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I generally suck ass at texting (for a meet up) soley because i don't take numbers from girls when i'm out, but go for the pull then and there, or if i do, then i call them straight away, but i'm lazy and want to improve my interaction over texts for a rainy day.

got the number off pof, haven't called her yet. Told her i would text her a few days ago when i got the number and didn't, the next day i went on pof and she replied with a question mark as to why i hadn't texted her, our interaction over text then went like this:

me: fancy a spoon (short for cuddling in bed)
her: lol are u in bed?
me: my day off from work :) when are you free?
her: lazy ass. i'm busy all week, maybe sometime next week? :)
me: unacceptable!
me: j/k yeah maybe nxt week. toodles
her: lol hmm ok. adios

so yeah mayne, i'm abit undetermined with texting. should i rekindle? got a bunch of other numbers from pof to play with too.
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In a similar boat with one
In a similar boat with one chick. I just go cold for a few days because i honestly dont care if i dont see her but i do re-engage. though I dont necessarily think that's best...manwhore and buddha would know better so wait for them.
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Looks like you established
Looks like you established tension with "unacceptable!" and then broke it after, I woulda even taken out the exclamation mark (the line I use in these cases is "make the time girl I'm worth it").
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Ya you're fine mang. It's
Ya you're fine mang.

It's possible she sees your last text as a rejection, like you're not going to text her anymore. When someone says "fine maybe later sometime. bye" it's generally a rejection.

Definitely rekindle, get her to name a time and place. Just shoot her a simple "Hey you. Drinks in a couple days? Name a day and time I got the place." I think this is going to be easier than you think.

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You broke the tension at the
You broke the tension at the end. Should have seen what she would do. She may have even decided to make time for you. But too late now, you can still reengage later on.

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Cheers guys, I'll throw in
Cheers guys, I'll throw in something out there, and keep this updated. booyah.