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Got laid last night which was nice....

Anyways, this night I meet a girl at a bar around 12am. We origianlly met on tinder and started texting. Have a couple drinks, talk and make out a bit. Walk over to my car and we get inside. I tell her if we should go to my house or hers. She says let's go back to my house.

Drive over to her place, park the car, walk up with her to her apt and she says, "good night." I'm fucking flummoxed. Then she tells me I can't come up.

She let me drive her home under the impression we were going up to her apt. So fucking gay! 

I pretty much looked at her liek she's crazy and was like what are you even talking about. And she was just like good night. I told her that was Unforgivable behaviour. 

Anyways... Future reference, I should probably just take the girls back to my house where I have full control. I also should have just been like "I told myself I'd be good tonight, I just want to make out for a bit then leave..."

What are your thoughts? Has this bs behavour happend to you guys quite a bit ?

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Do you normally meet girls at

Do you normally meet girls at midnight for a first date at the bar? I get flaked trying to meet at 7pm....

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Yes it's called getting

Yes it's called getting "bamboozled". She got a turn-on out of sexually frustrating you. She strung you along as far as she could. Knew full well what she was doing. Pretty shitty girl behavior, but it happens. What's even crazier is that if you'd actually banged her she would have congratulated herself for that as well. 


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"Oh it's cool. I really have

"Oh it's cool. I really have to use your bathroom real quick though. I'll just be one minute."