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What should i do with this chick? She's fucking 5'11, I might have to workout my grip today
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she has 100 other dicks
she has 100 other dicks trying to get inside her vagina. be bold my man, be the pioneer astronaut explorer. buy her two tickets to bangtown and make her call you daddy
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Whoa, looks exactly like
Whoa, looks exactly like another 5'11" girl Ive already fucked. Spent myself inside her, indulging in my insatiable lusts for her earthly shell before I could truly start to appreciate her inner light. And she sucked my cock

Take off that queer "jizz on my face" rock-climbing pic and msg her fool. Do the steal your identity opener

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Joined: 02/16/2012
Done! Done! Done! Now i need
Done! Done! Done! Now i need her ass to reply to that