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Every once in a while while I'm with girls I'll hit this state of almost pure consciousness. Like absolutely zero thinking and very on point presence. Usually this is just while I'm sitting there with them silently and making insane eye contact but every once in a while (only happened like 2 times) they'll snap out of out little trance and be like

"You're creeping me out." but its the weirdest thing because its not like you'd see on forums like "so I approached this girl and she was like no man this is creepy." its like "You're creeping me out but I'm not going anywhere." Like they don't try to leave the situation or anything, they just say that and usually I snap out of it and am just like "Oh yeah sorry I get intense sometimes... anyway blah blah." and its back to normal.

Should I take any steps to avoid this situation? Like its usually really no big deal but the word 'creeping' is seriously so gross. Or should I just keep doing what I'm doing in that situation and just dial down a little bit and shoot the shit a little more.

Oh yeah, this is with girls that I'm seeing, not approaching. So this is like on a date or while were laying together not just me approaching and doing some weird ass silent thing.
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Yeah this is your exact
Yeah this is your exact problem: you're not helping her deal with the intensity of the experience she's having with you. She's obviously got to do something with it, and if you're not giving her any guidance, she's simply going to blame it on you and take the easy way out. Which is retarded silly because she's having an AMAZING experience and has to potentially trash it simply because you didn't give her just a tiny bit of direction.

Obviously by this point you should have either kissed her, groped her, lead her somewhere else, said some funny racist shit to her, picked her up and walked off with her, whatever.. but just taken the energy you're giving off and told her how to interpret it.

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Joined: 01/31/2012
Perfect, this was exactly the
Perfect, this was exactly the advice I needed to hear. I'm in the midst of the best time socially of my life and this has been my main problem, not LEADING others who aren't used to real experiences like that through them. I just need to guide them through the process...