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Me:I'm going to take you to a especial dinner in the north pole
Her:North Pole?!?! :D
Me: Buy your penguin outfit
Her: Its going to be hard walking around with it... lol
Me: Thats why I'm going to get you a child's bicycle
Her: What crazy shit is that???What is up with you?
Me: Thats it, we are already fighting
Her: What?!

The bicycle thing was me trying to put something random that didn't made any sense, I suppose it 'worked', she didn't understand it
I'd appreciate feedback on the opener and follow up
Joined: 01/18/2012
Lol it was SO good and then
Lol it was SO good and then you decided to ditch it and confuse you both more. When a girl loses it and says what crazy shit is that you need to look at it and acknowledge she's confused.

"I dunno.. I heard walking's hard with a penguin outfit so I figured I'd get you something with training wheels?? ;b Don't worry I will still love you!"

Send that

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