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Ok so i already posted about her on RSD for sending me 1 word replies, name's Alicia. Manwhore said i fcked it up because i punked out Day2 at Ihop. No sex.
Anyways last sunday evening, my buddy and I are driving around town looking to cause mayhem before heading out to the club later. We happened to be in the area by where she works. The plan therefore was to see if she was there and wanted to tag along to the club.

After a bit of crowd searching she was there. We enter the restaurant she sees us, all surprised and really delighted. We let her into our awesome plan, turns out the gal is not a club junkie. Told her "well I'm not going to keep wasting your time, bye" she persisted I was not...She's obviously looking for something, until today im dumb as to what it is.
My friend said something to which she replied "well you guys should come by to my place after work"
she gets out at midnight...Uhm no. The club is still popping all the way through 2AM, and i know for a fact my friend doesn't want to go to hers. We eventually leave the restaurant.

Midnight at the club i text her:
Me: So do i still get to come and make sandwiches?
Her: what? lol
Me: Im coming over to make sandwiches since you're not a club junkie.
Her: I have no food? Lol
Me: Ill get some with Torrey. American or Swiss? (cheese)
Her: Fuck mouse cheese. American. But not Kraft. Fuck fake cheese too
Me: Lmfao. You think you can stay up till 2? Kidnap me (my friend wants to club and he's my ride)
Her: Um no i have class at 10. And im not trying to driveeee
Me: I understand...we'll save the sandwiches for another night :^) In the meantime rest well!!
Her: I'm going to try...It's been a long depressing week. I'm pretty mentally exhausted.

At this point i don't even know what to say/do that is not stupid, so i don't reply.

Me: So im @ the Sac State library (her college) filling up a Caddillac app, they love me. What's up with you?
Her: Laying low
Me: From what?
Her: Life
Me: Still depressed huh? Think of all the tasty onion rings you had @ Ihop, the crispy cheese sticks, the warm hug :)
(no reply, friend suggests i send this:)
Me: You want me to come over and comfort you?
(no reply)

God damn it i keep striking out.
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If your buddy was more
If your buddy was more understandable, you would have fucked her that night. You go out to improve your game to fuck chick... And when you had a chick, you didn't wanna fuck...

You should have asked her address also, and just showed up with an excuse that she asked you to come over...
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Off-course in the last text
OMFG i guess im still learning English. My roomie made me realize i went completely off-course in Tuesday's text. I was reading "Laying low from life" as being depressed whereas it was "chilling"
The gal must have been laying on her bed ALONE bored or something....*Facepalm*

Now im thinking of sending her something along the lines of:
"Ya so there was some miscommunication last time. Thought laying low meant "depressed", im switching back to French."
what do you think?
And yeah i was thinking of asking the address right when she said American cheese. Good learning :)
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Jump to diff topic... Who
Jump to diff topic... Who give a shit whatever happened already
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Hey bitch ass I'm his buddy
@JustDoIt Hey bitch ass I'm his buddy and I was understandable but I ain't dropping gasoline when it's at $4.30 a gallon bro.
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Dont come on this forum
Dont come on this forum trying to act like a hard ass.

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It's silly to come on here
It's silly to come on here and act hard. I respect a dude whose got balls and can stand up for himself, so ups for that bro but at the same time, the internet is such a weak place to act up.

So yeah, don't come here and act tough. Ask questions, learn about game but don't be weird.

Much Love,

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