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This girl is really hot and i want to bang her. Well anyway, like my other thread stated, i suck at injecting sexuality into my texts and i get a feeling my shit comes across too cheesy over text, but i'm a beast on the phone cause i can calibrate 'n shit. here's the convo:

Me: "Sipping mango juice while chillin to frank ocean ='s it going Mel - Andre"
Her: "Legend! Lol I'm good babe how are you? X"
Me: "Yh he's defo 'wedding song' material ;) everything's gravy girl..What kinda trouble you getting up to today"

No response, maybe she cringed at "wedding song material..."?

Then after 3 days, last night i just text her "What's up". No word back.

Any advice amigos, she was into me when we met (a week and a bit ago).
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Not sure, there's nothing out
Not sure, there's nothing out of the ordinary there. It could potentially be chalked up to her ex-boyfriend popped in her backdoor and raped her and she realized she still loved (being raped) him

Send her another text. What's up is a historically shitty message. Come up with something better

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