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Joined: 04/20/2012
I sent her the send me your personal info for selection process/steal identity opener.

Her: aww you mean you don't want my address and shoe size? Bummer :(

Me: damn girl. Was that all I was to you? A dispenser of pleasure that quenches your insatiable shoe festish?! And to think I wanted to fly over Paris with you in a hot air balloon while taking selfies at dusk.

Her: guess my moment came and past then :(

Me: turn that frown upside down muffin bottom. We can take that hot air balloon to the beach and get some ice cream. You won't need shoes there

Her: the sand would be hot, I don't want to burn my feet haha


What I see is she's enjoying me chasing her. Little doses of validation each message. If I keep doing what I'm doing it's going to get old fast. I was trying to establish a protector/caring frame with her but now I think I should send her a rapport breaking message or another silly one like lifting her into an ice cream bucket to douse her feet in them if they get too hot and then go for the number.

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Re: Young Okc girl trying to get me to chase
You're a bit in outer space here. Bring it back down to earth

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Joined: 04/20/2012
Re: Young Okc girl trying to get me to chase
Me: hmm me neither. We should steal a vat of ice cream so we can dip our feet in it
Me: how was your wknd and subsequent heart shattering Monday?

Her: loooooooaaaaaaaadddddssssss of work this week :( how about you? :)

Me: same. Tried to get my weeks work down in 3 days so I could go camping
Anyways this Okc is too nerdy for me shoot me your number or text mine xxxxxxxx I promise to only stalk you on Tuesday's :p

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