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Me: I'm going to take you to a special dinner in the north pole
Her: and why would I want to go to the north pole?

Me:because you are tired of boring things
Her: that is a fact but if you are like that, a little mean, how can you think that is not boring

Me: I like to start the night nicely, I save the animal instincts for later
Her: Thats not exactly what I was talking about

Me: I'm not big on online msgs, my cell is XXX, shoot me a txt or pass me yours(Got I little impatient here, didn't want to keep msging forever)
Her: What part of my profile you didn't understand that I don't share contact information?

Me: The beginning, the middle and the end

she didn't reply to the last one
Joined: 01/18/2012
Can I see this girl's
Can I see this girl's profile. How much gawdamn sense does it make when a girl says she doesn't give out her contact info on an online dating site? What a dumb bitch

I'd say from the beginning this chick was sour and sick of life. Your messaging however is a bit lifeless and your 2nd response falls into her frame which is a shitty one so you should have taken a different path right there.

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