gotta get people home.

Awesome night, TONS of fun. Sober. 0 make-outs. 0 sex.

I am a crazy wild motherfucker at parties, and with it being so uncalibrated lately, I'm not getting make outs like I used to. What u guys think?

Pic : me on the left. hump-freak is in orange.
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Focus and proper escalation.
Focus and proper escalation. Got to be managing buying temperature and escalation while having fun. That's the dividing line. I can be gorilla'ing around the joint but when a girl is ready (usually because I hammered away till I made it happen) I recognize it and close.

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