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Whenever a girl invests a little in a message on say pof I can run with it and get the conversation to a point where I usually get the number very quickly/easily but it seems that most of the messages I send out get replied to with lame answers that leave me nowhere to take it and I lose the girl's attention every time. How do you guys deal with lame/boring responses?
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Yeah, I hear your problem.
Yeah, I hear your problem. I'm having the same one.

Some ways I deal with it:

1. Plough- just come up with something goofy to respond with again. If she's just like, "Oh, hey what's up" then just keep going with your frame

2. Just go real on her- respond playfully but in a REAL manner... reign back how rediculous you are.

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It is the exact same problem
It is the exact same problem with phone game as well. I struggle when the chick gives a boring answer. If we discuss in details with some examples and shit I'm sure it will be very helpful for texting as well...
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Post up a couple of your
Post up a couple of your msg's where you're getting lame responses. I'm sure the answer is in those

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Would a good way to go real
Would a good way to go real be something like " Anyways I just thought you were cute and wanted your attention?" ...Or maybe there's a better way to go about it.
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Yea Manwhore your right. I
Yea Manwhore your right. I swiped one from rsdnation that goes like "You're totally cute. we should flee to paris, fall in love, and buy a puppy! :D"...I've used shit like this with success before but I'm still stuck in the mindset of if I know a girl is into me I kick ass and always have things to say but when I'm not sure if she's into me I'm trying to make her like me and trying to be funny and it comes off gay as fuck.