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List of responses on OKC -> Would appreciate general help on which direction to take these (several replies/short convos)

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So I'm only gonna post individual threads for convos where there's some dialogue, she atleast has to respond to my reply. But as of now there's a ton of replies for my initial prefabricated openers, I'm just looking for advice on where to take these

For my consensual sex opener

1: I am absolutely interested
2: Sorry, my I was planning to only reproduce through immaculate conception
I responded with "That's ridiculous noone does that"
3: Sex yes - missionary no :)
4: eheh, well I'd totally be interested in that I guess... but you know ... you could try other things if ya want :P
(is she implying that I perform other dirty deeds on/with her?)
5: Not interested...
6: That sounds so appealing I need to change my underwear now. Let's procreate immediately.
I replied "Your enthusiasm is held in high regard. I would, however, prefer to get to know the potential mother of my offspring in greater detail before making procreatory arrangements. Is there something she can tell me about herself by which I can submit her profile to the selection process?"
I should have added "Her physical fitness notwithstanding..."
She replied "Thank you for choosing me as a possible candidate for the distribution of your seed. If you are looking for a quarter chinese/belgian offspring you will surely select me as your preferred baby factory. Your child will be small, tan, good manners and impecable origami skills."
7: Bahahahaha. Thanks for making my morning

Radom openers

1) Me: boniiitaaaaaaaa [the bitches name was bonita]
Her: Hey hey :) how are you
Me: Alright babe, just cramming for a final tomorrow :(, what are you doing

2) Me: If you can make it downtown we can have lots of fun. If you can't I'm sorry
Her: I can but I'm too lazy to go that far :p
Me: It'll be worth your while babe
Her: Lol
Me: We'll fry foods and play twister with phill collins feel it in the air playing in the backround
Her: [No reply for almost 2 days]

Frying food/Phill Collins opener

1) Well that sounds like fun! I love boardgames!! What would you say is your go to boardgame?! [she's a yoga instructor, please help me bang her, I will acquire eternal life]

The others I posted as individual threads
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Lolol @ eternal life. I`ll
Lolol @ eternal life. I`ll pray for you sweet prince

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This thread confused me mang.
This thread confused me mang. Not understand what her responses are or where you're at here.

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