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Me: Reading
Running n dubstep!!!

Where the f*** have you been all my life?? You are mine!!!

Her: How can i deny a taco-eater?

Me: Lol nope you can't.
Do you drink? If you don't, I would go dinasour hunting with you, use its teeth to make them into a manigficiant necklace, and ask you to marry me.

Her: Really now? Am I that awesome? ..little do you know I COULD in fact be a closet fatty. Then you would just be beside yourself in dissapointment. And yes I drink and drink often. I work hard but play harder. :)

Me: I have faith that you wouldn't lie. But since you drink, I have to hold off the plan us getting married

Her: I'm sorry lol are you against drinking?

Me: Once time, I decided to fight with a dinosaur. I won first 5 rounds, but since I was drunk, I got knocked out in the next one. So I decided to stop drinking ever since. But awesomeness comes from within.

Me (1 day later) : Dear my future wife,

I wanna take you cool restaurant with you by the beach. After we finish, we'll walk along the beach and look into the sky. I wanna feel all the adrenaline rush yet calmness and oneness when i'm with you.

You future husband,

Her: I have to figure out how to respond to this....hold please

Me: Time over!!

Tell me your number and schedule next week. I'm gonna look for a restaurant. And we'll have our-self a fabulous date.

Her: I'll be in NC hiking :/

Me: dammit!! why god let me see your profile and now give me speed bump? lol

DAMN that last Text!!! LOL

This is one of the reasons that i want to be so good at the game. So when i meet the future wifey like her, i won't flunk for weird shit!!!
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Homey how many numbers are
Homey how many numbers are you getting per week off pof? Or what's your percentage of getting a # successfully once you and a girl start talking on pof? Just curious because generally you want to split up getting her # from setting up a date. The way you did it is a bit trickier. Might be easier to just concentrate on getting the # first, THEN setting up a date.

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