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Where to take convo when girl goes cold? (POF/OKC)

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In general.. Do you stop texting her for a while or keep plowing? I have a problem where it starts good and fizzles out

example : 

Her (Open) : Where in X are you?

Me : Right by X. You?

Her : By X

Me : Thats close enough where we wouldn't even have to role-play the hot neighbor scenario ;-)

Her : Haha you jus made me laugh out loud..txt me .(phone #).. I'll send ya more pics...

Me: Its your hot neighbor..Dont bother hiding the goods, im going to see them when you go to get the mail anyway..;-) 

Girl - 32 mins later: Lol ..I usually answer quick but I have to open bar I work at.. 

Girl: Hope u have sugar for my coffee ;)'s everything 

(she sends me pics)

Me - 2 hrs 29 mins later: Are you a bartender? I have your sugar if you have a minute or two to sit down with me ;-) 

Me - 2 mins later: Everythings good. Doc appointment today. I saved your number in my phone as Sexy Neighbor Girl, hope you dont mind :-D 

Girl: Yes and yes 

Girl: Any plans tonight? 

Me - 18 mins later: Yes you mind? Nope..Ive been feeling a little under the weather. Whats your name? Im Michael 

Me: Do you work late? 

Girl - 6 mins later: I work till 7.. I'm Alma 

Me - 1 hr 9 mins later: Whats your specialty drink? Is it 7 evreryday? Hurry up and bring that fine ass home beb :-D 

Girl - 8 mins later: Yup 7 every day 

Girl: Vodka with wat Eva

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You're flipping the script

You're flipping the script and starting to chase her when she started out chasing you. Your texts are low-value, hammering her with questions. Escalate her escalation. 


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Joined: 04/07/2014
Manwhore wrote: You're

Manwhore wrote:
You're flipping the script and starting to chase her when she started out chasing you. Your texts are low-value, hammering her with questions. Escalate her escalation. 

thx m8. Basically decided to stop replying to her after that. She re-opened me. It went a little rough at times lol

Girl: Well meet next week? I'm off Monday, Tues and wed. :-) 

Me - 35 mins later: Yes. Wear something sexy so we match :-) 

Me: How about Tuesday 

Girl: I think ur txting wrong girl ? 

Me - 3 mins later: No im not Alma. Lol. How about tues night? 

Girl - 1 min later: Wen u said wear something sexy so we can match, no one ever said that to me b4 lol 

Girl - 2 mins later: Can you send me a pic of u please... 

Me - 7 mins later: Thats cause they aint like me.. and you know you liked it ;-) haha. .ok. just a sec 

Girl: Lol 

Girl: U a silly rabbit 

Me - 3 mins later: What would you wear if you came and asked me for sugar? 

Girl: Wat wood u want me to wear neighbor ;) 

Me - 6 mins later: Booty shorts and a shirt with no bra underneath. Not thin enough to show me everything, but just enough to peak my interest. 

Girl - 1 min later: Guess the trench coat with leather lingerie underneath not In Any more huh. 

Girl: That's how I use to show up ;) 

Me: What if I answered in some b-ball shorts, freeballing and you could see the outline of my dick. Would you be offended? 

Girl: Wat? Lol 

Me - 5 mins later: Nevermind .

Thats hot. You would have permission to take advantage of me if you're wearing leather lingerie. .;-) haha 

Girl - 2 mins later: Nothing offends me doll . 

Me - 10 mins later: Except for the absence of my magical touch right ;-) lol. I like that in a woman 

Girl - 37 mins later: Have a good night travieso 

Me - 36 mins later: Night night. No travieso tonight. Im going to bed early. Not feeling well 

Joined: 04/07/2014
can someone tell me where I

can someone tell me where I fucked up? thought I was doing good until she called me weird and left. Was my last response OK? How should I treat her if she texts me back?

Me (very next text after above, few days later): Happy mothers day! Hope you have a well deserved special day :-) 

Girl - 1 min later: Aw thanx Luv! Have a good day ur self. :-) 

Girl - 2 days 3 hrs later: Where you hiding travieso 

Me - 3 hrs 15 mins later: Im at the strip club filling out the application. (have my OKC occupation as aspiring stripper) You gonna come see me beb ? ;-) 

Girl - 4 mins later: Im Seeing my therapist right now, soon as I get outta here, I'll go see ya ;) 

Me - 18 mins later: Did you need therapy after my incredibly romantic texts ? lmao :-p Ok , ill be home by the time you get out, but ill be waiting if you prefer a private show ;-) 

Girl - 1 min later: Lol OK ! 

Girl: Can I see you in ur outfit changes ?!! 

Me - 5 mins later: You get one choice out of the 3 : sexy neighbor, student, or soldier


Girl: I wanna see all 3! 

Girl: How does a sexy neighbor dress? 

Me - 5 mins later: Well im not a dancing monkey for charity haha.. one per day young lady....

Like if we saw each other doing laundry or housework and things got hot ;-) 

Girl - 2 mins later: Lol. Send me a pic then 

Girl - 8 mins later: Aw u look so serious 

Me - 6 mins later: Im a student focused on my studies.. only certain girls have the power to capture my attention :-) 

Me - 3 mins later: Oh I forgot , Personal Trainer is choice #4 ..haha 

Girl: I wanna see! 

Me - 12 mins later: When are you free? you have 1 complimentary trial session with PT Michael.. he can get pretty tough on you :-D 

Girl - 26 mins later: Tomorrow. Where At ? 

Me - 19 mins later: Well my place is the strip club. Anything else and youre settling for less young lady.. haha..:-p 

Girl - 1 min later: So ur not a personal trainer?? 

Girl - 4 mins later: Ur a lil weird. It was nice meeting u. Good luck. 

Me - 2 mins later: I am..i have a small gym at my apartment.. I didnt say you couldn't settle for something else. Ok.. Lol good luck