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Conversation Starter after getting the number...

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Joined: 03/31/2012
I get at least 3-4 numbers every week. I meet chicks everywhere gym, bus stop, train, street etc... However my problem is I cannot trigger a strong playful start. To me "Her girl, whadup?" is pretty lame and I feel its not gonna work unless she is super attracted to you. According to my experiences girls give their numbers to anyone, does not mean anything whatsoever. She just doesn't respond so I feel the conversation starter should be something playful and a bit of outstanding (def. not hello, how are you)

I got 3 numbers in saturday night and here are my conversation starters on sunday;

Greek Bartender;

Tikinis? Its hkmt's number. Save it he might change your life (tikinis means how are you in Greek)

No response

A chick who was waiting for a cab. A red toyota came up to pick her up

Afternoon I hope you are enjoying the weather... Im in a cab going to Richmond. Ohh its a red toyota by the way what a coincidence. hkmt

Another chick who was walking back home, absolutely freezing I gave her my cardigan;

Good day Louis. I hope this weather makes you feel a big warm after the freezing walk last night. Or do you still need the cardigan?:) hkmt

None of the responded me. Could you please give me feedback about my texts. Plus what could be a better text to catch their attention back?
Joined: 03/31/2012
Any comments?
Any comments?
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Use some of my text game
Use some of my text game database. You need to show an overarching personality. That's what's lacking in your present texting

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